Consortia to Consortia

Consortia to Consortia

Engineering Integration meetings CERN Nov 18-20 Meeting info in 1 CERN meeting Nov 18 18 November 2019, 0830 - 1500 Participants: Jack, Eric, Marzio, Dimitar, Justin, Kyle, Steve, Jolie Please review EDMS 2269157 before meeting Engineering coordinators: Facility, Detector, Installation 1. Define interactions, roles & responsibilities (Jack, Justin, Kyle & Dimitar). Includes design oversight, review oversight, attention to resource needs & usage 2. Define responsibilities for each all Integration elements; use Marzio's detailed cost sheet to assign design coverage for all items. Ensure no scope gaps. 3. Agree to functional implementation: meetings, interactions, outreach to other key team members, goal is to begin with Wednesday 9a CT FS Interface meeting time slot

2020 activities in preparation for DOE CD-2 Planning for ProtoDUNE II Involvement of FD engineering, ESH & QA, DAQ Meeting agenda for Feb 2020 workshop 2 CERN meeting Nov 19 19 November 2019, 0830 - 1200 Participants: Dimitar, Kyle, Justin, Jack, designers as needed Engineering Planning Determine model formats from all sources, their deliverables and coordinate systems Interface documentation text or drawing or both Establish control/critical dimensions DUNE interface drawings Assignment to Justin, Kyle: Bring list of models (inputs); determine translation strategy all Assignment to all : have all interface/control/envelope drawings available for review by team Attach or upload document to 3 CERN meeting Nov 20

20 November 2019 0830 - 1200 Participants: Steve, Jack, Marzio, Jolie, Eric Review Office Planning Review revised design review document EDMS 2173197 How to execute process; clarify oversight review office roles & responsibilities EDMS documents 2093094, 2173000, 2216079, CERN-0000195184 Guidelines for reviewees to be included in the document (documentation required, deliverables, charge, etc) Upcoming planned reviews & coverage (design phase clarification) Role of compliance office (& timing for involvement) Role of FD engineers Role of ESH, QA 4 CERN meeting Nov 20 cont

20 November 2019 1330 - 1500 Participants: Steve, Jack, Olga, Marzio, Jolie, Eric Safety and Compliance Integrated Project office Clarify guidance for design review preparation Please review the documents below before attending Structural analysis guideline Olga EDMS 2172998 Farshids document status? who owns this now? EDMS 2142687 Electrical document Terri EDMS 2159583 Goals Notification list for reviews Consolidate & centralize information (what are/arent we using (obsolete what were not using)) Integrate these items into the JPO review document 5 Goals for today Discuss plans for engineering oversight for post CF work at FS

Agree on responsibilities for engineering coordinators and consortia technical leads Agree on distinct project engineering roles: detector, installation and facility Agree on scope for each of the 3 parts Agree on next actions 6 Integration engineering coordinators Interface coordinators detector (Zeug), installation (Freitag), facility (Fowler, Mladenov) infrastructure Responsibilities Oversight of the successful planning of deliverables of the elements in their purview to the FS Oversight of the design of elements in their working group. Includes assisting in the preparation for design reviews. Oversight of all interfaces between elements within their working group and adjacent elements Oversight and approval of drawings in their working group Creation of documents or drawings to establish and control interfaces

Lead change efforts that may affect critical interfaces 7 Consortia technical leads Design lead engineers CE, APA, HV, PD, DAQ, Cryogenics, Cryostat, Cold boxes, Electrical, Installation, CISC Responsibilities Interaction with the engineering coordinators to successfully provide consortia deliverables to the FS Oversight or monitor of all design of elements within the consortia Manage personnel available to accomplish designs within consortia Review designs of adjacent elements that may effect their elements Creation of documents or drawings for design of elements, analysis required. They should ultimately have approval responsibilities. Lead design change efforts within the consortia Negotiate with other technical leads to define interface boundaries 8 Detector engineering coordinator Engineering lead K Zeug This contains elements of the APA, PD, HV, CE consortia.

Interface with APA, PD, HV, CE, CISC consortia to integrate detector elements and define the envelopes. This includes all detector elements in the final installed state, detector services inside the LAr volume and anything that physically connects to the flange on the warm side that supports APA, PD, HV, CE operation. The DSS is an exception to the above rule, as the interface is instead at the connection point on the DSS beam. Independent verification that detector mechanical designs from individual consortia are consistent with ICDs Make recommendations on interference resolution Components that touch Ar (liquid or gas) excluding DSS, Cryo and membrane. 9 Installation engineering coordinator Engineering lead J Freitag All detector I&I elements to be installed and the associated infrastructure. This also includes working with logistics, detector, cryogenics and cryostat to manage interfaces for all components from surface to 4850 station at bottom of Ross shaft and to the detector caverns and CUC. Custom tooling and packaging required for material movement Integration and infrastructure needed for the cleanroom, all installation work stations/platforms, custom tooling, custom fixtures, conveyances and cold

boxes. Infrastructure required and movement of detector elements inside the cryostat to their final position, includes trolleys, access equipment, false floor. Ash River planning 10 Facility engineering coordinators Engineering leads D Mladenov/J Fowler This contains coordination of all other elements. Interfaces outside of the TPC detector and installation cleanroom. Includes all mezzanines, racks, cable trays, vent piping, position and alignment of flanges, barracks, bridge and connections Will manage the interfaces between the internal cryostat, cryogenics and DSS. Interfaces with the external facility and CF. Determines the position of the detector inside the cryostat. Overall integration of all elements 11 Detector scope Engineering lead K Zeug and consortia engineers

Custom material handling devices beyond what is planned by SDSD (carts and wagons) Custom lifting tooling (beyond standard slings and tooling) Cable management inside the cryostat Cable management during installation (cold box test, for doublet) Components that touch Ar (liquid or gas) excluding DSS, cryogenic piping and cryostat membrane Material containers for transport from factory to SD to 4850 Integration of items from LBNF/DUNE subsystems inside the cryostat (eg cryogenic piping and likely CISC and Cal). 12 Installation scope Engineering lead J Freitag Cleanroom (includes inside the cryostat), work platforms, air filtration, SAS, lighting, electrical distribution, compressed air Conveyances, hoists and cranes inside cleanroom Connection from DSS to installation infrastructure Access equipment and work floors Structures inside cleanroom to support I&I Material needed for detector movement on rails

Clean room life safety and egress Custom lifting tooling (beyond standard slings and tooling) Cold box setup and operations (with cryogenics) Cold box test plans (physics and test plan with consortia) Underground coordinators? 13 Facility scope Engineering leads D Mladenov/J Fowler Cold boxes Barracks and layout (life safety, power and cooling) DSS Structures needed on cryostat and mezzanines to support I&I Flange height, support and alignment Cable tray layout and support Vent piping layout with cryogenics Rack layout but not rack builds Tolerancing and stack up should be covered somewhere? Alignment, survey and .. (Commissioning?) 14 Next Actions

Agreement on path forward Established mailing list Initiate engineers meeting weekly Utilize separate meeting for engineer <> stakeholder interactions Communicate structure and plan to stakeholders (2-4 February) or before Leverage ProtoDUNE-II as a test case for this engineer <> stakeholder interactions (roles, deliverables) Identify milestones to track interactions, deliverables 15 Cryogenic design oversight and planning Engineering lead D Montanari Cryogenic equipment and instrumentation Cryogenic system for coldboxes Internal cryogenic cooldown piping Internal cryogenic recirculation piping Cryostat valves, pumps and protective structures Piping to the caverns and support

16 Electrical design oversight and planning Engineering lead T Shaw Detector and AC power distribution Detector grounding Rack builds (with the DAQ) Rack safety systems Cable and fiber routing and lengths Cable management from detector flanges to racks ESD planning SSDD (with DAQ) Computing and cyberinfrastructure 17 Back ups 18 LBNF-DUNE-FS-Integration-Engineering Establish an ongoing forum to manage the FS integration, interfaces and

planning between LBNF-DUNE-Integration We will create a new distribution list (next bullet) for Thursday integration meeting. (9CT, 10 ET, 1600 CERN), Does this time work or should we reschedule? Do we need a weekly coordination meeting with small group (Zeug, Freitag, Mladenov, Fowler, ..)? K Zeug, J Freitag, D Mladenov, M Zhao, M Verzocchi, B Yu, V Guarino, D Warner, D Wenman, A Marchionni, B Miller, J Stewart, L Jakubec, T Shaw, D Montanari, J Fowler, S Kettell, E James, J Macier, M Nessi, P Weber, J Mateyack, D Newhart, G Lehman, A Thea, G Gallo CISC and Cal will be addressed as their systems become more advanced. How to integrate CISC and Cal will be assigned later? 19 Design and Interface contacts Design responsibilities*

CE Mechanical Eng M Zhao Tech Lead M Verzocchi HV Mechanical Eng V Guarino Tech Lead B Yu PD Eng D Warner Tech Lead D Warner APA Mechanical Eng D Wenman Tech Lead A Marchionni DAQ G Lehman Tech Lead A Thea CISC and Cal Eng - ? Electrical T Shaw Mechanical G Gallo Cryogenics D Montanari Cryostat and cold boxes D Mladenov Cleanroom and I&I J Freitag Tech Leads B Miller J Stewart Interface responsibilities*

Installation J Freitag Tech Leads B Miller J Stewart Detector Integration K Zeug Electrical T Shaw Mechanical G Gallo Cryogenics D Montanari Cryostat D Mladenov All others J Fowler/D Mladenov *Responsibilities: Each lead is expected to coordinate efforts within their team to

ensure progress and quantify status Ensure adequate resource planning J Fowler/D Mladenov Overall integration of all models 20 Facility FS Integration Engineering Conventional Facilities Project Engineers A&E firms Cryostat Project Engineer Engineers

Designers LBNF/DUNE Integration Engineering Systems Engineers Configuration Manager Document Control Designers Project Engineers Designers Consortia Cryogenics Project Engineer Engineers Designers Facility Support & Services

Logistics support Core Technical Team DUNE TC FS Installation Engineers Tech Leads Designers Project Engineers Tech Leads Designers FD Production FS Installation Detector

21 Facility FS Integration Engineering Conventional Pelletier Facilities Willhite Project Engineers team A&E CF firms Cryostat Mladenov Project Engineer Lacarelle

Engineers Seleskaya Designers LBNF/DUNE Systems Fowler Mladenov Engineering Dhanaraj Freitag Systems Engineers Macier Lacarelle Configuration Manager Seleskaya Parchet Document Control Zeug, Data Mgr. Designers Cryogenics

Montanari Project Engineer Adamowski Engineers Haaf Designers Facility Weber Support Pygott &Jakubec Services Project Engineers Site services Designers FS Installation Project

Engineers Freitag Tech Leads Miller Stewart Designers DUNE JamesTC Project Engineers KettellTech Shaw Consortia Leads Zeug Designers Marchionni Consortia Engineers Verzocchi Yu

Tech Leads Warner Guarino Designers Wenman Zhao FD Mateyack Newhart Production FS Installation Detector 22 Other details Sample biweekly meeting agenda Design teams status reports Progress toward deliverables (i.e., Ash River test, load test at SURF, models on EDMS, etc) Resource planning

Interfaces with other teams Interface teams status reports .. Update on interface drawings Other reports: Logistics, others? Meeting frequency: 2x / month 23 CERN meeting Nov 18 Proposed participants: Jack Fowler, Marzio Nessi, Eric James, Dimitar Mladenov, Justin Freitag, Kyle Zeug, Steve Kettell, Jolie Macier, Olga Beltramello Day 1 Jack and Jolie to coordinate Review design scope responsibilities assigned for detector, installation, facility. Identify scope gaps Prioritize and assign responsibilities and resources Develop design plan with resources including procurements and scheduling. What is needed at CD-2/3? (April Oct 2020) ProtoDUNE II in EHN1 Day 2 Dimitar, Justin, Kyle

Determine model formats from all sources, their deliverables and coordinate systems Interface documentation text or drawing or both Establish control/critical dimensions Day 3 Jack Design and analysis documentation Steve Safety files, documentation and compliance office coordination - Olga Design reviews Jack, Steve, Olga, Marzio EDMS coordination Visit ProtoDUNE need to coordinate Other items Agenda Feb meeting Interviews : EDMS and Safety compliance 24 25

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