Community-Based Didactic Readers' Theater Changes Work ...

Community-Based Didactic Readers' Theater Changes Work ...

Changing Work Behaviors through Theater: Boosting Farmers Health and Safety Will Stallard, KY Ag Extension Agent 1 Deborah B. Reed, PhD, Professor 2 Eileen LeGault, Tennessee AgrAbility 3 Scott Swoape, TN Ag Extension Agent 3 University of Kentucky Extension 2 University of Kentucky College of Nursing 3 University of Tennessee 1 NACAA 2018 FARM THEATER RESEARCH TEAM MEMBERS Deborah B. Reed, PhD Principal Investigator Debra M. McCallum, PhD C0-Investigator Deborah T. Claunch, BBA Project Manager Staff of Capstone Poll, the survey research unit of the Institute 1 2 1 for Social Science Research

2 University of Kentucky College of Nursing 2 University of Alabama Institute for Social Science Research 1 EXTENSION AGENTS INVOLVED STATE COUNTY AG AGENT KY Casey County Will Stallard Lincoln County Will Stallard Rita Stewart Mercer County Linda McClanahan Lucy

Hockersmith Montgomery County Gary Hamilton Russell County Chelsey Pickens Putnam County Wayne Key Rhea County Jerry Lamb Sullivan County Chris Ramsey Van Buren County Chris Binkley TN White County VA

Madison County FCS AGENT HORTICULTU RE Jessica Bessin Anna Johnson Scott Swoape Wendy Dr. Pam Teaster, VirginiaWhiteaker Tech Gerontology Brad Jarvis FUNDING SOURCE Theater project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under grant # ROH010666 The contents of this presentation are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the CDC/NIOSH BACKGROUND

Production agriculture consistently ranks in the top 3 most hazardous occupations in the U.S. Americas farmers are highly vulnerable to injuries and health problems: farmers age 50 and over are 4 times more likely to die from their injuries than younger farmers Previous efforts to reduce rates among middleaged and senior farmers have had minimal impact on these grim statistics NACAA 2018 Goal The goal of this project was to change work behavior to improve health and prevent injury to aging farmers and their families METHODS Partnerships between the UK College of Nursing, University of Alabama, Cooperative Extension agents, and local agricultural communities Tested primarily with farm couples ages 45 and over in the Southeast U.S. and limited testing with younger farmers

Topics addressed included fatigue, falls, multitasking, arthritis, hearing loss, and stress NACAA 2018 FARM DINNER THEATER THEATER DESCRIPTIO N Date night couples, a meal, and a play Three short plays scripted from farmers stories and tailored to the region * Focus on work health behaviors and leading health and injury challenges faced by aging farmers Local farmers served as actors and deliver the scripts (readers theater) Brief discussions following each play to reinforce the health and safety messages and to initiate * Plays written by and discussions led by principal investigator of the research project Debora conversations among participants * WHAT IS DIDACTIC READERS THEATER?

A style of theater in which actors read from a script no memorization Focus is on the words of the script rather than elaborate sets, costumes or actions Didactic: includes discussion of the theaters themes among the audience following thethe theater The discussion allows audience to reflect on the content and incorporate the information within their own lived experiences NACAA 2018 METHODS OF EVALUATION Quick reaction form completed by participants at conclusion of each play Evaluation of receptivity and subsequent behavior change tracked through telephone interviews two weeks and two months post-event

Three primary issues evaluated Realism Applicability Impact of information presented extent to which participants have thought, talked, or done something about the safety health issues addressed NACAA 2018 PARTICIPANTS Farmers age 45 and older w/spouses Couples recruited as much as possible Mean age = 63 Mean length of farming = 46 years # of Site s 8 Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia

Participants Enrolled M F Total 298 275 573 # Completed 2-wk Survey # Completed 2-mo Survey 556 (97%) 554 (97%) NACAA 2018 THEATER IMPACT

Well-received by participants Plays are rated as realistic, enjoyable, and helpful in understanding the interactions of aging, health, and work injury Impact of the theater intervention is QUICK! How well did the plays and discussions capture the reality of farming as you age? Somewhat well Extremely well 20.7% 77.7% 98.4% How much could you apply the plays messages to your life and family? Quite a bit Very much 46.5% 36.8% 83.3% How would you rate the

manner in which the messages were delivered? Influenced me to take action Made me stop and think 15.8% 80.0% 95.8% NACAA 2018 PARTICIPANT FOLLOWUP Made changes Thought about changes 2-week 52.6% 2-month 59.1% 2-week

51.2% 2-month 45.2% NACAA 2018 CHANGES THEATER 60% 40% 20% 0% 60.40% 52.60% 51.40% 46.80% 2-week call 38.30% 24.30% 2-month call NACAA 2018 EXAMPLES OF CHANGES MADE at 2WEEKS THEATER INTERVENTION

Purchased cabbed tractor; added roll-bar to ATV Stress reduction techniques (vacation, exercise, a night out) Instituted a communication plan/improved communication ability Focusing on a single task Taking rest breaks Increased use of hearing and sun protection Improved cattle handling facilities NACAA 2018 ht on g i r s a said w y e h

point t e g h n t i t h t a y Ever band is oing s u h y d M target. needs to stop sa u e e v h a g e wher

ent d this s n t a s s u j g n d i o some th lk. I feel like G sing. s e l b a a t way to . It was s u r o f re

you the such d a h r e v e Weve n ack from any feedb ever e v positive e w ogram other pr - FCS agent done. It wasnt y our story, b ut it was. You could id entify but n ot b e threatened . Messages delivered in

were a non-threa tening way which allow ed you to g et involved . This [dinner theater] has helped me realize were not alone. Others are experiencing the same things we are going through. Theres a line in here thats the truest statement youll ever make. The one where you say farmers are watching one another. We do. All the time. I didnt think many inc we had as listening, idents, but I realize w e do. The p lay cov ere topics, its har d so many d to

one thi ng that pick just mad greate st impa e the ct. NACAA 2018 CONCLUSIONS Theater met with enthusiasm Format is acceptable to the farm community This novel program, incorporating local organizations and using limited financial resources, resulted in surprising and swift behavior changes Effective in moving the social norm These changes can lead to the desired goal of promoting health and reducing injuries experienced by the aging farm population NACAA 2018 COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP TAKES CENTER STAGE The key element that makes the farm dinner theater effective in changing behaviors is the involvement of the local community

Local farmers serving as the actors Local vendors/organizations assisting in stage design Local caterers providing the food Local farmers and farm groups focused on improving the health and of their farm Thesafety involvement of families all these different individuals brings the community together and strengthens the impact of the event TWH 2018 APPLICATION CONSIDERATIONS This format is effective, easily adapted to local issues, can be delivered using existing infrastructure Interventions that include family units should be considered when possible

Basing interventions and communications within the perceived reality of farmers will aid the effectiveness of new interventions Scripts must be grounded in real experiences, supported by open discussion, and evaluated for effectiveness Improved communication among the farm community on matters of health and safety Theater events have already led to increased partnerships between occupational health/safety, Cooperative Extension, and other groups This format may be successful in other settings NACAA 2018 THE FARM THEATER TOOLKIT A guide designed to help you develop a program that fits your farming community

Describes the concept of using didactic readers theater Walks you through step by step on how to conduct a theater event Addresses lessons learned along the way Offers examples of promotional templates, scripts, and evaluation methods Provides sample video of a farm theater event NACAA 2018 Unanticipated outcomes Dr. Reed is now hired by the UK College of Agriculture to continue her outreach and collaborate with all aspects of health and safety She has a similar role in Tennessee as a consultant to the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program and AgrAbility New collaborations with other states and other agents for different topics

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