Current Dual Credit Courses -

Current Dual Credit Courses -

Northwest ISD High School Course Selection Guide Proposals for the 2015-16 School Year December 8, 2014 High School Course Selection Guide Fall 2014: Committee meetings for course proposals to meet requirements of HB5 and needs for additional dual credit opportunities

December 2014: Board review of the recommended additions and deletions for the 2015-2016 NISD High School Selection Guide High School Endorsements Proposed Dual Credit Courses for 2015-2016

Sciences Chemistry I & II (CHEM 1411 & 1412) Chemistry A & B Students earn both the high school credit as they earn up to 8 hours of college creditembedded only. Fundamental principles of chemistrytopics include properties & states of matter, chemical reactions & bonding, stoichiometry, periodicity of elemental properties, atomic structure, etc.

Sciences College Physics I & II (PHYS 1401 & 1402) Physics A & B Students can earn 1 full credit for high school Physics A & B and up to 8 college credit hours of Physicsembedded only. Fundamental principles of physics, including classical mechanics and thermodynamics, harmonic motion, mechanical waves & electricity and magnetism, circuits,

electrostatics, etc. with a focus on problem solving. ELA British Literature I & II (ENGL 2322 & 2323) English IV A & B Designed for 12th grade students who took Composition I & II in 11th grade and are seeking a dual credit 4th year advanced ELA course, allows them the opportunity to earn

up to 6 college credit hours. Focus on British authors and classical literature. Offered either embedded or as on-line facilitated course. NISD Collegiate Academy Learning FrameworksEDUC 1300 Methodology of Academic & Personal Success (MAPS)

Study of research and theory in the psychology of learning, cognition, and motivation with a focus on the factors that impact learning as well as application of learning strategies3 credit hours Targeted to 9th or 10th graders at the NISD Collegiate Academy Texas GovernmentGOVT 2306

Special Topics in Social Studies 10th-12 Graders at NISD Collegiate Academy3 hrs. This course will help fulfill the Core Curriculum Requirement for NCTC as second required government offering for college credit. Study of the origin and development of the Texas Constitution, structure & powers of state & local government, federalism & intergovernmental relations, political participation, the election process, public policy, & political culture of Texas

NISD Collegiate Academy Environmental BiologyBIOL 2406 Environmental Systems A & B Additional course needed to fulfill the Core Curriculum Requirement for NCTC, as well as an additional science offering for college credit4 hours. Study of the principles of environmental systems and ecology, including biogeochemical cycles, energy transformations, abiotic & symbiotic relationships,

natural resources & their management, lifestyle analysis, evolutionary trends and hazards & risks as well as approaches to ecological research PrerequisitesMATH 1314 or College Algebra or Concurrent Enrollment Total Dual Credit Courses Offered 2015-2016 33

Academic Courses in Core Curriculum Science Forensic Science 11th or 12th Grade with Prerequisites of Biology & Chemistry Public Service and/or STEM Endorsement Larger field of study than the focused courses of AP, Environmental Science, A&P as it touches on

topics of Physics, Anatomy, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physical Science as well as Math, LA, & Social Studies Scientific investigation, deduction & reasoning in investigation of crimes Math Statisticsstudy of variability and statistical processes with focus on sampling & experimentation, categorical & quantitative data,

probability & random variables as students connect data and statistical processes to real-world situations. 11th or 12th Grade with prerequisite of Algebra Advanced Math I Math Algebraic Reasoning

11th or 12th grade course with a prerequisite of Algebra I to broaden knowledge of multiple representations and linear, quadratic, exponential & logarithmic functions Advanced Math Financial Mathematics 11th or 12th grade course with a focus on personal money management, including personal finance decisions with opportunities

for extended learning through CTE and/or other leadership organizations Business & Industry Endorsement Advanced Academics Algebra II PreAP National Merit Prep English II PreAP National Merit Prep These are two courses set up with the same curriculum as their PreAP counterparts but with

the additional focus of developing advanced problem solving and symbol manipulation skills as well as an in-depth study of literary genres, composition & vocabulary studies in relation to preparation for the PSAT test. PSAT materials, strategies, and practice questions & exams are woven in the course World Language American Sign Language, Level I Opportunities to expand to Levels II-IV in

subsequent years 9-12 Grades ASL Level I will understand ASL phrases and respond appropriately through signed words, letters, phrases & sentences, transcribe ASL, recognize importance of communication and its application to the deaf culture Career and Technology Courses Interpersonal Studies

Students examine how relationships affect the quality of life. They use knowledge and skills in family studies and human development to enhance personal development, foster quality relationships, promote wellness, manage multiple adult roles, and pursue careers related to counseling and mental health careers. Human Service Elective & course for the HB5 Public Service Endorsement Sequential course in the Counseling & Mental

Health career cluster CATE Academy Courses Biomedical Innovation 4th Year course for our Academy of Biomedical Science students Students build on the knowledge and skills gained from previous courses to design innovative solutions for the most pressing health challenges of the 21st century. They will address topics ranging from biomedical engineering to public

health and have the opportunity to work on an independent design project with a mentor from a university, medical facility, or research institution. Profile of a Graduate

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