Computer science in the computing curriculum KS2

Computer science in the computing curriculum KS1 Margaret Meredith Learning outcomes

To know some practical ways of teaching principles of computer science without a computer To begin programming on-screen. Go

into 3PGC07 on Moodle Computing section Look at KS1 in the curriculum. Which words/phrases are you unsure of?

Computing National Curriculum (taken from Computing in the National Curriculum: a guide for primary teachers see Moodle) Whats an algorithm? Program your teacher to make a jam sand wich **A precise sequence of instructions to

complete a task** Examples of following sequences of instructions in real life? Instructions and sequences For computing, we want children to: (i) Follow and to give instructions

Sequence instructions/events (ii) Identify incorrectly sequenced instructions/ events and predict consequences Understand the need for accuracy in their instructions using speech, writing and pictures. Activity in pairs or threes

Think of 3 or more activities to: Gp 1. Reinforce following and giving simple instructions. Gp 2. Reinforce understanding of sequences of instructions or events. Across the activities aim to balance speaking, writing, pictures.

Instructions Must be precise and unambiguous Activities to reinforce need for precise

instructions? Following and giving sequences of instructions Making a jam sandwich Brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.

A dance What would happen if the instructions were in the wrong order? Computer science unplugged Instructions for making toast Write

down on a strip of paper as the children tell you. Open the packet of bread Take one piece of bread out of the packet with your hand Put the bread in the toaster

. Instructions for making toast Jumble up, re-sequence and test and debug. What topic related sequences could you do this for?

Take one piece of bread out of the packet with your hand Put the bread in the toaster Open the packet of bread .. Activity for children

Order pieces of paper for cleaning teeth instructions -Higher attainers: give them the first ones and they can complete the algorithm -Middle attainers: give them all the cards and they can put in order

-Lower attainers: all the cards, put in order with support Peer assessment. Try them out. Do we need to debug? Evidence for assessment: Take photo of work Taken from 100 computing lessons Years 1-2 (in library)

Introducing algorithms Program each other as robots Think about the need for instructions to be precise and clear. Crazy character activity hms/ks1-crazy-character-algorithms-activity / How could you improve the algorithm? E.g.

draw a square for the body Sweet/block sorter algorithm lgorithms/ks1-sharing-sweets-activity /

SOL task See forum on Moodle (in Computing). Find/develop a computer science unplugged activity suitable for KS1

Algorithms and programming: e.g. Programmable toys Key idea: clear instructions in the right order to complete a task Important to promote a problem-solving

approach. Set a challenge and give the children free rein Algorithms and programming: e.g. Bee-bot online/ 2Simple 2Go

Important to promote a problem-solving approach. Set a challenge and give the children free rein

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