Content Reliability - University of Arizona

Content Reliability - University of Arizona

Content Reliability Brought to you by Brita Groves Content Validity- What is it? The degree to which an instrument logically appears to measure an intended variable; it is determined by expert judgment (Fraenkel & Wallen, 2006).

How appropriate is the content? How comprehensive? Does it logically get to the intended variable? How adequately does the sample of items/questions represent the content to be assessed? Is the format appropriate? Why reliability and validity with survey research??? In survey research, the survey is your source for datathus, a survey that is neither reliable nor valid will give you data that is

neither reliable nor valid. (Hit or miss data) Likewise, a survey that is both reliable and valid will give you data that is both reliable and valid. An expert (probably the investigator) decides whether the survey (instrument) is reliable and valid. Reliable, not valid Valid, Not reliable Neither reliable nor valid Reliable

& valid Content Validity & Quantitative Research Content validity is established when the instrument (survey) is all encompassing to the area that you are researching. Content validity forces the researcher to define the exact domains that they are trying to study. Content Validity & Qualitative Research Validity applies to each stage of the research process:

establishing relations in the field to writing up the conclusions Content validity depends upon trust in the researchers integrity until the research is replicated. Examples Quantitative Research A survey to test for mathematical skill. Must include all mathematical skills to

show content validity ( /guides/research/relval/). Qualitative Research A survey that asks for opinions about the aspects of interpersonal relationships. Can include any number of

domains: social support, reciprocity and conflict. Trusting the researchers integrity is how content validity occurs. Content validity truly occurs when the research is replicated (Wainwright, 2007 ). Article Example ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT AGRICULTURAL LITERACY The theoretical framework establishes the

validity and reliability for this study. Works Cited Fraenkel, J. & Wallen, N. (2006). How to design and evaluate research in education (6th ed.). New York:The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Wainwright, David. (1997). Can sociological research be qualitative, critical and valid? The Qualitative Report, 3(2),

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