CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE FRAMEWORK FOR 21st CENTURY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (CIF21) Goal Develop and deploy comprehensive, integrated, sustainable, and secure cyberinfrastructure (CI) to accelerate research and education and new functional capabilities in computational and data-intensive science and engineering, thereby transforming our ability to effectively address and solve the many

complex problems facing science and society. How does OPP fit into this?...OBSERVING ~20 Tb ~500 Tb

~400 Tb Marine Geoscience D ata System ~250 Tb ~5 Tb

~2 Tb How does OPP fit into this?...MODELLING Southern Ocean State Estimation SPole Weather Estimation

How does OPP fit into this?... COMPUTATIONAL DATA ENABLED SCIENCE Theory and experimentation have for centuries been regarded as two fundamental pillars of science. It is now widely recognized that computational and data-enabled science forms a critical third pillar. CDS&E includes new methodologies for science and engineering that are indispensible to the nation's welfare, competitiveness, and standing in the international scientific community and global economy.

Earth System Model Projections How does OPP fit into CIF21?

Questions for Discussion How can OPP participate in CIF21 to best meet emerging needs of the polar community? OPP's part of the NSF FY12 request includes funds in the first two areas. Does this seem appropriate or does the OAC see opportunities in the other areas? Does the OAC have specific ideas within these areas that OPP should consider?

What incentives might there be to encourage greater participation at the PI level for sharing data? (The NSB recently noted the idea of requiring that shared data sets (citable) be included in proposal bio-sketch much like publications are listed.)

Are there emerging opportunities important to polar research that could be enabled by Community Research Networks? If so, what can be done to foster polar involvement?

OPP has not targeted funds for Computational Infrastructure, anticipating that polar sciences are not a major player in building and operating HPC resources but rather expect to benefit from infrastructure developed for scientific use more generally. Is this an appropriate approach? If so, what should OPP do to ensure that polar issues are taken into account by those developing the general infrastructure?

What actions should OPP take to ensure appropriate polar input to future architectures that may emerge from the Access and Connections part? Backup

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