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BELLRINGER 1. What is the chemical formula for water? 2. How many hydrogen atoms are in a water molecule? 3. How many oxygen atoms are in a water molecule? COUNTING ATOMS CHEMICAL FORMULAS Tell what elements make up the compound and the number of atoms of each element.

RULES FOR COUNTING ATOMS 1. SUBSCRIPTS only refer to the atom that they are BEHIND. For example H2S There are TWO atoms of HYDROGEN and only ONE atom of SULFUR. COEFFICIENTS 2. COEFFICIENTS apply to the entire compound. You MULTIPLY the coefficients and SUBSCRIPTS.

2 H2 S ATOMS OF HYDROGEN: 4 ATOMS OF SULFUR: 2 IF THERE ISNT A SUBSCRIPT BEHIND AN ELEMENT, ASSUME THERE IS ONLY ONE ATOM OF THAT ELEMENT! Polyatomic ions A group of atoms that act as a single atom. Put in parentheses PARENTHESES 3. If elements or compounds are inside of PARENTHESES, then the SUBSCRIPT behind the parentheses applies to

everything inside. Ba(OH)2 ATOMS OF BARIUM: 1 ATOMS OF OXYGEN: 2 ATOMS OF HYDROGEN: 2 LETS PRACTICE! MgCl2 Atoms of Magnesium: 1 Atoms of Chlorine: 2 Al2S3 Atoms of Aluminum: 2

Atoms of Sulfur: 3 PRACTICE H2SO4 Atoms of Hydrogen: 2 Atoms of Sulfur: 1 Atoms of Oxygen: 4 CH3OH Atoms of Carbon: 1 Atoms of Hydrogen: 4 Atoms of Oxygen: 1 THIS COULD BE A LITTLE TRICKY

Ca3(PO4)2 Atoms of Calcium: 3 Atoms of Phosphorus: 2 Atoms of Oxygen: 8 Al2(SO4)3 Atoms of Aluminum: 2 Atoms of Sulfur: 3 Atoms of Oxygen: 12 What about this BAD BOY??? 2Ca3(PO4)2 Atoms of Calcium: 6 Atoms of Phosphorus: 4 Atoms of Oxygen: 16

COUNTING ATOMS PRACTICE Name Use Formula Atoms in Formula Ex: Calcium Carbonate Limestone CaCO3

Ca= calcium- 1 C= carbon- 1 O= oxygen 3 1. Aspirin Pain reliever C9H8O4 2. Paradichlorobenzene Moth Crystals

C6H4Cl2 3. Acetic Acid Vinegar C2H4O2 4. TNT AKA Trinitrotoluene Explosive C7H5(NO2)3

5. Calcium dihydrogen phosphate Fertilizer Ca(H2PO4)2 6. Pyrite Fools Gold FeS2 7. Magnesium hydroxide In Milk of Magnesia

Mg(OH)2 8. Sodium perborate Solid Bleach NaBO3 9. Sucrose Sugar C12H22O11

10. Isopropyl Alcohol Rubbing Alcohol (CH3)2CHOH

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