Connective Technology & Online Resources in the School ...

Connective Technology & Online Resources in the School ...

Using UsingConnective ConnectiveTechnology Technology Resources ResourcesininUrban UrbanScience Science Classrooms Classrooms Dr. Dr.Pamela PamelaFraser-Abder Fraser-Abder

NOYCE NOYCEConference Conference2012 2012 Thursday, Thursday,May May24th 24th Co-Presenters Jamie Dinsmoor, Meagan Driver, and Alice Yang Co-Presenters Jamie Dinsmoor, Meagan Driver, and Alice Yang Contributors - Peter Agnew, Paul Hinchey, Rehana Latif, Yeri Park, Contributors Michelle - Peter Agnew, Paul

Hinchey, Rehana Latif, Yeri Park, Portillo, Barbara Smith, and Angela Rim Michelle Portillo, Barbara Smith, and Angela Rim Resources - Websites Exploratorium WebsiteLive webcasts with scientists and museum tour guides Website with small useful science modules on a variety of science topics Brain Popvideos and quizzes on science topics For teachers: lets you customize your grade and subject and it gives you a list of great resources Teachers TV, British based website Digital media for the Classroom and Professional Development Source: Part of this list was adopted from a list developed by two NYC elementary teachers, Hallie Saltz and Lindsey Webster, using materials modified from Teaching Science as Investigation by H. Meyer, J. J. K. Hackett, and S.A. Everett (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2006). Resources Khan Academy Khan Academy

Salman Khans TED Talk (video 20:27) n.html Khan Academy Resources Code Academy Code Academy -website that allows free interactive online instructional videos that teach people how to write code for programming. CNN video on Code Academy and why it is important

g.cnnmoney / Resources iTunes U iTunes U Apples iTunes U is home to more than 350,000 free lectures, videos, books, and podcasts from learning institutions all over the world. Universities such as Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Beijing Open University, and the University of Tokyo, as well as broadcasters such as PBS, offer free content on iTunes U. Content ranges from lectures and presentations to syllabi and campus maps. Accessing iTunes U is simple. Just tap More in the iTunes app and youll see iTunes U. From there, browse and download content directly to your iPad.

Virtual Field Trips Climate Change Issue in South Africa: Cornell Live Birds Cam: Sustainable Forestry: (click on Virtual Field Trip #2) Interactive Forest: NASA: (click on multimedia tab, there's a lot of videos you can click!) Google Maps: (land use, developed areas vs. undeveloped

highways, urban vs. rural) NASA & Physics and Engineering: Virtual Field Trips Bill Nye: Mars: NY Underground: DNA from the Beginning: Monterey Bay Aquarium: Virtual Labs:

What is life? Bob Wallace's Website: twork.html Virtual Field Trips Galapagos Island Expedition International Consortium for Research in Science and Math Education: http :// troduction%20to%20the%20Website.html Virtual Tours - Museums Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History:

Virtual Labs Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Virtual Labs Interactive labs on advanced scientific topics and lab techniques such as bacterial identification, cardiology, making transgenic flies, and more: Google Maps - Moon! Resources iPad Applications

Varying Opinions and Examples of iPads in the Classroom and Beyond Outline of how iPads and Education can create a good learning Environment (Article) iPads in Classroom (video 4:50) Students perspective of iPads in Classroom (Video 2:45)http:// Should young children use iPads? (Video 1:45)http:// Baby using Magazine as she would use Ipad (Video- 1:26) Applications for Autism- from 60 Minutes special on Steve Jobs (Video- 13:07) iPad Applications Lists of Educational Applications for ipad, iphone, ipod from the internet eachers/ http :// iPad Applications Our Lists of Educational Applications for ipad, iphone, ipod Middle School

Fotopedia Wild Friends Fotopedia Heritage Fotopedia Japan Fotopedia Paris Fotopedia North Korea Fotopedia National Parks FingerMaze Project Noah Solar Walk Star Walk Geo Walk Air Coaster Xperica HD High School

Weather Radar WeatherBug Earthquake Hurricane Track Geology NY Google Earth Genetic Code Molecules Genetics

iCelsius Muscle Bone Frog Dissection HHMI Virtual Bacterial ID Lab Chromatic Vision Simulator (CVSimulator) NOVA Elements NASA Visualization Explorer

Frog/Rat Dissection iPad Applications Our Lists of Educational Resources for ipad, iphone, ipod Educational Tools DocsToGo Dropbox 360 Panorama Clinometer LabTimer

DistanceFinder iStopMotion Calculator Pro Dragon Dictation Business Board Educreations iBrainstorm Showme

TeachPal Mental Class ScreenChomp FormEntry Evernote Educational Resources Khan Academy Mobile

TED PBS Science 360 Audible Bacterial ID Lab iTriage Webster Dictionary iTunes U

Notability & Sundry Notes: Educreations e-Clicker Audience NOVA Elements Educational Tours ProTours360 Museum Planet

Central Park Conservancy Central Park NYC Lite HDecology PanFolio Educational Social Media Back Noise Videolicious Ustream

VoiceThread Chemistry Resources simulations that need to be downloaded - web simulations - interactive

animations on the web or in Molecular Workbench AirSketch for iPad - allows you to draw something on iPad and it shows up on the smartboard via a laptop. You don't have to download anything on the laptop to use this. Paid version lets you annotate PDFs as well. Nova Elements: Alice Interactive, visual games teaching atomic chemistry, chemical bonding, and basic organic chemistry using familiar items like food Interactive periodic table with photos Hunting the Elements full movie Download for free in the app store

Explore and think: How could you use this in a lesson? What ideas from the app could you use if you dont have iPads in your classroom? Chemistry App Xperica- interactive app that allows students to visually see certain experiments that they are not allowed to experience first hand (i.e bomb calorimetry for specific heat capacity) Biology Resources Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man This site allows you to explore the various chromosomes and genetic disorders. When you get to the

main page, simply click on the Search Database tab and you can choose either specific chromosomes or diseases to research. Its more applicable and might be more practical to use this resource in a high school classroom. Biology and Education Apps Human Cell- Good for students to review the cell! Survival Cell- Game to about different survival mechanisms to survive bio-engineered disease. Blogger- blog where you can have students post their work or comment on science readings, pose questions.

Phonix- Create your own flash cards. Doodle Hangman- Hangman game which can be used during class to have students remember specific scientific vocabulary and make it fun! Anatomy Apps: Meagan 3D Brain- Interactive exploration of the brains structures. Anatomy Browser- Interactive exploration of the GI tract and the body systems. Science 360- Science videos and photographs with descriptions. Allows for connections among science disciplines. Biology App

Cell and Cell Structure - focuses on cell structure and functions. Students can travel into the cell and take a virtual tour of all the parts and their functions. There are also quizzes, word searches, and flashcards available for students to practice. Biology App Video Science- Students can view experiments that involve simple everyday questions most people have. This tool also teaches students how to use materials that are in the classroom to conduct simple experiments. Biology App Teacher's Assistant Pro This application can be used with students of all ages. It is a useful

tool for organizing information on student work and behavior. This can include infractions and achievements. You can communicate with parents and administration. It is also a useful tool for teacher collaboration in that it allows you to share information about student performance and behavior in your classroom. With all the paperwork that is involved in teaching, this app. is useful for saving time thats involved in searching for files and paperwork on your desk. Educational Website and App Brain POP - Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts

& Music and English movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help for students Educational App Click and Learn - Interactively explore topics in biology with the Click and Learn app. Each module features supporting videos and animations (Internet connection required). Learn about topics in evolution, neurobiology, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, stem cells, RNA, obesity, cancer, and genomics. Educational App TeacherPal - lets teacher setup class digitally and then keep track of attendance, assignments, and grades. At any point you can have all the information emailed to you for your own records or printing out hard copies.

Educational Tool Splashtop -allows individual to remotely control their laptop with ipad or iphone. Individual can choose from an assortment of different tools to edit, manipulate, or annotate over anything displayed on the screen. The app is useful to give the teacher freedom of motion as well as allowing students to participate without ever leaving their desks. Educational Program: Jamie Screencast-O-Matic Students can narrate powerpoints or youtube videos and save for future

educational use. Example - Students synthesized a google powerpoint about their dissections and then narrated their own science story Link Traditional Educational Resource, Website and App Sometime teachers decide to get a subscription to science magazines like National geographic or science illustrated. Both of these apps can be downloaded to the iPad, giving the teachers easy access to science magazine and can allow the students to see the videos in the magazine. Educational Hardware: Meagan eBeam Edge - The smallest, most intuitive interactive solution available, eBeam Edge Projection transforms any flat surface into an interactive teaching experience.

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