Communication Exercise - Student Portal

Communication Exercise - Student Portal

Make it happen! Session Overview * Top Tips for: Disclosure, Inherent Requirements Resume Graduate Applications Interviews Answering Your Questions *(Session based on UWS material) 1

The first steps towards your career 1. Dream, explore, plan, act 2. Identify existing skills 3. Have realistic expectations 4. Network 5. Develop your skills 6. Stay up-to-date 2 Prepare an Action Plan

My career goals are Steps to achieve my goals This week I will update my resume

identify skills & skill gaps In the next six months I will increase my networks find a mentor Identifying needs 3 What can you do to improve your employability? Work related experiences Internship (& Stepping Into internship program)

Work Experience Part time work or casual work Voluntary work Extracurricular Activities 4 What can you do to improve your employability Life experiences Managing your disability 5

Graduate Programs formal induction ongoing training peer support & mentors rotation through a number of areas in the organisation to help determine a preferred career path 1-2 years 6

What are graduate employers looking for? Basic Skills Time management Organisational skills Critical Thinking Reasoning Creative thinking Decision making Problem solving Interpersonal Skills

Communication written and verbal Teamwork Leadership Client interaction Initiative 7 Where do I find positions? Careers fairs, expos, and other career events

Graduate Employment Publications: Graduate Opportunities - Register for the Graduate Update Service Unigrad Newspapers Websites: Company Your University Career website Gradlink 8 AND Disability Confident

employers For more info and a full member list, visit: 9 Why are AND members are Disability Confident Members of AND are dedicated in building inclusion of people of all abilities to gain access to access to a greater talent pool. They implement reasonable adjustments, how to create

a working environment that enable their employees to fulfil those inherent requirements. They understand disclosure and privacy of disability. Members of AND are continually active in building disability awareness and seek to have recruitments processes and workplace practices in hope to provide barrier free recruitment and employment. 10 How to recognise a disability confident

1. Will state they are an employer employer of choice 2. Will have an identifiable reasonable adjustment policy and / or diversity or CSR policy 3. Have barrier free recruitment processes from application to selection Will ask you if you have any requirements for the interview

Are interested in skills and abilities first 11 Which Job? Some things to consider: Will this role support my future goals or job prospects? Does the Salary equate to my skills, education and years of experience? Do I have the required education, skill level and experience ?

What are the actual tasks involved in the job? What are the work hours? Do these hours suit my needs/requirements? What is the working environment like? Is it a small company, is the role office based, do I have to travel? Can I safely perform the tasks or inherent requirements of the role? What kind of workplace support would I need to perform the role? 12 Disclosure

Do I have to disclose information about my disability? What should I disclose? How and when should I disclose? 13 14

15 Inherent Requirements of a Job the essential activities of the job: the core duties that must be carried out in order to fulfil the purpose of a position about achieving results rather than the means for achieving a result 16

Working through Inherent Requirements Is my disability likely to affect my capacity to meet any inherent requirements? What workplace adjustments will help me meet inherent requirements? 17 Workplace Adjustments

What are Workplace Adjustments? Reasonable v Unreasonable 18 Workplace Adjustments Negotiating workplace adjustments Assistance for the cost of workplace adjustments 19

Getting started on your application Decide who to apply to Professional Resume Academic transcripts Tailored cover letter Set aside time to complete applications Contact your referees 20 Resume Top Tips

Focus on the prospective employer and what they need to know Make it relevant and straight to the point List the most important information first Do spell check (Australian English) No need to state personal information e.g. Date of birth 21 Application top tips criteria

Addressing selection Summarises the key requirements of the position May include mandatory and desirable criteria You MUST address each criteria Your response can include: qualifications, relevant experience, skills, aptitude, knowledge, understanding, personal qualities Address each criteria under a separate heading No more than a page, preferably text and dot points 22 The BEST way to address

selection criteria B Brainstorm your ideas. Think about your relevant experience, skills, knowledge, qualifications, E Example. Think of an example and outline what happened S Step by step process. List what you did step by step T The outcome. Highlight the end result or outcome (source Career One website 23 Interview top tips Know your skills Anticipate the questions Research Look the part Practice, practice and more practice 24

Common interview questions What appeals to you about this job? Where is the industry heading in the next 3-5 years? Talk about a significant achievement Tell me about a time you had to motivate someone to do something What are your strengths? What is important to you in your work? 25

STAR Situation give a context Task what was the goal? Activity how did you achieve it? Result what was the outcome? 26

Questions you could ask What are your expectations of this role? Does the organisation have a mentoring scheme? Do you support further study? When do you think you will know the result of these interviews? What is the expected start date for this position? 27 Support available

Career and Employment Service at University NDCOs CRS Centrelink Disability Employment Services 28 Recommended websites Disability Support Disclosure: Its a Personal Decision Education to Employment Australian Network on Disability Careers for Graduates with Disabilities Australian Human Rights Commission Employment 29 Macquarie University is appreciative of the material supplied by UWS for this workshop. 30

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