Color Theory - PC\|MAC

Color Theory - PC\|MAC

Color Color Theory Theory Ms. Prinkey What is color? Color is what the eye sees when light reflected

anof seven object. The world is full is of light. Visible light off is made wavelength groups.

These are the colors you see in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violetthe Mr. ROY G. BIV you might have been introduced to in elementary school science. The reddish colors are the long wavelengths. The greenish colors are the mid-size wavelengths. The bluish color are the short wavelengths

Hue Hue is a colors name. Specifically: Hue is the name of a distinct color of the spectrum red, green, yellow, orange, blue, and so on. It is the particular wavelength frequency

What is Primary color? Primary colors are called first colors. They can be mixed to make all other colors. re d

yellow blue What are secondary colors? They are two primary colors mixed together. +

+ + = Red + Blue = Violet

= Red + Yellow = Orange = Blue + Yellow + Green What are intermediate

or tertiary colors? Intermediate ( tertiary) colors are the colors in between the primary and secondary colors on a color wheel. They are a primary color mixed with a secondary color. Color wheel

A circular arrangement of color which shows the relationship of color. Yellow + Orange = Yellow + Green = Red + Orange = Blue + Green =

Red + Violet = Blue + Violet = Saturation The "purity" of a colorhow much Grey is or isn't in it. Fully saturated colors are very rich and bright. 100% blue is a very saturated color (high intensity)

Less saturated colors look muddier, or less pure. Steel blue has gray undertones (low intensity) Asbjorn Lonvig Danish artist high intensity Or very saturated Low Saturation

Artwork by Daniel Alekow. Oranges are not pure. Low saturation or low intensity. Value The lightness or darkness of a color.

Tint when white is added to a color. Makes a light color Shade when black is added to a color. Makes a dark color. Light in Life, Value Changes by Tanya Bone. Shows changes

in the teapot from light to dark. Where else do you see changes? Color Schemes Color schemes are color combinations Different color schemes have

different effects. Some color schemes may have a loud, disrupting effect, others may be quiet and dull. Warm color scheme This scheme can be described as energizing and creating some heat. Warm colors are very active and grab

attention. A typical warm color scheme includes red, orange, yellow-orange, yellow and values. Cool Color Scheme This scheme can be described as quiet and soothing. A typical cool color scheme

would be yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue-purple and values This one can also be complementary. Yellow is the complement to purple Monochromatic Color

Scheme This color scheme consists of one color and black & white. There are two types of monochromatic color schemes, high contrast values and full range values. The high contrast value one just uses one color. This color

schemes are very good for drawing attention to a particular area of your piece. Monochromatic Color Scheme The other type is full range values where you select a color

and use any additional value of it. This is a monochromatic painting of a cow by Richard E. Adams Analogous Color Scheme

An analogous color scheme builds from colors that are adjacent colors on the color wheel. It is one with the most harmony because the colors are right next to each other. If you use up to four

adjacent colors the scheme stays bright. Complementary A pair of two opposite colors on the color wheel. This is a dynamic scheme that offers

a nice contrast and tension Which color scheme are the following pictures?

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