Data Access History Cache Based Data ... - IIT-Computer Science

Data Access History Cache Based Data ... - IIT-Computer Science

Career in Graduate School and Beyond: A Random Walk Xian-He Sun April 6 2015 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois [email protected] Based on collected slides from IIT, Berkeley and UIUC 02/04/2020 Scalable Computing Software Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology 1 Outline Education and Research

Career in Graduate School How to Conduct Research (Engineering) Career after Graduate School 02/04/2020 Scalable Computing Software Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology 2 Welcome to the 21st Century IIT. Real world rigor since 1890 Founded to help young people help themselves Grants Bachelors, Masters, J.D., Ph.D. Member, Association of Independent Technology Universities Accredited by NCA, ABET, ABA, APA, AACSB

Real world rigor since 1890 Path-breaking Intellectual Tradition Grote Reber Radio Telescope Marvin Camras National Medal of Technology Magnetic Recording Laszlo MoholoyNagy The New Bauhaus S.I. Hayakawa Semanticist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Chicago School Architecture

Max Jakob Thermo Dynamics & Heat Transfer Intellectual Leadership Nobel Laureates Herbert Simon Nobel Prize Economics Jack Steinberger Nobel Prize Physics Leon Lederman Nobel Prize Physics Chicago area camp uses

Main Campus Moffett Campus Downtown Campus Institute of Design Rice Campus Wheaton University Technology Park on Campus Tech business incubator Faculty/student enterprises and ot hers Laboratory and office space Nationally renowned contract res earch organization (IITRI)

Moving Innovation forward Innovati Path-breaking Intellectual Tradition on Marvin Camras National Medal of Technology Magnetic Recording Father of Cell Phone Martin Cooper Biju Kulathakal co-founder,

Redbox, IIT90s Jack Dongarra Member NAE CS73 Ward Cunningham Founder, Wikis, IS60s Victor Tsao Founder: Linksys Abdur Chowdhury CS80 Chief Scientist, CS01 Information Program in 1950s, Computer Science Department in 1971 Path-breaking Intellectual Tradition Education Girls Computing Camp Interprofessional Program International Institute

Sherrie Littlejohn Executive VP Andrea Berry Wells Fargo, MS CS82 Senior VP, Fox Networks CS 84 Loretta Moore, Chair Jackson State University MS CS86, Ph.D. CS '91 Cheryl Hyman, Chancellor City Colleges of Chicago MS CS96 15,000 high school students and 1,200 teachers were trained before 197 6,000 CS degree granted since 1971 Mission To advance knowledge through research and scholarship, to cultivate invention improving the human condition, and

to educate students from throughout the world for a life of p rofessional achievement , service to society, and individu al fulfillment. Mission True universities: Elite, training for thinkers, but not skill Most Success Technologies are Pervasive Innovation Technology Driven Graduate School The Jumping Pad 02/04/2020 Scalable Computing Software Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology

14 Research Theoretical and Experimental Engineering Research Research Impact Impact Being a scientist, our goal is to lift the wisdom of human being s. Being an engineer, our goal is to improve the quality of life of human society. Paper is the result of research. Paper is not the purpose of resea rch. In other words, writing papers is to introduce your researc h results, research is not measured in the number of papers. Xian-He Sun Research

Theoretical and Experimental Engineering Research Research Impact Impact Xian-He Sun Illusion of Graduate Career Concentrate on getting good grades?

Reality: need to maintain reasonable grades Need to pass the qualify exams What matters on graduation is your record of achievement a nd letters of recommendation Concentrate on graduating as fast as possible? Your last chance to learn; most learning will be outside the c lassroom Can you land and be successful on a position you prepared f or? Illusion of Graduate Career Only work the number of hours per week you are paid?

Faculty average works 65-70 hours Students should be in that range Organize each day: when most alert? nap? exercise? sleep? To do lists: daily, weekly, semester Enjoy what you do Dont listen to your advisor? You may be smart, but the advisor is more experienced Faculty career is judged in large part by success of their stude nts Illusion of Graduate Career

Stay home to avoid distractions? Dont go to conferences? Need to interact to get great ideas Chance to see firsthand what the field is like, where its goi ng Talk to people in the field in the halls Dont waste time polishing writing or talks?

The more polish the more likely people will pay attention t o your ideas Adequate Communication skill is a must Not how much you write, but what people remember Successful Graduate Students 3 observations (Remzi Arpaci ) 1) Swim or Sink Success is determined by student primarily Faculty will set up the opportunity, but its up to the student lev erage it 2) Read/learn on your own Fast moving field, dont expect professor to be at forefront ev erywhere 3) Teach your advisor I really liked this concept; go out and learn about something a nd then teach the professor

Conduct Research Find the nail (topic) Select appropriate hammer Comprehensive analysis Stochastic/Statistics Data Mining/Machine Learnin g Simulation Department of Computer Science Slide 21

Approach Build Strong Hammer (skill) Find nails Research Methodology for Problem-Driven Research Phase 0: Research Topic Identification It is an ART Ask, Read, & Think Motivation Challenges Contribution Key point Department of Computer Science Slide 22

Problem-Driven Research Process (1) Phase 1: Problem space understanding From high level to low level Identify a concrete, important, open problem Understand the motivation and importance of the problem Problem may also come from your own experience and insight Literature study to get the state of the art to make sure it is ope n

Concrete examples examination Matching the goal and strength of you and your group Department of Computer Science Slide 23 Problem-Driven Research Process Phase 2: Solution Seeking (2) Phase 3: Feasibility Study Think, Brainstorm, Try

Fast Prototype Simple Statistic Collection Manual idea walk through concrete examples Phase 4: If feasible, thoughts synchronization Write introduction and related work Determine selling points Determine major research challenges Department of Computer Science Slide 24 Problem-Driven Research Process (3) Phase 5: System and experiment design

Put design and experiment design in paper Draw empty figures in paper Determine which system to build on & which applications to use Phase 6: Implementation Coding, debugging, testing, write implementation section May need to back to phase 3~5 to adjust design Changes are always recorded in writing Department of Computer Science Slide 25

Problem-Driven Research Process (4) Phase 7: Result Collection First need to know what result we shall expect System tuning Fill in results in paper Phase 8: Proof read papers Ask others for feedback Wait for 1 week and read the paper again Dont EVER argue with people who give feedback

If they dont understand it, it is YOUR fault You are not there to argue with reviewers and readers. Department of Computer Science Slide 26 Some Suggestions Base of idea Source of idea

Improve existing works Meet the current needs Read, think, participate discussion, and ask Interns at industry and research laboratories Networking and group work Do not mind the order of authors Senior students guide junior ones help each other beyond graduation Do not care adding big guy as co-authors References from them are important

Department of Computer Science Slide 27 Essential Elements of a Good P aper Motivation Problem description Important existing solution(s) Description of your solution Results Analysis Conclusion Department of Computer Science

Slide 28 Xian-He Sun Some Suggestions Three approaches to confirm your proposed solution Emphasis on Motivation and Contribution Proof and analytical results

Implementation and experimental testing Simulation results Use two of the three for cross confirmation Motivation for the importance of your problem Contribution for the importance of your solution Clear and Right on the topic One theme Shorter is better Department of Computer Science Slide 29 Xian-He Sun Student Advising Two standards for new students

Reach all the potential Ambitious, Self-Motivation Talk to Advisor Find each students strength Open questions for students to study 1 senior student with 2-3 junior students From participate to independent, to lead Advisor is Bei Liu ( )

Leader is not strong Know everyones advantage and utilize them Point a right nail (hopefully), student conduct the hit with a hammer Department of Computer Science Slide 30 Reading Meeting Select Two Papers Follows most papers from conferences Choose related papers Presentation and discussion One presents Others perform as Program Committees (PC) Review: Ideas, Strength, Weakness, Grade the speaker!

Funny discussion Who is Top -- Research Interest member achievement Who is Who? The stories behind leading researchers Research interest achievement Advisor and Students et c. Conduct quiz periodically: especially before meetings YY. Zhou Department of Computer Science Slide 31 Meeting Student Fruitful meeting

Come with a problem No problem, no discussion, and therefore, no interaction and bori ng Introduce weekly progress: Report what have done work for the supervisor Could be a good or bad student based on what actual is done Bring in a problem Self-motivated Bring in a solution Moving to become a independent researche r Department of Computer Science

Slide 32 Role Change Student Assistant Professor Nail and hammer Associate Professor Skill, build the hammer (or muscle)

Senior Technical Staff Supervise students Professor Technical Staff Leadership Supervisor Xian-He Sun Arnold Schwarzenegger Xian-He Sun Lead a Group

Vision Get Job Done Not Show Your Smart Communicator Research direction Team selection Motivator Coordination

Lead, not Compete Let others win Department of Computer Science Slide 35 Position Yourself Research Academic National Research Laboratories

Basic research, prototype development Ten years or longer Basic research, prototype/infrastructure development High-risk, high-return 5 years or longer Industry Research Laboratories Basic research, prototype/full system development One-three years Xian-He Sun From Research to Product

A new idea may be introduced and verified by pr ofessors Examined and prototyped by scientists at national laboratories Developed into product through industry research and development Environment Xian-He Sun Conclusion: Graduate Career A grad career is measured by research achievemen ts, where GPA plays a little role: Reach all potential

Be a professional you are proud of Do Real Stuff: make sure you are solving some problem that someone cares about Taste is critical in selecting research problems, sol utions, experiments, and communicating results; Taste acquired by feedback and completing projects Random Quote Research: high probability that an attempt will fail Rewards Thrill of discovery, following curiosity, beauty, simplicity Plus financial reward, and fredom

What distinguishes the great scientists Not brains; commitment vs. dabbling; compound interest over time Selling the work: not only published, but people must read it Question Do you like to sell sugar water for your life or you like to have an opportunity to change the world? Ivan Sutherland, Richard Hamming, and someone else My Two Cents

Enjoy your student life: Study, work, and play. Make some progress every day Put your best effort into your current job and move step by step Be a responsible citizen and a good team member in the work place Xian-He Sun 40 After Conclusion: Research and Car eer Development

Write Paper Conduct Research Group Management and Leadership Role Change Goals and Direction 02/04/2020 Scalable Computing Software Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology 41 Thank you! To visit 02/04/2020

Scalable Computing Software Lab, Illinois Institute of Technology 42

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