dATA acquisition - GitHub Pages

dATA acquisition - GitHub Pages

DATA ACQUISITION Blake Rohde, Joel Tanzi, Michael Albert Wireless Connectivity: Michael Tran CAN-Bus Interfacing: Trey Zhong Project WiMDAS Wireless Modular Data Acquisition System Project Features Project WiMDAS Modular, abstracted design USB or Ethernet-connected devices/microcontrollers interface to external protocols E.g. CAN, SPI, I2C, Serial, GPIO, etc. SD Card-based storage Real-time web interface for live-race analysis Utilities for exporting data into existing, mature data

analysis products for post-race analysis E.g. GDA's GEMS, MoTeC's i2, etc. Objectives Breakdown Project WiMDAS Vehicle Host (V-Host) Intercept/capture all communications PCM-required (primary) sensors via CAN buses PCM output to sub-systems, debug messages Secondary sensors, e.g. GPS Relay all input wirelessly to R-Host Develop efficient storage, communication protocols Microcontroller-to-VHost data transmission Vhost-to-RHost wireless data transmission Data storage protocol

Remote Host (R-Host) Retrieve and capture/store all V-Host transmissions Host LAN/WiFi-accessable real-time web interface Preset and user-configurable panels Continuous, pause-able, zoom-able graphs for time-sensitive metrics Message panel for threshold alerts, debug messages System Block Diagram Project WiMDAS Hardware Breakdown Project WiMDAS ARM+Linux Device Raspberry Pi 700 MHz ARM11, 256 MB RAM 10/100 Ethernet, USB Composite RCA & HDMI Video

USB SD Card R/Wer CAN Interface Microcontroller Arduino Mega2560 SparkFun CAN-BUS Shield Microcontroller Source: Wikimedia (jwrodgers) Arduino Mega2560 Wireless Module Ubiquiti Networks airMAX Rocket M 10/100 Ethernet interface, 100+ Mbps (12.5 MB/s) Wireless Connectivity Project WiMDAS Relay sensor data to ground station

Requirements At least 50 Mbit/s at >1 km range Manageable space and power footprint Recommended modules Ubiquiti Networks airMAX Rocket M5 10/100 Ethernet interface, up to 300 Mbit/s (37.5 MB/s) 2.5 W typical power draw, 8 W max $80 Ubquiti Networks Omni 5G-10 antenna Omnidirectional, 2x2 MIMO, 10 dBi gain 0.68 kg, 10lb wind loading at 100 mph $110 Wireless Transfer Speeds Project WiMDAS Available Tx power and required Rx power are dependent on desired transfer speeds

Faster transfer rates decrease available Tx power and require higher Rx power MCS Index Data Rate Tx Power (Mbit/s) (dBm) Rx Power (dBm) MCS10 90 27 -90

MCS11 120 27 -87 MCS12 180 26 -84 MCS13

240 24 -79 MCS14 270 22 -78 MCS15 300 21

-75 Wireless Link Budget Project WiMDAS Maximum 300 Mbit/sec probably not achievable Very little (3 dB) fade margin 90 or 120 Mbit/sec is achievable 20-30 dB is a comfortable fade margin Tx power 21 dBm Tx antenna gain 10 dBi

Tx mismatch - 0.177 dB Free space path loss (1 km) - 106.4 dB Atmospheric attenuation Negligible at 1 km Object fade <3 dB with LOS Polarization loss

<3 dB proper orientation Rx antenna gain 10 dBi Rx mismatch - 0.177 dB Rx power - 70 dBm Wireless Considerations Project WiMDAS 5 GHz vs. 2.4 GHz vs. 900 MHz

Lower frequencies have increased range (effective ~6 dB for 2.4) Lower frequency antennas are larger, sometimes more expensive 2.4 GHz has a higher noise floor (Wifi, cordless phones, microwaves) Omnidirectional vs. Directional Antennas Tradeoff increased gain (range/speed) for directionality High quality directional antennas are more expensive, but the increased gain may allow the use of cheaper quality antennas and still maintain required range/power Mounting Issues Proposed antenna exerts ~8lb drag force at 100 mph Can be reduced with non-metal, radio-transparent aerodynamic fairing or shell Antenna must be properly oriented (vertically) to avoid polarization loss Antenna Dimensions

Project WiMDAS Antenna Antenna + Module Schedule December 1, 2012 Project WiMDAS Vehicle Host (VHost) completed Auto-connect to USB-connected microcontrollers (DONE) Save data from USB-connected microcontrollers (DONE) Microcontroller-to-VHost protocol (DONE) VHost storage protocol (DONE) Extend to allow interface for Ethernet-connected devices Program CAN-Interfacing Microcontroller Program secondary-sensor microcontroller(s) Program steering wheel screen GUI application

Will run on VHost, read parsed data from VHost core application via Unix Socket Schedule Remaining Project WiMDAS January 1, 2012 Wireless module & antenna testing completed Hardware testing Isolation testing Range testing Data converter utility Or MATLAB script(s) if commercial data analysis tools cannot be sourced February 1, 2012 Remote Host (RHost) completed Read data sent by VHost

Save/replicate data Design and program real-time web interface Wireless integration Free-time Bonuses Video stream

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