Communication: The Tactics of Public Relations

Communication: The Tactics of Public Relations

Communication: The Tactics of Public Relations Chapter 9 Public Relations: A Values-Driven Approach This multimedia product and its contents are protected under copyright law. The following are prohibited by law: any public performance or display, including transmission of any image over a network; preparation of any derivative work, including the extraction, in whole or in part, of any images; any rental, lease, or lending of the program.

Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 The Public Relations Process Research Planning Communication Evaluation Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Public Relations Plans Consist of ...

Goals Objectives Tactics public relations actions designed to affect an organizations relationships with particular publics Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Tactics as Messages and Channels

The Communication Model Noise Source Message Channel Receiver Feedback Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003

Channels of Communication Special events action versus words Controlled media words and images timing frequency Uncontrolled media regulated by gatekeepers third-party endorsements

Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Successful Tactics ... are part of a written, approved plan that is tied to an organizations goals. target publics one at a time. are based on research. send a clear message that targets a publics values and interests; and strives to achieve the specified objective. are evaluated. Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003

Employee Relations Tactics

Face-to-face meetings Newsletters Magazines Videos Bulletin boards Speeches Intranets E-mail Instant messaging Special events Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Media Relations Tactics

News releases Media kits fact sheets, backgrounders, photo opportunity sheets, and more Media advisories Pitch letters

Video news releases Actualities News conferences Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Media Relations Tactics Public service announcements Guest editorials/commentaries Letters to the editor Interviews satellite media tours Stories for trade or association magazines

Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Investor Relations Tactics

Newsletters and magazines Letters Annual meetings Annual reports Web sites News releases Media advisories Teleconferences and videoconferences Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Community Relations Tactics Volunteering Donations and sponsorships

Cause marketing Speeches Open houses/tours Face-to-face meetings Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Government Relations Tactics Lobbies and lobbyists Grassroots lobbying Political action committees Soft money Disclosure documents

Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Customer Relations Tactics Product-oriented news releases and media kits Special events Open houses and tours Responses to customer contacts Bill inserts Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Constituent Relations Tactics

Letters Newsletters News releases and media advisories News conferences Speeches Face-to-face meetings Interactive web sites Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Business (B2B) Relations Tactics Many B2B tactics are marketing tactics. Personal selling, price discounts, etc.

Some B2B tactics are pure public relations: Stories in trade magazines Extranets Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003 Accomplishing the Tactics Delegation Deadlines Quality control Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003

Accomplishing the Tactics Communication within the team Communication with clients or supervisors and/ Constant evaluation Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2003

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