What are the benefits of Open Data? What can we do with Open Data? What are some challenges with Open Data? How can we support Open Data? Group Activity: SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses

Opportunities Threats What is Open Data Version 2.0 Open Data is defined as structured data that is: machine-readable, freely shared, used and built on without restrictions Government of Canada. (April 19, 2015). Open data 101. Retrieved from: Open Definition. (n.d.). Open definition version 2.0. Retrieved from: What are the benefits of Open Data Innovation & Engagement Government Accountability & Transparency Open & Unrestricted Access to Government Data Research Support Proactive Disclosure Government of Canada. (April 19, 2015). Open data 101. Retrieved from: What can we do with Open Data The Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) is the first nationwide Open Data Hackathon in Canada. An intense 48-hour coding sprint where innovators from coast to coast compete to build the best app utilizing federal government data from the

Canadian Data Portal. Code Open 2014 Winners What are some challenges with Open Data Interpretation Standards Re-use of data. Restrictions?

Privacy? Storage Governments? Libraries? Institutional Repositories? Researchers?

Data Awareness & Data Loss Access Digital Divide In the News Canada When you open up the data, there's no limit to what people can do,"

said Mayor David Miller this week. "It engages the imagination of citizens in building the David Miller,city. Mayor of Toronto January 30, 2009 Tossell, I. (January 30, 2009). Open-source politics breathe fresh air into the Big Smoke. Globe and Mail. Retrieved from: Image source: United States The way to make government responsible is to hold it accountable. And the way to make it accountable is [to] make it transparent so the American people can know exactly what decisions are being made, how theyre being made, and whether their interests are being well served.

Barack Obama, President of the United States January 21, 2009 Obama, B. (January 21, 2009). Remarks by the President in welcoming senior staff and cabinet secretaries to the White House. Retrieved from: ies-white-house International "I have an important

announcement to makestarting January 1, 2015 we will provide all our online data freeof-charge to everyone. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund November 18, 2014 Lagarde, C. (November 18, 2014). The second IMF statistical forumStatistics for policymaking: Welcoming remarks. Retrieved from:

Image Source: How can we support Open Data National Infrastructure Institutional Repositories Research Support Workshops Awareness campaigns Group Activity SWOT ANALYSIS

Open Data: SWOT Analysis Strengths Opportunities Weaknesses Threats Open Data: SWOT ANALYSIS Open Data: SWOT ANALYSIS

Weaknesses o Lack of Metadata o Authoritative? o Lack of Standards o Privacy Issues o Biases o Manipulation of Data: Data Integrity o Knowing how to use Machine Readable Data o Is the data aggregated? Good for basic analysis only o Data preservation & Currency

Open Data: SWOT ANALYSIS Opportunities o Reconceptualizing information in a new way o Creating New Apps, software, tools o Security of the data: Reliability o Provides transparency and accountability of providers, i.e., institutions, government. o Open Community - Opportunity to Collaborate o Accessibility: Removing barriers Open Data: SWOT ANALYSIS Threats

o Privacy/Security o Preservation (Lack of) o Accessibility o Nefarious Purposes: Misrepresentation, bias, etc. o Storage (Cost, infrastructure) o Responsibility, Liability o Quality: Questionable, Useful, Standardization Open Data Resources Open Canada Open Data: Open Data 101:

Open Data handbook: Open Data Institute: Open Data Portal: Open Data Registry: Open Data Subject Guide: Open Definition:

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