Data Comparison Analysis of Frontal Passage Event 2 FEB 04

Data Comparison Analysis of Frontal Passage Event 2 FEB 04

Data Comparison and Analysis of the Frontal Passage Event on 2 FEB 04 LT C. Sim James, USN OC 3570 Cruise Project

Motivation for this Study A case day of my Thesis Model performance along coast lines is variable in reliability due to topography

making prediction difficult It was required for this classand I love this class


East Pacific High is further south in the winter, therefore its all encompassing subsidence is not as

important a factor Air-Sea Temperature difference is not as great (lack of upwelling) and opposite what it is in summer As a result, Inversions are not as strong EPH is not blocking so Mid-latitude Cyclones come

through and affect the wind/pressure patterns Data Analysis Techniques MATLAB to ingest and display UDAS files GARP to display and analyze model fields

and Buoy Data Dick Linds old FORTRAN code to extract the sounding data for display

Data Sources to be Compared

Shipboard Rawinsonde Data

Shipboard Observational Data UDAS Data Buoy Observations COAMPS Analysis Shore Station Observation Data

Ft. Ord Wind Profiler Data Synoptic Overview 2 FEB 2004

2 FEB 00Z: Cold front approaches 02 FEB 04 18Z: Cold Front has passed Like waves through the atmosphere,

these are the sondes of our lives (A sonde by sonde analysis of the frontal passage) Sonde Launch Locations

Sonde 21 Surface Obs: Sonde 21 Overcast with low lying stratus Winds from the SE 5-10 kts.

Sonde 21 Synoptic 06Z 2 FEB 04 Buoy Observations: Sonde 21

Sonde 22 Sonde 22 Synoptic 14Z 2 FEB 04

Surface Obs at Sonde 22 Winds up to twenty two knots and shifted SSW

Low Visibility

Overcast with (cloud type 3) Buoy Observations: Sonde 22

Ft. Ord Profiler: 2 FEB 04 UDAS for 2 FEB 04

Time Series at Ft. Ord Sonde 23 Sonde 23 Synoptic 20Z 2FEB 04

Surface Obs: Sonde 23 Winds from the South SW sustained at

10-15 kts. Buoy Observations: Sonde 23 Sonde 25

Sonde 25 Synoptic 00Z/03 FEB Buoy Observations: Sonde 25 03FEB 00Z

Conclusions (or is this the end as we know it?)

COAMPS winds tended to be 5-10 knots less than observed values on the R/V Pt. Sur COAMPS can be slow to correct for coastal wind effects

Subjectivity of surface cloud cover observations makes them difficult to rely upon More than one data source is needed to make a good analysisnot really news, but this drove it home


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