COMS Studies Internship

COMS Studies Internship

COMS Internship Informational Session Dr. Karen Deardorff Associate Lecturer & Internship Coordinator 433 Schoonover Center [email protected] Why complete an internship? Gain hands-on experience Build resume; build skill sets Enhance future job opportunities

Fulfill one COMS elective Add to graduation hours Networking Learn what you like & dislike Learn what kind of location appeals to you What should I consider?

Skills you wish to develop and/or learn Location, Paid location, location vs. Unpaid Profit vs. Non-profit organization Academic Housing credit vs. no credit Finding an internship Start the process early!

Identify your focus Determine preferred geographic location Consider issues such as housing and transportation Thoroughly research potential companies Identify application deadlines

Update and proofread resume, cover letter, etc. Where to start looking: Websites Ohio Handshake ( LinkedIn Bi-weekly Internship e-newsletter Where to start looking: Websites National Handshake LinkedIn (non-profit) Where to start looking: Websites International Specific company websites Go directly to the specific company of interest

Search website for opportunities Smaller company; call and inquire about possible opportunities I found an interesting internship! Now what? Prepare or update a resume Assistance Karen is available through. Peters, Harris Student Support Center

Career and Leadership Development Center/OU Career Tools (5th Floor Baker Center) resources Dr. Karen Deardorff, COMS Internship Coordinator Go get it! Apply early! If appropriate, follow up with an email or phone call Be

mindful of professional e-mail etiquette Be prepared to interview: Be upbeat, enthusiastic & knowledgeable about the company Practice interview skills at Career and Leadership Development Center, in person, by phone, or SKYPE You landed it! Congratulations! How do I get academic credit for my internship?

Contact the COMS internship coordinator Complete Provide internship application form copy of internship job description Internship supervisor completes internship contract Initiate on-line permission request to enroll in COMS 4910 Internship Requirements:

COMS 4910 Eligibility (DARS may be requested for proof): Permission COMS Have Major, Junior or Senior Standing successfully completed COMS 2350 Overall In required GPA of 2.75 good standing with Ohio University

Internship Requirements: COMS 4910 Internship Credit Internships may be undertaken for 1-15 credits Only 3 credit hours may be counted as a COMS elective Can register for 1 hour of academic credit for every 20 hours of work (1:20 ratio)

Tuition and other fees apply Must be registered for credit during the semester in which internship is undertaken (credit not awarded for previous internships completed) Internship Requirements: COMS 4910 Internship Written Requirements & Criteria reflection: 10-15 pages Apply communication theories; core competencies

Explain how experience helped to identify personal strengths and weaknesses Provide history and structure of the organization Include artifacts that illustrate work performed Internship requirements: COMS 4910 Supervisor Internship Performance Evaluation supervisor completes a performance evaluation no later than the Friday before the

end of the term (Fall, Spring, Summer) Internship requirements: COMS 4910 Grading Criteria Final internship grade will be based 50% on the portfolio and 50% on the supervisory evaluation COMS 4910 for 1-3 credit hours graded A-F COMS 4910 for 4-15 credit hours graded CR/NC Academic Credit vs. Non-Credit

Many organizations offering internships require intern to be registered for OU academic credit Paid internships sometimes do not require credit Unpaid internships are changing Internship Employers Contracts provided to you from employers Employers are asking for Verification Letters Contact

Karen Peters, Harris Student Support Center Background check/drug testing/alcohol testing (new) Will be stated in internship offer Sometimes travel required for international Student Responsibility OU Code of Conduct/Behavior

Community Standards OU Financial Status: Need to be in good standing Strive to be a good intern (arrive on time, show up, professional demeanor) Financial Considerations Fall/ Spring Semesters- All Scholarships and loans have OU credit requirements To

keep OU Scholarships: Internship must be full time Must be approved by COMS Internship Coordinator Must hour be registered for at least 1 credit Financial Considerations Non OU Scholarships: Need to register for 12 credits

Federal Loans To defer loan and avoid going into repayment See Karen Peters for green permission slip (STDY Code 000 for zero credit) No To Charge continue loan: Need 6 credit hours Always

see your Financial Aid advisor! Other Considerations On-Campus Housing: If off campus during semester Resident Halls: Notify OU Housing Resident Halls: Eliminate meal plan Apartment: Consider subleasing Housing: Internship City Safety first check out your environment Limit couch surfing find a stable location for duration of internship Scholarships/Summer Internships Don Perris Endowed Scholarship

$4,000 awarded toward summer or fall internship Award 11 scholarships for Scripps Students (subject to available funding) Juniors, Contact Seniors & Graduating Seniors Karen Peters, Harris Student Support Center, for information about how to apply ([email protected])

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