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Convert - Coe College

Central Nervous System Anatomy Lesson 6 Functional Anatomy: CNS Major Divisions Forebrain, Midbrain, Hindbrain

Know structure name, location & general function Major fiber systems CNS vs PNS terminology nucleus vs. ganglion tracts vs. nerves ~ Telencephalon - Cortex

Gray Matter Somas and Dendrites (neuron cell bodies) Organized in layers some input, some output Neocortex

6 layers ~ Telencephalon - Fiber Systems White Matter - myelinated axons 3 types of fiber systems Commissural Association

Projection ~ Commissural Fibers Interconnect homologous structures in the two hemispheres Corpus Callosum Anterior and Posterior Hippocampal ~

Anterior Anterior Forebrain Fibers Systems Association Fibers

interconnect cortical areas within each hemisphere Projection Fibers all other *CNS fiber systems Fornix Corticospinal tract Mammillothalamic tract Naming convention ~

Hemispheres Left Right Association Commissural Projection Subcortical: Limbic System Emotion; Learning & Memory

Structures Cingulate gyrus Hippocampus Amygdala Thalamus Hypothalamus Mammilary bodies

Olfactory bulbs Fornix ~ Limbic System Cingulate gyrus Hippocampus Fornix Thalamus Hypothalamus

Amygdala Subcortical: Basal Ganglia Extrapyramidal Motor System Caudate Striatum Putamen Lenticular

Globus Pallidus Nucleus Claustrum ~ Caudate Globus pallidus Putamen Forebrain Subcortical Areas

Diencephalon Surrounds 3rd ventricle Thalamus sensory and motor relay nuclei Hypothalamus

motivation & emotion ~ Thalamus Lateral Geniculate Nuclei LGN

vision Medial Geniculate Nuclei MGN audition Ventroposterior Nuclei - VPL & VPM Somatosensation ~ Hypothalamus

4Fs Feeding Fighting fleeing, and ... mating Controls the pituitary gland ~

Thalamus Hypothalamus Pituitary Stalk Mesencephalon Surrounds cerebral aqueduct

Tectum Superior Colliculi - vision Inferior Colliculi - audition Tegmentum ~ Thalamus Tectum Tegmentum Superior

Colliculi Inferior Colliculi Tegmentum

Periaqueductal Gray analgesia Reticular Formation sleep and arousal attention Red Nucleus and Substantia Nigra motor system Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA)

reinforcement ~ Cross-section of Tegmentum PAG Substantia Nigra Ventral Tegmental Area Dorsal

Reticular formation Red Nucleus Metencephalon

Surrounds fourth ventricle Pons Sleep and arousal Reticular formation Cerebellum coordinates movements ~ Myelencephalon

Medulla Vital Centers Reticular formation Pyramids ~ Thalamus Medulla

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