Control of Gene Expression in Eukaryotic cells

Control of Gene Expression in Eukaryotic cells

Control of Gene Expression in Eukaryotic cells BSCI 420 Lecture 11B Sept. 2002

How may deaths will it take till we know that to many people have died? -Bob Dylan 1. Overview 2. Regulation of individual genes A. Cis-acting regulatory sequences

B. Trans-acting (Transcription) factors 3. Regulation of chromatin domains B. Chromatin domains are large, independently coiling loops of chromatin that are regulated and replicated as a unit. How large? 30,000 to 300,000, with ave 100,000 bp. Domains are seen as the loops on lampbrush chromosomes

and the bands (closed) and puffs (open) on polytene chromosomes Domain boundaries on a polytene chromosome: Red = DNA with Propidium iodide (mostly in bands) Green = Fluorescein labeled anti - SAP (in interbands)

Action of insulators (SARs/SAPs) Explains position effects- that genes behave differently depending on their position in the genome The well known beta globin domain and its Locus control region

Domains are also independent units of replication with one ORI /domain. Why? Early, mid, late replicating domains. Recall, early repl. genes are active. Hypothesis: Early bird gets the worm In this case , the transcription factors, which bind to newly

replicated DNA before nucleosomes can be put on them.

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