Coding for efficient NetWork Communications Research Group ...

Coding for efficient NetWork Communications Research Group ...

Proposed RG: COIN Computing in the Network Jeffrey He, Marie-Jos Montpetit, Eve M. Schooler IETF 105 - Montral July 24th, 2019 Note Well (IRTF) This is a reminder of IETF policies in effect on various topics such as patents or code of conduct. It is only meant to point you in the right direction. Exceptions may apply. The IETF's patent policy and the definition of an IETF "contribution" and "participation" are set forth in BCP 79; please read it carefully. The IRTF follows the IETFs policies. As a reminder: By participating in the IRTF, you agree to follow IETF processes and policies. If you are aware that any IETF or IRTF contribution is covered by patents or patent applications that are owned or controlled by you or your sponsor, you must disclose that fact, or not participate in the discussion. As a participant in or attendee to any IRTF activity you acknowledge that written, audio, video, and photographic records of meetings may be made public. Personal information that you provide to IRTF will be handled in accordance with the IETF Privacy Statement. As a participant or attendee, you agree to work respectfully with other participants; please contact the ombudsteam ( if you have questions or concerns about this. Definitive information is in the documents listed below and other IETF BCPs. For advice, please talk to the RG Chairs or IRTF Chair:

BCP 9 (Internet Standards Process) BCP 25 (Working Group processes) BCP 25 (Anti-Harassment Procedures) BCP 54 (Code of Conduct) BCP 78 (Copyright) BCP 79 (Patents, Participation) (Privacy Policy) 2 Administrivia Datatracker - documents, proposed charter and milestones GIT - will replace the wiki as the go to place for all coinrg information WIKI (to be phased out) Mailing list - [email protected] Remote participation Meeting link: Slack Workspace: NGMzOTg4M2VmNmI5NWZjMzZhNzI3ZmM5ZmMyOTQzZDcyMDNlZjM3MDc1NmM0MTg5Z mYzMjM

3 Agenda Administrivia and RG status: Agenda and Note well Charter discussion List of PRG Drafts Summary of the interim meeting Summary of the Hackaton Next steps: Charter updates and milestones Interim in Sept/Oct Meeting in Singapore Presentations: (1) Dirk Kutscher, What is Computing in the Network? (10 min) (2) Joerg Ott, Different Approaches to In-Network Computing. (10 min) (3) Adrien Wion, Using Service Function Chaining for In-Network Computation (10 min) (4) Ike Kunze, Industrial Use Cases for In-Network Computing (10 min) (5) Junchen Jiang, Modern Video Analytics at Scale and In-network Functions (10 min)

(6) Jesper Eriksson, SDN evolution from OpenFlow to P4 (10 min) (7) Dirk Trossen, In-Network Computing for App-Centric Micro-Services (10 min) (8) Peng Liu, Requirements for Computing in the Network (5 min) 4 COINRG Charter Our goal: Foster research in computing in the network to improve performance for networks, applications Focus: Architectures Protocols Real-world use cases, applications, work in progress Charter:

We have modified the charter after Prague and the June interim meeting. Item2 in scope: Identify potential benefits to these networks from innetwork functionality, including but not limited to compute, cache, manage, control, etc. Item3: Research on novel architectures, data-plane abstractions and new network/transport protocol designs Item4: Research on potential new transport protocol, new privacy and security mechanisms required or enabled by in-network compute. COINRG Milestones Dec 2019 (post 106) Articulate COIN challenges Related drafts: draft-kutscher-coinrg-dir, draft-liu-coinrg-requirement Capture the SoTA of the COIN landscape Related draft: draft-kutscher-coinrg-dir Apr 2020 Target COIN case studies, from architecture, implementation and use case standpoints Related drafts: draft-he-coin-managed-networks, draft-kunze-coin-industrial-use-cases, draftmontpetit-coin-xr

Identify COIN network-related eco-system dependencies Related drafts: draft-mcbride-edge-data-discovery-overview Discuss/catalog COIN requirements and implications for network elements (including network services, network SW stacks, network HW design, etc.) Related drafts: draft-mcbride-edge-data-discovery-overview , draft-he-coin-managednetworks , draft-kunze-coin-industrial-use-cases Nov 2020 Work toward defining a COIN scope appropriate for the IRTF, within which new architectures, mechanisms and protocols can be proposed 6 Existing IDs New Drafts: draft-kunze-coin-industrial-use-cases-00 draft-kutscher-coinrg-dir-00 draft-liu-coinrg-requirement-00

draft-sarathchandra-coin-appcentres-00 Existing Drafts: draft-he-managed-networks-01 draft-montpetit-coin-XR-03 draft-mcbride-edge-data-discovery-03 Collaborators welcome! 7 Hackathon Summary (1) Participants:

Emile Stephan, Orange Diego Lopez, Telefonica Andrew Alston, Liquid Telecom Sara Al-Kokhon, U. Toronto Thomas Sheffler, Hochschule fr Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin Rmi Pellan, Pierre-Louis CaronAuger and Marc Leclerc, Noviflow COIN co-chairs Jeffrey He, Huawei Eve Schooler, Intel Marie-Jos Montpetit, MIT Hemant Singh (remote) Invaluable support from Noviflow P4 experts Pierre-Louis & Rmi!!! Thank you! 8 Hackathon Summary (2) What we did: Basic examples to get everyone onboard IPV6 Switch ML from the remote participant Relates to Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with In-Network Aggregation (IPv4)

p4-16 code checked into repo: There is a discussion on the list about this work P4 to Golang Packet Filtering Store a packet compare any new packet to this one and an action is performed Link to alerting, ML, decision systems Ideas gathering for future projects (picture to be uploaded) What we learned: The need to come prepared (VMs install/config take time) The usefulness of experts in a field still expanding You can get participants the same day You do a lot in 2 days The teamwork is great! Next Hackathon: Singapore now that the team is well organised!

9 Presentations Instructions to presenters: please try to link your work to the charter and highlight where changes are necessary! 10 Next Meetings Virtual interim meeting in October 7 (date TBD in e-mail poll) to address the charter and first set of milestones Meet at IETF 106 in Singapore (November 16-22) 11

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