Cultural Convergence - Earth Geography

Cultural Convergence - Earth Geography

Cultural Convergence How has an American company, like McDonald's, dealt with these differing cultures? Definitions Cultural Convergence increasing similarities between cultures, which is not limited to beliefs, consumer brands, and media.

Taboo when action is forbidden by religious or cultural beliefs. Cultural Divergence - decreasing similarities between cultures Globalization the forming of a global culture through increased connectivity. Cultural Divergence May happen when the cultures move in different directions compared to another part of the

cultures. Usually because they have been exposed to new ideas. Physical barriers Mountains that are impassable cause similar cultures to follow a new path and develop differently. Examples of Cultural Divergence

Roman Empire Their empire was most of the Middle East, almost the entirety of Europe, and small parts of Briton. Germanic tribes attacked the western part of the empire and they introduced new cultural elements. When the empire split (somewhat before as well) the Eastern portion took on Greek aspects, while the Western empire took on Germanic cultural traits. The divergence led to clashes in political ideas, religions,

and eventually languages. Thus the empire split. India Aryan India was once a unified Hindu nation, but when Muslim invaders arrived, the nation was split into two volatile states. Aztecs and Yaquis of Mexico

Rumor has it that they spoke the same language and they held the same religious beliefs. Once they split up, they were starkly different from each other. Cultural Convergence The world by their popular products.

How globalization works Columbian Exchange Brought new ideas and customs to the Native Americans.

Catholicism Land holding Spanish Language Royal Government Gave new ideas and traditions to the Europeans Tobacco Eating corn, tomatoes, chocolate, and squash.

Created a new Latin American culture. Recent Examples Democracy Much of Southeast Asia and eastern Europe were communist in the 1980s Democracy began to gain more and more power in the world during the 1990s. Many of the communist countries fell to

democracy once the dictators were deposed. English language English has become the second language of the world. Almost a billion people speak English as their first or second language. The rise of the Internet has given way to the spread of English. Globalization is one of the causes of Englishs

increasing popularity. New technology Prior to technology, most people had no idea about the cultures of the world. Most cultures use computers, cell phones, automobiles, and music devices. This creates a common culture. Global Sports

The Olympics and World Cup Soccer make the whole planet come together during a time of mutual pride and competition. Soccer (Futbol) is the worlds most popular sport. It is even getting more attention in America. American Companies McDonalds expanded its market to India, but it is taboo there to eat cattle. (what is

their most popular sandwich?) Hindus see the cow as their holy animal, so to eat one would be to eat an object of their worship. Without infringing on their religious rights, McDonalds created a vegetarian menu, as well as some of their classics, like McNuggets. Native Americans and

Pilgrims When the first settlers of America landed, they did not know how to farm, what to farm, or what to hunt. The entire colony almost starved and froze to death. If the Native Americans had not introduced these new types of food like corn, the colony would have died in a matter of weeks. We give thanks to cultural convergence.

Economic Convergence Is the horizontal integration of the entertainment industry. Companies such as

Sony and (the former) AOL-TimeWarner now have interests in film, TV, books, games, the internet, music, real estate, etc. This is resulting in the transmedia exploitation of branded properties including Star Wars, Pokmon and Harry Potter (to mention just a few). All have other forms of media associated with the original product, in order to expand the potential audience and saturate the

Global Convergence The cultural hybridity that develops from the international circulation of media content. Cinema the global circulation of Asian Popular Cinema profoundly shapes Hollywood entertainment. Many wellknown Asian Actors often crossover to Western Cinema, including Chow Yun-Fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon & Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End see below), Zhang Ziyi (House of Flying Daggers & Rush Hour 2 see below) and Jackie Chan (Drunken Master & also Rush Hour 2)

This is an example of the experience of being a citizen of the 'global village'. Make a song/poem about how different companies deal with other cultures.

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