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MoU among the Belle II Grid sites Purpose of this MoU For smooth Grid operations Signed by computer centers Multi-lateral (i.e. all participating Grid sites) Technical aspects will be covered Also, emphasis on dealing with security issues and on communications Does not include funding issues (resources) Funding should be covered by general Belle II MoU However, will make rules of the minimum service (and

resource) levels that sites should guarantee But no legal-binding Editorial board Just established the editorial board

From large site in each region, Tier-2 and Belle II Hiroyuki Matsunaga (KEK) Dave Cowley (PNNL) Andreas Heiss (GridKa) Boeb Kyun Kim (KISTI) Marko Bracko (Sloveina) Martin Sevior (Belle II, Australia) Will start the discussion later this month First video (or phone) meeting scheduled on July 30 In future, meetings will be held as needed basis

How to proceed First draft has been prepared by HM Discuss major points first Tier structure? Categorize large/Tier-1 and small/Tier-2 sites One Tier-1 site per region (Asia, Europe, U.S.) Operational support by higher-tier site(s) Responsibility of host lab (KEK)

Grid Operation Center Minimum service/resource levels User supports MoU Another word such as Agreement is preferable? How to proceed (contd) No role assignment to board members Discuss all items among all members HM will update the draft English should be refined by native speaker member (Dave or Martin?) Email or web will be major

communication tools Schedule Would like to finalize the draft by the end of September The final draft will then be reviewed by participating sites for additional comments Sign the MoU in fall 2012 hopefully

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