Continuity of Operations Tabletop Exercise

Continuity of Operations Tabletop Exercise

Continuity of Operations Tabletop Exercise (Insert agency name and/or date) Are we prepared? Purpose & Ground Rules COOP Exercise

Exercise Purpose Test the Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan, our ability to restore & maintain essential functions after a disaster incident, and communicate with staff & customers during & after the incident Identify gaps that may exist between response actions and the written plan

Lessons learned during the TTX will be used to update the plan Exercise Basics A COOP Plan will be available for each participant A simulated disaster scenario will be introduced, based on realistic events

A facilitator will ask questions to facilitate a discussion on the Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan Other emergency issues may be involved during the discussions; however, COOP is the primary focus Participant Role Offer expert knowledge, advice, & opinions

regarding the COOP Plan, procedures, & protocols in response to the simulated exercise scenario Listen, support, and play an active role in the discussion with fellow participants Help identify areas of improvement within the COOP Plan & test our ability to continue to provide essential services during/after a

disaster Exercise Ground Rules This exercise will be conducted in a stress- free, informal, and friendly environment Use your expertise to explore gaps or issues that are not addressed/unclear in the COOP Plan

Participate openly & respectfully with others Critical thinking & problem solving are encouraged Keep your thoughts & comments to the point Be considerate of others & time constraints of a TTX No question is a dumb question be Scenario

COOP Exercise Building Fire Its 9:30pm, Monday night you receive a phone call that your primary building has just burned down. Discussion Questions

COOP Exercise COOP Plan Activation Who makes the decision to activate the COOP Plan? Where can you find a copy of your Continuity Plan?

How is your agency prepared to respond to this event? Communication How will your management staff communicate information to employees? Do employees know where to look/go for

information and future updates regarding the disaster? How will your office communicate with the public? Do customers know how to access functions performed by your agency?

Essential Functions & Personnel What decisions need to be made about continuing operations the next morning? Who will make each of these decisions? What agency essential functions must be performed given this disruption?

Who will carry out these functions? Alternate Facilities What short or long-term alternate facilities are designated? Who has the key/access to the alternative facility?

Alternate Operating Capability What functional equipment or resources are at the alternate facility? Can you perform your essential functions? What additional resources might you need to

operate? Do you have backups for technology resources, such as data systems or software applications? Lines of Succession The Director, Deputy Director, & Public

Information Officer are out of town at a conference. Who is in charge? Can you contact the Director? Who has the authority to make decisions? Purchasing authority? Planning authority? Operational authority?

Public Information Who will coordinate with the media to communicate information about your disaster? This might include: Information about the incident Sharing your relocation address Which services you can still offer, which are on

hold Where to direct inquiries, phone numbers to call, social media, and web page information Exercise Debrief COOP Exercise Debrief

Strengths regarding our planning for and ability to continue operations during/after a disaster? Areas for improvement/gaps? Which problem areas should be deemed highest priority? Who is responsible for making these

changes? Next Steps Participant Feedback Forms please fill out NOW & leave with the facilitator COOP Plan revisions based on lessons learned today Leadership approval of updated COOP Plan

Submission of revised COOP Plan to State Division of Emergency Management by June 1, 2014 Thank You! (Your name, email address)

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