CS1315: Introduction to Media Computation

CS1315: Introduction to Media Computation

CS1315: Introduction to Media Computation Introduction to JES Installation Installing JES and starting it up Windows users:

Mac users: Just copy the folder Double-click JES application Just copy the folder Double-click the JES application

Fill out the form for turnin (can always change it later) There is always Help Lots and lots of excellent help We will program in JES JES: Jython Environment for Students

A simple editor (for entering in our programs or recipes): Well call that the program area A command area for entering in commands for Python to execute. JES - Jython Environment for Students Program Area Command Area Tour of JES

Save and Save As Cut/Copy/Paste with shortcut keys Turnin You must be on-line to turnin! You will use this first with Lab 2

Help Explain is contextualized help: Highlight a JES (media) function Lots of help on mediatools and the like Python understands commands We can name data with = We can print values, expressions, anything with

print Using JES >>> print 34 + 56 90 >>> print 34.1/46.5 0.7333333333333334 >>> print 22 * 33 726 >>> print 14 - 15 -1 >>> print "Hello" Hello >>> print "Hello" + "Mark"

HelloMark Command Area Editing Up/down arrows walk through command history You can edit the line at the bottom Just put the cursor at the end of the line before hitting Return/Enter. Demonstrating JES for files and sounds

>>> print pickAFile() /Users/guzdial/mediasources/barbara.jpg >>> print makePicture(pickAFile()) Picture, filename /Users/guzdial/mediasources/barbara.jpg height 294 width 222 >>> print pickAFile() /Users/guzdial/mediasources/hello.wav >>> print makeSound(pickAFile()) Sound of length 54757 >>> print play(makeSound(pickAFile())) None >>> myfilename = pickAFile() >>> print myfilename /Users/guzdial/mediasources/barbara.jpg >>> mypicture = makePicture(myfilename)

>>> print mypicture Picture, filename /Users/guzdial/mediasources/barbara.jpg height 294 width 222 >>> show(mypicture) Writing a recipe: Making our own functions To make a function, use the command def

Then, the name of the function, and the names of the input values between parentheses ((input1)) End the line with a colon (:) The body of the recipe is indented (Hint: Use two spaces) Thats called a block Making functions the easy way

Get something working by typing commands Enter the def command. Copy-paste the right commands up into the recipe A recipe for playing picked sound files def pickAndPlay(): myfile = pickAFile() mysound = makeSound(myfile) play(mysound) Note: myfile and mysound, inside pickAndPlay(), are

completely different from the same names in the command area. Blocking is indicated for you in JES Statements that are indented the same, are in the same block. Statements that are in the same block as where the line where the cursor is

are enclosed in a blue box. A function for playing picked picture files def pickAndShow(): myfile = pickAFile() mypict = makePicture(myfile) show(mypict) The Most Common JES Bug: Forgetting to Load

Your function does NOT exist for JES until you load it Before you load it, the program is just a bunch of characters. Loading encodes it as an executable function Save and Save As

You must Save before Loading You must Load before you can use your function What if you forget your variable names? showVars() MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO TO PASS THIS CLASS! DO THE EXAMPLES! Try them out for yourself. Try to replicate them.

Understand them EVERY WEEK, TYPE IN AT LEAST TWO OF THE EXAMPLES FROM CLASS To understand a program means that you know why each line is there. You will encounter all the simple-but-confusing errors earlyBEFORE you are rushing to get homework done!!

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