Components of a Story -

COMPONENT S OF A STORY What are the parts that make up a story? Seomra Ranga 2012 SETTING Where the story takes

place e.g. Ireland A forest Outer Space (Remember, a story may have more than one setting it can change during the story. Also, dont forget to describe the setting.) Seomra Ranga 2012 PERIOD

When the story takes place e.g. 1847 during the Famine The present The year 2150 Seomra Ranga 2012 THEME This is the overall idea

of the story e.g The fight for food during famine Good overcoming evil in outer space Seomra Ranga 2012 PLOT What happens in the story (sometimes called

the problem) e.g. Boy finds treasure in a cave A hurricane hits the holiday hotel Seomra Ranga 2012 POINT OF VIEW Who is telling the story e.g.

You, the author One of the characters 3rd person narrator (Remember, the point of view may change in the story.) Seomra Ranga 2012 CHARACTERS Who is in the story e.g.

People Animals Aliens Seomra Ranga 2012 COMPONENTS OF A STORY Make sure you include

all the components in the story Dont forget to describe them by making word pictures Seomra Ranga 2012

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