CSBS Faculty Workshop: Proposal Preparation

CSBS Faculty Workshop: Proposal Preparation

Before we begin, please write on the index card: Your name Your department Your scholarly and/or research interests (brief) 1 2 CSBS Faculty Workshop: Funding Your Interests Introduction to Grants and CSUN Resources CSBS: FRANCES SOLANO, TRACY BAUM ORSP: JENNIFER REIFSNEIDER, STEFANIE FRIESEN SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 Agenda Introductions What is your interest?

Looking for Funding Opportunities Internal / Philanthropic / Public Search Tools Resources 3 Introductions Frances Solano, CSBS Grants Officer (ext. 3317) Tracy Baum, UA Director of Development for CSBS (ext. 3317) Jennifer Reifsneider, ORSP Research & Grants Specialist(ext. 2901) Stefanie Friesen, ORSP Grants Coordinator for CSBS (ext. 2901) And you? Name Department Your field of study 4 What is your interest?

Formulate your interest into a program or project Clarify your Objectives / Develop an Hypothesis Write up brief concept paper. Be flexible in matching with funder goals. Establish a Timeline Estimate your effort Estimate budget 5 What is the sponsors goals? When searching for funding, consider how your interest will help the sponsor meet their goals. Become familiar with guidelines and specific requirements.

Use language from the RFP (Request for Proposal), PA (Program Announcement), or sponsors mission statement. Explain Write fully(even though it may seem obvious). for those outside your field. 6 Looking for Funding 7 Internal Support Philanthropy Sponsored Activity Office of the President, CSUN Ongoing program Project timeline Office of the Dean, CSBS General outcomes Purpose / Hypothesis / Methods Office of Academic Affairs

Seeking multiple contributions Regulatory requirements Office of Faculty Affairs Contact your department chair. Human subjects Animal subjects Intellectual property Etc. Office of Institutional Research Office of Community Engagement Valley Nonprofit Resources Dept chair will include your needs in the departments priorities, and work with the Director of Development to contact potential donors.

Distinct budget for each sponsor Contact CSBS Grants Officer If sponsor is non-government, Grants Officer will request clearance from CSUN Foundation to proceed. Internal Support 8 IRA--Instructionally Related Activities: From Presidents Office. Deadline in early March CSBS Summer Research Competition: From the CSBS Office of the Dean. Deadline in early May. Judge Julian Beck Learning-Centered Instructional Projects: From the Office of Faculty Development, Center for Innovative and Engaged Learning Opportunities (CIELO). Deadline in March. Exceptional Levels of Service to Student Awards: From the Office of Faculty Affairs. Deadline in late April. Learning Habits Faculty Fellow Program: From the Office of Institutional Research. Deadline in March. Community Engagement Service Learning Course Development: From the Office of Community Engagement. Deadline in early April.

HIRI Nonprofit Research Fellowship: (Human Interaction Research Institute) From Valley Nonprofit Resource Center NIH BUILD PODER: From NIH BUILD grant (Crist Khachikian, Maggie Shiffrar, Carrie Saetermoe, Gabby Chavira) Deadline: November 9 Private support (Non-profit / Corporate) John Randolf and Dora Haynes Foundation* Robert Wood Johnson Foundation* Andrew W. Mellon Foundation* California Wellness Foundation Case Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Alfred P. Sloane Foundation

W.K. Kellogg Foundation William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Professional organizations: American Historical Association American Political Science Association Corporate or Industry ALERT! Clearance must be obtained from the CSUN Foundation prior to contacting any private/non-profit/corporate sponsors. Contact Frances Solano, CSBS Grants Officer. 9 Government/Public Support Federal Grants.gov State ca.gov/grants

National Science Foundation (NSF) Health and Human Services (HHS) Dept of Education (DoED) National Aerospace Agency (NASA) Dept of Defense (DOD) National Security Agency (NSA) Dept of Energy (DOE) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Dept of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Dept of the Interior (DOI) State Department Dept of Agriculture Smithsonian Institution State of California California Council on Humanities California Postsecondary Education Commission Los Angeles

California Children & Families Commission Southern California Association of Governments Counties DCFS (Dept of Children and Family Services) Local Dept of Social Services 10 LA County DCFS Ventura San Bernardino

Cities Los Angeles City of Thousand Oaks Port of Long Beach Districts LA Unified School District (LAUSD) Search Tools Grant Listings by Source http://www.csun.edu/research-graduate-studies/grant-listings-source (ORSP website) www.Grants.gov (Federal Government sponsors) www.CA.gov (State and local sponsors) Grant Resource Center (GRC)

http://www.csun.edu/research-graduate-studies/grant-resource-center Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) 11 https://spin.infoedglobal.com/Home/GridResults Private Foundations: Foundation Directory Online https://fconline.foundationcenter.org For assistance in using GRC and SPIN, contact Jennifer Reifsneider (ext. 2901) For assistance in searching for private funding, initiate request at http:// www.csun.edu/social-behavioral-sciences/grant -opportunities-search-request or contact Frances Solano (ext. 3317) Resources: Your Dean and Department Chair

Academic Departments College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Africana Studies: Sylvia Macauley Anthropology: Cathy Costin Geography: Ed Jackiewicz Stella Theodoulou, Dean History: Richard Horowitz Political Science: Larry Becker Psychology: Jill Razani

Matt Cahn, Associate Dean and Executive Director for the Institute of Social & Behavioral Sciences Social Work: Amy Levin Sociology: Karen Morgaine Urban Studies: Rob Kent 12 Resources: CSBS Institutes and Centers 13 CSBS Institutes & Centers Institute for Social & Behavioral Sciences (Dr. Matt Cahn) Center for Geographical Studies (Danielle Bram) Center for Urban Water Resilience

(Mike Antos) Center for Southern California Studies (Dr. Kristy Michaud) Anthropological Research Institute (Dr. James Snead) DuBois-Hamer Institute (Dr. Cedric Hackett) Center for Latin and Mexican American Studies (Dr. Patricia Juarez-Dappe) CSBS Institutes and Centers are organized around broad themes to facilitate multi-disciplinary collaborations focused on applied research to meet community and industry needs. Benefits of an institute/center Facilitates collaborations between disciplines, departments and colleges. Facilitates the contract or start-up process.

Demonstrates to sponsor support by the university towards particular studies, services and goals. Resources: CSUN Institutes and Centers 14 Center for Assessment and Research Evaluation (CARE) -- Dr. Bev Caballo Institute for Community Health & Wellbeing -- Dr. David Boyns Center for Sustainability -- Dr. Helen Cox And more Resources: Highlight on CARE 15 CSUN Center for Assessment, Research and Evaluation (CARE): Support CSUN investigators in developing research designs and evaluation plans for proposals for external funding.

Provide evaluation services for funded grants/contracts (i.e., external evaluation). Provide research implementation and analytic support for campus investigators. Provide assessment services to academic units (e.g., colleges, departments), centers, institutions, and personnel on campus (e.g., scale creation, dissemination, psychometric evaluation). Dr. Bev Cabello Ext. 2542 Resources: CSBS Grants Officer Work with you to clarify your objectives. Direct you to the appropriate university resources. Help to identify potential funders. Request clearance from CSUN Foundation through the CSBS Director of Development to approach private funders and avoid conflicts with other CSUN priorities.

Work with you to establish a plan to prepare and submit a proposal. Draft a budget to estimate the amount of support needed. Liaise with university offices or potential funders 16 Resources: ORSP Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Strategic Initiatives Workshops CUR memberships for faculty New communications 17 Resources: Research & Graduate Studies > Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) Scott Perez, Director, ORSP

Jennifer Reifsneider Funding announcements/searches Boilerplate text and tables Sample proposals Stefanie Friesen, CSBS Liaison Prepare/approve budgets Complete sponsor forms Submit applications Negotiate/accept/administer awards and subawards Kat Sohn Human and Animal Subjects (IRB/IACUC) Megha Patel Intellectual Property / Technology Transfer Export Controls 18 Resources: University Advancement CSBS Director of Development: Tracy Baum

Facilitate Office relations with alumni, donors of Government Relations: Francesca Vega Facilitate relations with state and local public agencies 19 Resources CSBS Grants Office website: Under College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, >Faculty Research http://www.csun.edu/social-behavioral-sciences/college-grants-office ORSP website: Under Academics, >Research and Graduate Studies http://www.csun.edu/research-graduate-studies/research-and-sponsored-programs Handouts: SPIN / GRC Instructions

20 Future Workshops 21 Wednesday, September 16, 3:30 4:30 pm Location: Tuesday, October 13, 3:30 4:30 pm Sierra Hall, 4th Floor Whitsett Room Tuesday, November 17, 3:30 4:30 pm Tuesday, December 15, 3:30 4:30 pm (TENTATIVE) **** Please RSVP to [email protected] **** Discussion QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? SUGGESTIONS? 22

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