The Dark Matter of Love Sarah Wood, Sam Day, Quinn Walters, Abigail Leslein Summary, Characters, Topics, Setting Characters: Masha Vadim Marcel Claudio Cheryl Cami

Topics: Can a child learn to love in older years? How relationships differ between biological and adoptive families Summary: The Diaz family wanted four kids. They had one biological daughter

but were unable to have anymore children. They decided to adopt three children from Russia at the same time. (One girl, and twin boys) This documentary is about their journey through their first year as a new family.

Setting: Wisconsin and Arkhangelsk, Russia Positive Social Change The children, while in the orphanages, were not mistreated, but they didnt have that important interaction necessary for proper development during their formative years. Essential for childrens ability to develop close relationships in the future By adopting these children, the Diaz family were

able to create for them the environment the children needed in order to get the foundation necessary for building relationships (learning how to love) Advocacy Advocating for the importance that every child has a home. (Raised awareness for children in orphanages.) http://www.thedarkmatteroflove.com In being part of Dr. Marvins study/program the family advocated for the study of how children can learn to love and be taught the feeling/expression of love in a family setting. Dr. Marvin was a big part of of the journey of the Diaz family through mentorship and guidance of the family.

Dr. Marvin mentioned how he wasnt going to tell the family how to raise their children A scientific experiment involved a monkey and goslings was parallel to the Diazs story Community These childrens communities were their schools. Masha made friends pretty easily; her best friend described her as funny, but unwilling to talk about her emotions. Masha also became involved with her schools choir and auditioned for (and got) a solo for their concert. She dedicated the solo to her mom. The two younger boys were shown running in a gym class race, being social and interacting with other children as well.

School was very important in allowing the children to feel connected to their community and their peers. Service Adopting the children was a service to the Russian community because the rate at which children are adopted in orphanages is very low The Diaz family provided a home (voluntarily) to three children in need. Nicole and Dr. Marvin provided a service to Claudio and Cheryl through their guidance and advice throughout this process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt_TrbCivGw

Aspects Most Relevant to Current Day Events and Topics Adoption is always relevant. Overcrowding of orphanages Psychology behind the documentary is always relevant. David Thomas and his organization (Wendys Adoption Foundation) What did we connect to? Similar Situation: One friend adopted from Russia with two younger brothers all from different genetic families. I have never met someone who has been adopted, so this documentary provided me with a new experience.

My stepmom has adopted five children (two from Russia and three from South Korea) My ex-boyfriend was adopted and his mother was a foster parent. Critiques? Throughout the documentary: The boys were not paid as much attention to as Masha Role of maternal figure in Mashas life wasnt addressed very much, nor carried throughout the film Even though her presence in Mashas life was integral to Mashas ability to connect to Diaz family There could have been more background on life in the orphanage and possibly

more about the childrens lives before the orphanage. Who would benefit? People thinking about adopting Responsibility Preparations Focus on foreign children (different languages) Families who have adopted Children who have been adopted Those interested in psychology behind the documentary Adoption counselors What course of action does this film call for?

Raising awareness of adoption and orphanages Raising awareness about psychology behind older-aged adoptions and learning to love Motivating individuals to volunteer to make a difference at these orphanages

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