Cycles of Matter - Weebly

Cycles of Matter - Weebly

Cycles of Matter 3-3 Water Carbon Nitrogen Phosphorus Strand II Standard II

Benchmark I Understand how the survival of the species depends on biodiversity and on complex interactions, including the cycling of matter and the flow of energy Energy Flow

Energy - Something that gives usable power, capacity to do work In the biosphere, energy moves from one place to another, is used/changes form. Energy is not recycled Matter

Something that takes up space, all things are composed of matter In the biosphere/in ecosystems, matter IS recycled (Different from energy) Water Cycle

Water Cycle

Precipitation Condensation Evaporation

Transpiration Storage Runoff Seepage/percolation Root uptake Water Cycle

Forms of water solid, liquid, gas Chemical change of water? Carbon Carbon Cycle Processes Biological processes

Photosynthesis Respiration Decomposition Geochemical Processes Erosion Volcanic activity

Carbon Cycle Processes Biogeochemical processes Creation of fossil fuels Carbon Cycle Processes Human activities

Carbon Cycle Carbon cycle includes both physical change and chemical change (burning combustion is a chemical reaction) Nitrogen

Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Gas 78% of atmosphere All organisms need/have nitrogen Nitrogen as organism waste product Nitrogen in many different chemical forms Both physical and chemical changes

Phosphorus Phosphorus Cycle Needed by all organisms, an important component of DNA Relatively rare in the biosphere Both chemical and physical changes

Not in the atmosphere

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