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Da Vittoria Entourage Hospitality Consulting Group Sonja Blau Marina Frch Fitriani Hidayat Sarah Rostek Mission Statement Our mission is to build up long lasting relationships with our valued guest by providing them exceptional services through our committed employees. Our value is to combine tradition with innovation to enhance their experience by personalized high quality service and consistency.

Da Vittorias Motto Where tradition and innovation fuse together to surpass our guests expectations. al Chart Food and Bevera ge Directo r Genera l Manag er

Ms Ferche Rooms r Division Market s ing & Directo Sales r Manag Hotel er services: Conferen Restauces: 6 Front rant

Manag er Office Manag er F&B FO Staff: Finance Manage r Human Ressour ces Manage

r 33 Other staff: 6 Hotel Shop, Healtlh club, Room Service Positioning Strategy Combination of tradition and innovation with an European ambiance Targeting business people in 1st and 3rd quater Targeting leisure customers in summer season Providing a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere HR (1) Flat organization Improves working atmosphere

Strong focus on team members No firing Increased training 36.416$ in 5 years HR (2) Results of training: Less need of department heads Empowerment Working self dependent HR (3) Financial Results Year Total Assets

Growth P&E Value 0 2.830.000 $ 1 6.050.000 $ 113% 4.810.000 $ 2 9.200.000 $

51% 5.870.000 $ 3 13.640.000 $ 48% 7.470.000 $ 4 18.480.000 $ 35%

9.710.000 $ 5 26.000.000 $ 40% 18.410.000 $ 3.500.000 $ F&B (1) 1 Restaurant La Rosa 2 Bars Viva and Bella Mare 2nd bar built because of high profit Restaurant revenue: 68% of total (year 5)

284.484 $ F&B (2) Beginning: - Menu price: 21 $ - Supplier 1; menu type 1 Changes: - Improve menu type & supplier - Increase prices F&B (3) Rooms Divisions (1) Extention of rooms: 290 540 rooms Bedding mix in year 5: 100 single rooms

250 double rooms 140 king bedded rooms 50 suites Rooms Divisions (2) Occupancy rate July December Year 0 23.06 % 12.79 % Year 3

67.55 % 52.52 % Year 5 59.30 % 42.24 % Rooms Divisions (3) Year 0, December: $ 100.12 Year 3, December: $ 105.65 (Adaptation of price) Year 5, December: $ 104.07 (Promotion of specials) Rooms Divisions(4)

Refurbishment of Front Office - Year 2: Level 2 - Year 4: Level 3 Refurbishment of rooms - Year 2-5: 250 rooms Guest comfort - Complementary Items - Room entertainment Room service (Year 2) (Year 2: Level 4) (Year 2: Level 4) Marketing (1)

Key Success Factors Use of product, advertising medium and the weekly expenditure Increase of weekly expenditure Cooperative measurements Seasonality and demand Application of market research Widening networks Create a stronger brand image Targeting different marketing segments Marketing (2) Marketing (3)

Advisable Methods Advertising Medium Present expenditure Advisable Expenditure Meals Direct Mail Local Weekly Newspaper 3300 320

6600 1280 Liquor Local Weekly Newspaper Independent Local Radio 320 185 1280 1295 Weekday Rooms

Business Press Sunday Press 6750 9900 13500 19800 Weekend Rooms Sunday Press 9900 9900 Conferences

Business Press 6750 13500 Weddings/Social Sunday Press 9900 9900 Tours Sunday Press 9900

9900 Product Forecast of Market Awareness Factor Market Share Market Image Index Public Awareness Index Year 0 Dec. %

Forecasted Increase in Year 5 percentage percentage Dec. % (%) in % year 10 4.35 24.73 20.38 45.11 8.90

53.88 44.98 98.83 22.91 45.87 22.96 68.83 Year Expenditures Month

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June Expenditure Month 3730 0 July

59120 Aug. 84320 Sept. 84320 Oct. 71720 Nov. 71720 Dec. Expenditure 84320 84320

71720 113120 147600 133200 Total Year 5 Expenditure: $ 1042780 $ 1042780/ $ 26000000 = 0.04 0.04 x 100% = 4 % of total Assets Key Factors HR: - Training combines with empowerment - No dismissals

Finance: - Constant investments (rooms) F&B: - Improving quality - Increasing price Key Factors Rooms: - Extensions - Consistent refurbishments - Increasing guest comfort Marketing: - Heavy advertisement - Widening networks - Targeting different market segments Business

Status 4**** - Targeting business customer - Majority weekday rooms Facilities and service quality above The Palace, pricing strategy below Market share Year 0 : 4.5% Year 5 : 25 % Future Plans Further concentration on team members Different training methods Continuous investments in refurbishments and technology

Following new food trends Opening of a second property Future Plans Gradually increase in yearly expenditure Long term investment Additional advertising media - Merchandising Banking affiliations Airline affiliations E-commerce Packaging Comments of Entourage How we became so successful:

About increasing menu and supplier: Its like eating lobster in a Kebab Shop About our employees: The most important thing is that our employees have fun!!! Our secret recipe: $39.99 Its just a psychological number The psychological number is growing on me Not for conferences because it is serious! About money: Its just one cent We dont want cash This program is more intelligent then we thought it was Mille Grazie

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