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Cum Clauses Chapter 31 The uses of cum The uses we know already: The preposition cum cum + ablative = accompaniment

cum tu mtre The Temporal Clause cum cum + indicative verb = precise time of act cum eam vidbis, eam cognscs. Correlative use of cum Sometimes

the word cum is used in conjunction with tum in the main clause. This is correlative construction is most often translated as: not only but also Subjunctive uses The

subjunctive uses are in subordinate clauses (not the main verb). Circumstantial Unlike temporal, circumstantial explains the general time/circumstances of the act. When Rome was founded, the patriarchs didnt allow crime. Subjunctive uses Causal

This cum clause provides explanation or cause for the act. Since they stopped running, the thief escaped. Adversative This describes a sort of concession to the act. Frequently tamen in the main clause. Although they stopped running, they caught the thief. Latin Examples cum

s in exsilium contulisset tamen amcs novs mox invnit. cum urbem superbam dlvit tum fmins servsque rapuit. cum amcitiam nbs offerant es auxilium mox offermus. cum hoc semel dxissmus ill respondrunt s pcem aequam obltrs esse.

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