Dandelion Academy Introduction

Dandelion Academy Introduction

Specialisterne USA Hope, Action, Impact - Cutting Edge Jobs for People on the Autism Spectrum Thorkil Sonne Founder, CEO [email protected] 302 290 1021 Specialisterne USA is a 501c3 charity (EIN 45-3612906) www.usa.specialisterne.com Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 1 The Divide To Be Removed People Jobs (Supply)

(Demand) 1% autism prevalence Aging work force 80% un/under-employment Lack of innovation capacity Low degree of self-disclosure Thousands of vacant jobs Lack of opportunities for talent development Business growth constrain Mismatch between talent and job Autistic talent overseen

Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. Limited talent pipeline 2 Weed or herb? Negative or positive? You decide! Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 3 About Specialisterne Vision A world where people are given equal opportunities in the labor market Mission To educate stakeholders in talent and career development for autistic people through innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing Track record 12 years operational experiences from 15 countries

Formal global collaboration with HPE and SAP. Associated with USBLN, UN DPI and World Economic Forum Operational in USA since June 2013, 200 jobs, major corporate clients, community agency partners and education partners Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 4 On-boarding Program Phase 1: Identify Roles Phase 2: Recruitment Phase 3: Assessment Phase 4: Transition

Jobs! /Corporate partner Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 5 Phase 5: Employment The Assessment Program Cultivates the Dandelion We offer the We offer the opportunity to opportunity to Get into a Comfort Zone Work in Team Zone

Opportunities to show a Passion for Details In an effort to bring out In an effort to bring out the Herb Qualities the Herb Qualities We Observe & Assess Provide opportunities to see an individuals Motivation Workability Skills professional shared specialist Prepare for the Work Zone

Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 6 Specialisterne USA Collaboration partners Corporate clients Corporate partner Community agencies Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 7 Specialisterne evolution Phase Philosophy Product

Perception Proof Past Decade Dandelion Individual Placement Awareness 1,000 jobs/ 15 countries Present Greenhouse Company onboarding

Acceptance 10 global companies/ partners Next Decade Fields Innovation Education Appreciation 100K jobs USA/1M globally Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved.

8 Removing The Divide People Educating same models on both sides of divide: (Supply) Dandelion philosophy (Demand) Shared values Shared training programs Recruitment via internship Shared support structure Education and certification Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved.

Jobs 9 To Whom it May Concern (video) Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 10 Specialisterne Objectives Increase job opportunities nationally at small, medium sized and large public and private employers for autistic people Increase opportunities for autistic students to identify and develop their talent Increase transition opportunities by applying the same knowledge among stakeholders on the demand and supply side Promote appreciation of autistic people and neurodiversity Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved.

11 Specialisterne Strategy Identify and validate barriers to talent and career development through research and metrics Remove barriers through development of scale-able solutions Document, manage and share knowledge Provide education, accreditation and support services Form collaborations and partnerships on supply and demand side Train, accredit and support partners as engagement and delivery channel of operational services Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 12 Specialisterne International Specialisterne Europe Austria Specialisterne Canada Montreal

Czech Republic, APLA Denmark Iceland Toronto Ireland Vancouver Norway, Unicus Northern Ireland Specialisterne US California, ExpandAbility Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) Switzerland Specialisterne Asia: India, Enable India

Delaware, CAI New York, AHRC Pennsylvania, SPArc Utah, Columbus Community Center Virginia, Arc DC Washington, PROVAIL Specialisterne Australia Specialisterne LatAm Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. Brazil, So Paolo Adelaide, Brisbane, Brazil, So Leopoldo, Pandorga Canberra

13 Removing the Divide as UN DPI Associated This year, I am pleased to launch an employment Call to Action, inviting businesses to make concrete commitments to employ people on the autism spectrum UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon UN World Autism Awareness Day 2015 Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 14 Collaboration Demand Side Partners: SAP, HPE, Specialisterne The goal of this collaboration is to work on removing some of the barriers to employment and create greater inclusion and acceptance for autistic people 1. Creation of information assets that will help raise awareness of the value of Neurodiversity in the workplace

2. Collaborate in the creation of cross-company common training curriculums to hire and retain autistic people 3. Exchange experiences in the areas of sourcing, training, hiring, work experience programs and retaining individuals in the autism spectrum 4. Investigate other barriers to employment for autistic people such as industry accreditation courses 5. Participate in information sharing sessions at the World Economic Forum, Davos, UN events and at annual summits for employers, governments and community groups. Announced at the UN World Autism Awareness Day Event 2016 Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 15 Dandelion Program Callan Hanley Autism at Work Summit 2324 March 2016 Dandelion Program: What is it?

Partnership between DHS, HPE, and Specialisterne; true public, private, and non-profit partnership to include people with autism into the workforce. Focuses on employing people based on their special abilities and not their disability, unlocking a new talent pool. Initiative has been recognised Dandelion Program was invited to present at the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day Asia Pacific Autism Conference Award 2015 for outstanding service to the community 17

What makes the Dandelion Program unique? This program is unique because it attacks the problem of employment for people with an ASD, not simply by pushing harder the peg into the square hole, but instead by addressing the supports needed on both ends Professor Cheryl Dissanayake - Director, Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre 18 Benefits and impact through social inclusion: economic Economic Social Realising Potential PwC Report May 2015 (page 17) Organisatio

nal Individual Realising Potential PwC Report May 2015 (page 19) 20 years - $167 million government, and $425 million to GDP Win, win, win, win value proposition 19 Benefits and impact through social inclusion: social Economic Families of the ASD trainees are profoundly impacted. Employees are impacted on a social level. Social Organisatio

nal Individual The Autism community is inspired and provides hope. "So when I rapidly walked out of the briefing yesterday, turned the corner, and burst in tears, it was because I was monumentally relieved and confident that my boy was entering an environment where hell be understood, treated like the valued candidate he is, and enabled to undertake personal and professional growth within a protected environment. Parent of Dandelion Program employee 20 Benefits and impact through social inclusion: organisational Economic Improvements in quality and efficiency There is excitement and pride in the organisations

for the program, and improved staff morale. Social Organisatio nal Id like to say how impressed at the progress that the Dandelion team have made so far and the effort they all put in for this release The defects discovered during the ad hoc testing phase were amazing and that they discovered so much was highly impressive. DHS Test Manager Individual As the mother of an Autistic boy I cant tell you how proud I am to be associated with a department and a country, for that matter, that would run such a fabulous and ground-breaking program. 21 Benefits and impact through social inclusion: individual

Economic The program enables people with ASD to improve selfconfidence, gain their independence, reduce their reliance on carers and family, and dependency on government payments. Social As an adult, being treated like a child by your parents is humiliating. Organisatio nal Individual A lack of success in finding a job can often lead to other issues, such as depression. The team is making new friends within the team and the organisations. 22

Learnings 1. Commitment and investment financial and non-financial at Executive levels 2. Organisational commitment to the program 3. Early stakeholder engagement including autism community groups 4. SpecialistPeople Foundation of identification and assessment model 5. Family, HPE staff, and client information and awareness sessions 6. Trainee support structures 23 Success stories, personal growth & transformation Improved self confidence and sense of self worth Increased social networks

Breaking down the stigma and negative stereotypes surrounding autism and neurodiversity Two team members have purchased their first home; three have new partners Significant increase in skill levels and knowledge base Trainees have provided training and knowledge sharing with the clients employees All project deadlines have been achieved

Support team have learned so much whilst supporting the trainees 24 Autism at work SAP Vision Autism at Work In May of 2013, SAP Announced its objective to have 1% its global workforce represented by employees in the autism spectrum. About 650 Jobs SAP Vision Make the World Run Better and Improve Peoples Lives Why Hire People With Autism ?

Attract the Best Talent in Our Industry Bring a Different Perspective to Our Creative Process Tap into Underutilized Source of Talent Capture Special Skills of People with ASD Retention: Loyalty Works Both Ways Roadmap 2013 2015 2016 2017 2019 2020 LEARN VIA PILOTS AT

LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE PROCESS MAINSTREAMING & SUSTAINIBILITY PROCESS MATURITY ONBOARDING EQUIVALENCY Create Good /Basic Practices. From Good to Better Practices From Better to Best Practices. Create Glocal Globally defined practices with country-optimized processes Consolidate SAP Autism at Work Practices and transfer these to Mainstream SAP Processes The organization has organic practices to

source, train, onboard and retain employees with autism Change Management Mainstreaming Best Practices, Sharing Learnings 18 Roles Software Developer Information Developer/KM Software Tester Business Analyst IT Technical Support System Administrator

Marketing Operations Associate Networking Specialist Procure-to-Pay Service Associate IT Project Management Associate Customer Support Associate Graphic Designer Multimedia Specialist Employee Communications Associate Data Analyst Associate Consultant Product Manager

HR Service Associate Specialisterne Student Robotic Team Winners European Space Agency Robotics Competition 2015 Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved. 30 Thanks Questions Answers Thorkil Sonne Founder, CEO [email protected] 302 290 1021 Specialisterne USA is a 501c3 charity (EIN 45-3612906) www.usa.specialisterne.com Specialisterne 2016. All rights reserved.

31 Dont Miss Our Next Webinar! Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 1:30p ET Best Practices in Action: Nevada VR Employer Engagement, Collaboration and Sector Strategies Featuring Shelley Hendren, Rehabilitation Division Administrator and Janice John, Deputy Administrator, Nevada State Rehabilitation Division RSVP at respectabilityusa.com/events/ 32 RespectAbility Contact

Information We have many resources for policy makers and employers on our website and are ready to help! RespectAbilityUSA 11333 Woodglen Drive, #102 Rockville, MD 20852 www.RespectAbilityUSA.org Cell: (202) 365 0787 Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi President [email protected]

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