CS 499 Midterm Presentation

CS 499 Midterm Presentation


Functionality implemented to date Current activities Plans for rest of semester Software demonstration Reporting Application I.S. Management Application FUNCTIONALITY IMPLEMENTED TO DATE

Login page Reporting Application (partially complete)

Site connections Querying Subscribing Result viewing I.S. Management Application (complete)

User Manager Profile Manager Site Manager Reporting Application LOGIN PAGE

Created superuser Setup permissions for regular users Check active status of user REPORTING APP SITE CONNECTIONS Select a group of sites Select multiple, individual sites

Hover tooltip displays description of groups and IP addresses of sites REPORTING APP QUERYING

Create a query Save a query Execute a query Modify a query Query ownerships Query sharing Field validation REPORTING APP SUBSCRIBING

GUI for subscribing is set up, but functionality is not yet implemented REPORTING APP RESULT VIEWING Currently displays results in a gridview I.S. APP USER MANAGER

Create user Modify user Personal information

Permissions Active status Delete user I.S. APP PROFILE MANAGER Create profile

Modify profile Delete profile I.S. APP SITE MANAGER Create site Modify site

Group affiliation Connection parameters Delete site I.S. APP REPORTING APPLICATION

Will be copied to I.S. App upon completion CURRENT ACTIVITIES Working on implementing the ability to query remote databases

This has been problematic so far Working on formatting the results of queries using Crystal Reports PLANS FOR REST OF SEMESTER Finish Reporting Application

Finish implementing the ability to query a remote database

Finish reporting formatting with Crystal Reports Fully implement query subscriptions Compile complete list of security items Link sites to their corresponding groups Insert a description field in the security database for the Site table to use as the new Site tooltip When query is loaded, update the subscription checkbox accordingly PLANS FOR REST OF SEMESTER (CONT.)

Login page Add sessions to nSite Central

Add superuser permissions (all) Write user manual for nSite Central Thoroughly test nSite Central Give final presentation NSITE CENTRAL DEMONSTRATION

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