Colombia, Variety and Reality

Colombia, Variety and Reality

Welcome !! AIESEC Maria Salom Grisales AIESEC-COLOMBIA The next question is going to be implemented in the Insight II Test: What is the right name of the country that we are going to present now? a) Columbia b) Colombia c) a or b (They are the same)

d) Ask your Mom What is the right answer???? Answer: b) Colombia If you check a) Columbia.. YOU FAILED!! Columbia is not a country! The name Colombia comes from the Italian Cristoforo Colombo (Christopher Columbus in English.) COLOMBIA PRESENTATIO N WELCOME MEMBERS,

TRAINEES AND PROSPECTIVE TRAINEES FROM AUSTIN !! Colombia, ia Variety and Reality Country of contrast Location

Northern South America. Between the Tropics. Bordering with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Area: total: 1,141,748 sq km (about 446,000 sq miles) Privileged location for trading with other countries. Colombia is about the size of Texas and California

combined. COLOMBIA People Info Population: 42 million people Urban: 70% Rural: 30%

Ethnic groups: mestizo 58%, white 20%, mulatto 14%, black 4%, AfricanIndian 3%, Indian 1% Religions: Roman Catholic 95% Language: Spanish COLOMBIA History Pre-Columbian (Tayrona, Muisca, Quimbaya) existed

in the Andean region and on the Pacific and Atlantic coast. Pre-Columbian art reveals a high degree in their craftsmanship (Best in the continent). COLOMBIA History

After Columbus landed in north Colombia, some Spaniards expeditions arrived in the 15th Century. The main Indian tribes were exterminated by the Spaniards. COLOMBIA History

Some cities in the northern area in Colombia were founded by the Spaniards. Colombia was a very important tradecenter for the Spaniards during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. COLOMBIA History

At the end of the 18th century the first revolutions appeared. In 1819 total independence was achieved. The Republic of Colombia was created. COLOMBIA

Climate Variety of climates, but not seasons. Climatic variations determined by altitude. Temperatures determined by the altitude above sea

level. From tropical rainforest, and deserts at sea level, to very cold areas in the mountains. Winters are rainy, and summers are dry. COLOMBIA Environment

Fourth-largest country in South America and only one with coasts on both the Pacific and the Caribbean. Territory also includes the San Andres and Providencia islands. Mountainous western part. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, highest coastal mountain range in the world. COLOMBIA Environment

Colombia is the second richest country in biodiversity in the world after Brazil. Exotic animal and plant life. What the hell is this? COLOMBIA Economy

Second biggest producer of coffee after Brazil, but with the best quality. Second flower exporter after The Netherlands (80% of flowers in the USA come from Colombia)

Other Agriculture Products: Bananas, fruits cotton, rice, tobacco. COLOMBIA Economy Have you heard about Colombian Coffee? COLOMBIA

Economy Colombian Coffee COLOMBIA Economy Colombian Coffee COLOMBIA Economy

Colombian Coffee COLOMBIA Economy Colombian Coffee COLOMBIA Economy Colombia is the

major source of emeralds in the world. Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, coal, iron ore, nickel, gold, copper, and hydropower. COLOMBIA Economy

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) - $245.1 billion GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: 19% industry: 26% services: 55% Industries: textiles, food processing, oil, car industry, steel production, clothing, beverages,

chemicals, cement, gold, coal, and emeralds. COLOMBIA Economy Populated Areas have a good communication system, including mobile-cellular systems

Internet Service Providers (ISP): 13 Communication System: Domestic Satellite system and Fiber Optics network linking 50 cities. COLOMBIA Economy Living costs are not very high. Food is cheap.

But the minimum wage salary is really low (About $160/month). There is still a gap between rich and poor people. Taxis are very cheap. Relative Costs: Hamburger:$2.50 Coke: $0.40 Colombia is not an expensive country.

Moderate restaurant meal: $7-10, top-end hotel: $100 and upwards, top-end restaurant meal: $20 and upwards. COLOMBIA Government Official Name of country: Republic of Colombia

Type of government: Democratic Republic; Executive branch dominates government structure. Legislative power: Bicameral Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) President: Elected by popular vote for a 4year period.

Governors and City Majors: Elected by popular vote for a 3year term. COLOMBIA Geographic Regions

Caribbean Region. The Andean Region. The Pacific Region. The Eastern Plains Region. The Colombian Amazon Region. COLOMBIA The Caribbean Region

Coastal area and vast inland savannas. Very friendly people. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (5,800m = 19,000ft). COLOMBIA The Caribbean Region Nice Beaches and Islands.

Hot climate. Desert in the northern area. COLOMBIA The Pacific Region

Tropical Rain Forest and swamps. Sparsely populated. Seaport for commercial connection with Asian markets. Some Indian population spots. High rainfall all year. COLOMBIA The Andean Region

Where most population is concentrated. Goes along the Andean Mountains (Cold Region). Higher degree of economic and social development.

Bogota, Medellin, Cali as main cities. COLOMBIA The Andean Region Also there are a lot of little towns where the population is mostly peasants. COLOMBIA

The Eastern Plains Region Agricultural area. Sparsely populated. Oil fields. COLOMBIA The Amazon Region

Dense jungle. Highly sensitive ecosystem. About 50,000 Indians live near rivers. Still preserve their myths and rituals. COLOMBIA The Amazon Region

Popular Eco-Tourism site. Borders with Peru and Brazil. Richest rain forest on Earth. COLOMBIA Main Cities in Colombia

Bogot Altitude: 2,600 m above sea level (8,600 feet). Population: 6.7 million. Mean Temp: 13C (55F). COLOMBIA

Main Cities in Colombia Medellin Altitude: 1,500 m above sea level (4,800 feet). Population: 1.8 million. Mean Temp:

22C (74F). COLOMBIA Main Cities in Colombia Cali Altitude: 1,050 m above sea level (3,250 feet).

Population: 1.8 million. Mean Temp: 26C (78F). COLOMBIA Main Cities in Colombia Barranquilla Altitude: 20 m

above sea level (60 feet). Population: 1.4 million. Mean Temp: 29C (84F). COLOMBIA Main Cities in Colombia

Cartagena Altitude: Sea level. Population: 700 thousand. Mean Temp: 29C (85F). COLOMBIA Main Cities in Colombia Pereira Population:

700 thousand. COLOMBIA Culture

The different roots and traditions of Indians, Spaniards and Africans created interesting fusions. Different races and cultures throughout the country. Music: Cuban Salsa, African Rhythms from the Caribbean and heavily Spanish-influenced. People dance, drink and talk in parties. Merengue, salsa, rock and pop are common music for parties. Salutation: Men and women kiss on the cheek as a sign of friendship (the same as any other Latin American countries). Buses stop everywhere.. Just hail the bus.. easy!! People are not very punctual, especially in big cities. COLOMBIA

Culture No drinking age. Hard drinks are more common than just beer in parties (Better quality rather than quantity !!). Colombians love soccer (football), cycling and car races. It is common for people to live with their family until they get married reason: Family

relationship is very important and strong (It is common in most countries in Latin America). COLOMBIA Some Outstanding Colombians COLOMBIA T I R E D ???? BORED ??? You might be

interested in the next topic TIME IS RUNNING!! LETS CONTINUE WITH THE PRESENTATION !! Reality about Drug Production Problem: Colombia is still the largest producer of

cocaine. Cultivated mostly in the southern area. 2% of the countrys population lives there. Guerrilla groups get funds from drugs. COLOMBIA Other Points

Coca production has shifted from Bolivia and Peru into Colombia. Consumer demand in the U.S. and Europe remains strong. Drug trafficking causes corruption. Billions in public funds are needed to fight traffickers.

COLOMBIA World Major Drug Production COLOMBIA Drug Consumption North America and Europe are the major drug consumers.

An estimated 0.5% or less of drug production stays in Colombia. United States Drug Users Growth Source: DEA ( COLOMBIA Why Colombia is involved in this business? Ideal climate and growing

conditions. Availability of vast under-populated areas. COLOMBIA Why Colombia is involved in this business?

Strategic location near to U.S. markets (Colombia is less than 3 hrs away from the U.S). Armed groups support the business. COLOMBIA Cocaine Price (Price per KilogramEstimated) ,00 $45 0

45000 40000 35000 ,00 $30 0 30000 25000 Colombia U.S. Europe

20000 15000 10000 5000 00 $1,6 0 The enormous profits made from the illegal drug trade. COLOMBIA

What causes the violence in Colombia? The Guerrilla Groups (18,000 members) The Paramilitary Groups (8,000 members) These groups consist of 26,000 individuals in the country (only 0.065% of the population), which are located Peace Process Negotiatio n Zone (ELN) Negotiation

Zone (FARC) COLOMBIA Some Points Despite the violence, these groups have never had enough popular nor military

support necessary to overthrow the government. Big Drug cartels were dismantled in the 90s. Small traffickers still remain. COLOMBIA Timeline

In the 70s first drug cases occurred. Communism groups (guerrilla) came into action. Soon the business increased due to low control. Coca production has shifted from Bolivia and Peru into Colombia. The drug cartels appeared, and the biggest cartels were dismantled by the government (late 90s). Ultra-Right wing paramilitaries appeared as a reaction against Guerrilla. Colombia is currently negotiating Peace Process

(Began in 1999). COLOMBIA Conclusions about Drugs It is sad that Colombias reputation has been affected by particular circumstances that hide the good aspects of this beautiful country. Production problem is concentrated mainly in southern Colombia where only 2% of the

population is located. The social issue regarding the drug business seems simple, but is very complex. COLOMBIA Conclusions about Drugs Armed groups are not concentrated, which makes harder to fight against them. Despite the war against drugs, the Colombian economy is still stable (Colombia is the only country in South America which

has never had hyperinflation). The Colombian image has been impacted negatively. Some people see Colombia as a main cause of the problem, which is wrong. COLOMBIA Conclusions about Drugs Millions of drug consumers around the world keep the

demand strong, affecting Colombia because this money support both the business and the armed groups. Since the drug business is strongly global-linked, it has to be eradicated through international collaboration (Producer and consumer countries). COLOMBIA Now lets see something about AIESEC

In Colombia!! Colombi a AIESEC - Colombia was founded in 1958 (Just 10 years after it was founded in Europe). Currently it has about 300 active members and 10 Local Chapters (LCs). Colombi a

Norte Location of AIESEC Local Chapters (LCs). EAFIT, Bolivariana Manizales Pereira Cal i Bucaramang

a MC, Javeriana, Andes, Rosario Colombi a Colombi a YES CONFERENCE !! Colombi

a What are these babes doing?? Colombi a HAVING A PARTY !! Colombi a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR

Some Trainees Colombi a Colombia member of the big AIESEC family!! THANK YOU !! AIESEC Salom Grisales AIESEC-COLOMBIA

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