Course Competencies - Miami Dade College

Course Competencies - Miami Dade College

Course Competencies New Faculty Orientation Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Developed by: Dr. Mollie DeHart District Director, Academic Programs 305.237.3731 Dr. Greg Sharp Rolando Garcia Why Are You Here? Faculty are responsible for developing

the curriculum. MDC has an established curriculum process to ensure that: 1. 2. 3. MDC course competencies are identified and developed Course competencies fit into the curriculum MDC is in compliance with the State of Florida Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS) development cycle

A Course Competency is a Description of: Competence/Learning Outcomes Intended result of instruction vs. the process of instruction And is. Stated in terms of learner performance Course Competency Desired results from instruction Does not precisely clarify what a

learner must do or how a learner should perform. (Specific learning outcomes appear in course syllabi). Many Pieces of the Puzzle: SCNS Intent of the Course Form 112

Browse Course Profiles Find an Existing Course Approval Existing Course? SCNS

Example Upload to SharePoint MDC PROCESS Ensures college-wide consistency Process/Breakdown of Developing Student Outcomes 1. Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS):

2. Browse existing course profile a. Existing course? b. Intent of the course/complexity c. Find existing competencies/outcomes for similar courses at similar institutions 3. Develop course competency using MDC format (Form 112 ) 4. Approval Process

Course Competency Template Column 1 Stem/Goal Begin with a general statement of knowledge, skills, and abilities: The student will Column 2 By: (Performance) Begin with a verb (ing verb) and

answer this question: What will the learner know or be able to do upon completion of the course? How will the learner demonstrate competency or proficiency? Form 112 LEARNING OUTCOMES

Learning Outcomes mapping is specific to individual course competencies. Requires Discipline consensus regarding assessment. STEM/GOAL General statement of knowledge, skills, & abilities Provides generalized framework Articulated through By statements GENERAL LEARNING OUTCOMES Action verbs Measurable, verifiable, or observable

Cognitive, psychomotor, & affective domains Sample of Course Competency Format using MDC Form 112 Stem The student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of curriculum development by: By Statements

Composing course proposals within established guidelines Describing components of Learning Outcomes Incorporating assessment of Learning Outcomes in course proposals Utilizing resource materials and tools provided Constructing courses which meet the needs of the student and institution orm.doc Example of Competencies

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of language in the development of culture by: explaining how language develops. identifying the main type of language families. analyzing how language and culture impact each other. Competency vs. Activity A course competency describes student learning outcomes NOT instructor or

student activities. Non-examples: Viewing specific films and slides on various art movements. Attending various lectures. Course Competency Performance Ask What should learners be able to do when demonstrating competency of the task/content?

Examples of Performance The student will by: Explaining how business transactions can be stated in terms of the resulting changes in the three basic elements of the accounting equation. Describing the patterns in the orbits, spins, sizes, and densities of the planets as well as concepts in the origin of the system. Identifying appropriate laboratory data collection procedures, techniques and equipment necessary to perform standard analytical laboratory activities. Intent of Course/Complexity

Does the competency meet state guidelines? SCNS Frameworks Is the competency appropriate for the level of instruction? (Simple to complex?) Cognitive Domains & Taxonomies in Course Competencies

Taxonomy Systematic grouping of outcomes Share characteristics Sequential and cumulative order Learning Domains 3 Types of Learning: Cognitive Mental Skills (Knowledge) What we know

Psychomotor Manual or Physical Skills (Skills) How we do Affective Growth in feelings or emotional areas (Attitude) How we feel

Additional Links to Blooms Taxonomy m/blooms.htm agogy/bloom.htm bloom.htm BloomRevisedTaxonomy_KeyWords.pdf#search =%22blooms%20taxonomy%20revised%22

toolbox/blooms/revisedbloomsverbs.doc MDC Academic Approval Process Plan accordingly..lengthy process Flowchart for Course Competencies/Existing Programs Academic

Leadership Council Campus Academic Dean/ Discipline Dean Office of Academic Programs (OAP) Discipline/School Chair Discipline/School

Committee Course Competency Repository default.aspx course_competencies.asp Competancies r posted the on world wide web. So please heck you spelling punctuation n grammr. ASSISTANCE Feeling a little lost????

Office of Academic Programs 305.237.3715 For additional information: Developing Course Competencies Workshop CTD 0555 Confused??? Questions???

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