Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking PROFESSOR BILL LUCAS @LucasLearn Looking ahead to 2021, 2024, 2027 and 2030 OECD 2030 Framework for Education 4 Dimensional Education Desirable Capabilities 7Cs

Craftsmanship Confidence Commitment Curiosity Creativity Collaboration

Communication Evidence from educational research Leslie Gutman & Ingrid Schoon (2013) The impact of non-cognitive skills on outcomes for young people. London: Institute of Education. Why Critical and Creative Thinking? Victoria New Pedagogies for

Deeper Learning Educating Ruby/ Learning Power P21 Critical and Creative Thinking Questions & Possibilities Reasoning Meta-cognition

Critical Thinking and Knowledge Construction Creativity Curiosity Creativity Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Character

Commitment Craftsmanship Confidence Ethical Understanding Concepts Decision-making & Actions Intercultural Cultural Practices Cultural Diversity Personal and Social Self-Awareness &

Management Social-Awareness & Management Citizenship Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration

Communication Communication Communication Pedagogies for capability Whats different about teaching for capability? How do you cultivate any Capability

or Habit of Mind? 1. Understand it - its components and what it looks like when students do it 2. Create climate for it - role models, co-curriculum, displays, language, rewards 3. Cultivate it (a) - split screen subject + habit (b) - choose pedagogies and materials to encourage it 4. Build learner engagement - students own it Pedagogy for Capability Lucas, Claxton & Spencer

The idea of signature pedagogy What might it be for cultivating capabilities? Lee Shulman (2005) Signature pedagogies in the professions. Daedelus, 134, 52-59 Focus on Critical and Creative Thinking 1. Make Creativity and Critical Thinking Visible 2. Teach knowledge and Capabilities

Our Five-Dimensional Model of Creativity Bill Lucas, Ellen Spencer and Guy Claxton (2013) Progression in student creativity in school: first steps towards new forms of formative assessments, OECD Education Working Papers, No 86. Paris: OECD Publishing Problem-based Learning Playful

Experimentation 13. Possibility Thinking 14. Process mapping 15. Meditation Deliberate Practice 10. Drafting 11. Expert demonstration

12. Student feedback Classroom as Learning Community 7. Group working 8. Peer teaching 9. Authentic assessment 1. Questioning techniques

VCAA Questions and Possibilities in Imaginative Inquisitive 2. Mantle of the Expert 3. Philosophy for Children VCAA Reasoning in

Persistent Disciplined & elsewhere Growth mindset 4. Role play and simulation 5. Reframing 6. Perspective taking Key pedagogy for Critical & Creative Thinking

Key methods being used by Victorian schools case studies problem-based learning thinking routines philosophy for children role play games deep questions teacher modelling authentic tasks thinking out loud

peer teaching coaching self-managed projects enquiry-led teaching Whats different about assessing capabilities? Approaches to Assessing Capabilities PUPIL TEACHER

REAL WORLD Real-time feedback Photos Self-report questionnaires Logs/diaries/ journals Peer review Group critique Digital badges Portfolios

In-process evaluation Criterionreferenced grading Performance tasks Rating of products and processes Structured interviews

Capstone projects Expert reviews Reliable, Authentic tests eg validated presentations, online tests interviews podcasts films Gallery critique Exhibitions

ONLINE Assessment as a Way of Life Gallery Critique Ron Berger 1. Be kind 2. Be specific 3. Be helpful Web

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