Cross-Curricular Academics & Safety - ADTSEA

Cross-Curricular Academics & Safety - ADTSEA

Cross-Curricular Academics & Safety Term Papers, Curriculum and Drivingthe best of all worlds! Never trust Custodians The Icon

Politically Correct Disclaimer! My school has DE scheduled for a full semester. I have access to Library, SRO, IT, SPED, Nurse and any other support mechanism for each group. Being a regular faculty member I have contact time!

I have long-term community relationship WHY DO PROJECTS? Although obviously critical, we are in-car for a brief period. Building a safe driver takes MORE than six hours. We need to make the Classroom Phase more powerful to increase the impact of our message.

We need to do more than just teach mechanical skill, DRIVING IS MORE THAN CAR SKILL, we need to change cognitive process to change behavior. Our National Standards, in the Preamble, state that the goal of DE is to transfer knowledge, develop skills

and enhance the disposition of the young driver. We need to do more than just fill in the blanks to accomplish our goal! Understanding by Design Wiggins and McTighe (2005) Our goal is to create genuine understanding

and the ability to use the materials- (Also relates to Bloom and others who studied learning.)-not just recite verse. Research backs us doing projects. Knowledge and skill are necessary but insufficient. Understanding requires more: the ability to actively do the work, to discern, critique, adapt, etc.

As teachers, we know that writing instruction can no longer be confined to the English classroom. Its been proven that student engagement with the Subject matter increases significantly when they write about that subject. Writing Assignments not only improve students general writing ability, they also help Students increase their understanding of the course material, build critical Thinking skills, and learn to communicate their knowledge effectively. Bruce Moreton, English Teacher

Son of the Best state in the South---Mississippi! Parents & School We know, as much from experience as any research, kids fall back into parents habits shortly after DE. We need to do something to increase the changes made in behavior and

projects help. Sometimes we need to teach the parents. Any project can involve parents. Students who want the driver license are motivated Our programs include Science, Math, History, Library/Media/Tech, Government, Health,

Safety, etc! We are everywhere in the Common Core! We should be able to teach any and all. This was my first term paper and it was a I have a tough time going over Railroad Crossings now without thinking about the crashes. I REALLY check!

- Hope A. Allows the student, with guidance from adults, choice of level, they pick! Research allows tie-in with established laws, Top Gear, Americana, car culture and current social trends=Relevance makes the student feel more involved and

creates better learning. We got to take a car apart and take pictures of safety structures! Mr. Pluta asked if it was our car.. - John P & Bruce K. Rednecks

May be tied to BTW skills. All projects require use of Zone Control format. Promotes discussion and classroom debates. Can be a serious evaluation or end of course tool of students attitude and goals. Can be tied to in-car observation activities. Are available in lieu of a Final Examination.

We found out that almost all women, nine out of ten, in Rutland, are using an electronic device while driving. - Brit H. Achievement The choice of the project is personalized and

allows individual research. Student processing increases as ownership increases. Grading can be Standards and/or Performance Based as needed. Reinforces the Problem Solving requirements that are part of Standards and DE.

H C R A T E C !


O Basic Student will use the CRASHSITE PROGRAM while working and discussing with the Instructor and a SPED Instructor. Student will produce worksheet of questions based upon presentation.

Oral presentation option. BASIC II Student will choose an In-Car Skill from Zone Control or a traffic situation which developed while driving. Paper will have diagram of situation, a demonstration (Which may be on

computer, video or in person) of Zone Control response, description of issues involved and a resolution. Example of driver using LP#2 with clear uphill 12 sec. LOS. Driver rounds a turn uphill to find a closed front zone!

(This is bad!) May be a road image taken locally where a problem exists. Student may use Google or pictures to explain situation. Students must develop a cure for the issue using posting, road changes,

barriers, etc. May not be a common problem, but,. Another example of double closure LP#2 PLUS

Student will do the CRASHSITE PROGRAM and, working with a SPED Instructor and the SRO, will research (through Internet, reading, news or verbal interview)a local accident. Student will discover what happened, why the injuries, car design issues, how to prevent, costs, legal actions,etc. Student will produce worksheet plus two

pages research. Four Crash Comparison Student will select four crashes or vehicle incidents from media sources (newspapers, TV, Internet, Family, etc.) Student will diagram and explain circumstances of crash, vehicle design,

injuries, legal issues, etc. Student will compare crashes as to causal factors. Minimum required length of four pages with diagrams, etc. Celebrity Crash Choose and research a celebrity vehicle

crash using internet, readings, news, SKYPE interviews, etc. Following Term paper Guidelines or in a Powerpoint describe what happened, car design, drugs, injuries, preventability, etc. Formal Paper Following school format in coordination with

English, Science, etc depts. Minimum six pages Research a major topic or controversy and produce formal paper. Topics have included WTO, Oil debates, pollution, car design, etc. Partner or Group possible. Bonus for Physics and Math

Going out and looking at my road, with the SRO and Mr. Pluta, then actually trying to drive it and fix the weird turn, crowned road and bad surface, Im not driving like my parents anymore. - Tristan H.

TOPICS IVE RECEIVED: World Trade Organization Oil Prices Pollution from Cars (CoOp with Science) Idling Energy Transfer in Car Crashes (Co-Op with Math)

Hybrids VT Road Hazards Physics and Skids (CoOp with Science) VT Law Enforcement and Teens (Co-Op with SRO) Teen Crashes-The Loss! Teen Risky Behavior (CoOp with SRO &

Counselors) Techie Options Produce ten to twenty Powerpoint slides or use of school iPads Topic covered in detail Explain to class Build or examine mechanical or technical

areas of driving (Car design, safety, etc.) Video or Photograph etc a driving issue, task or skill, either in-car project or as pedestrian to present. Conclusion Generally well supported by parents and by Administration.

Only area of school where all students get research paper! Allows all levels of students options. Ties into areas of DE with benefit of deeper level thought. Yes, this does force the teacher to correct papers, but, the idea is we are TEACHERS and learning takes more than a textbook and


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