DAU Int'l Acquisition Workforce Characterization Presentation ...

DoD Intl Acquisition & Security Cooperation (Responsibility Matrix) USD(Policy) Defense Security Cooperation Agency Lead Staff Element USD(AT&L) Director, Intl Cooperation (IAC) Dir, Defense Procurement (Intl KR) Lead Staff Elements Functional Oversight: Security Assistance (including FMS) Building Partner Capacity Functional Oversight Intl Armaments Cooperation (IAC) Intl Contracting (KR) in Support of DoD Requirements Workforce Composition Significant Defense Acq WF Workforce Composition Defense Acq WF Workforce Management Mechanisms Security Cooperation Workforce Data Base (SCWD) International Affairs Cert Program Workforce Management Mechanisms Intl Acquisition Career Path (IACP) Functional IPT (FIPT) DACMs Education and Training Organization Defense Security Assistance Management Institute (DISAM) Education and Training Organization Defense Acquisition University

DAWIA Intl Acq Career Path (IACP) Positions -- Primary Types for Coding -SA & FMS IAC Security Assistance (SA) & Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program planning and execution International Armaments Cooperation (IAC) planning and execution Principal DoD Component Organizational Locations Principal DoD Component Organizational Locations DoD Component Intl Program Organizations (IPOs) DoD Component & SYSCOM HQs SYSCOMs, PEOs, & PMOs Materiel & logistics commands/centers DoD Component Intl Program Organizations (IPOs) DoD Component & SYSCOM HQs SYSCOMs, PEOs, & PMOs Test organizations Laboratories Expanded IACP Level I-III Curriculum Development Basic/Level I ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition

Management ACQ 120 25 hrs online Fundamentals of International Acquisition Course 21 hrs online ACQ 130 Fundamentals of Technology Security/Transfer Intermediate/Level Completed II October 15, 2013 ACQ 201A/B 37 hrs online 5 days classroom ACQ 230 International Acquisition Integration 4.5 days classroom Market Research CLI 001-003 Contracting F t R of U CLI 004, 5 or 6 Logistics F t R of U

CLI 007 TT & EC Advanced/Level III PMT 3xx Security Cooperation Management 4.5 days classroom PMT 313 Advanced Tech Security/Control Workshop 4.5 days classroom Core Plus IEP Complete August 2014 Intermediate Systems Acquisition 12 hrs online IAC Complete August 2015 CLC 004 CLC 011 CLL 004 CLM 003 Ethics Trng for AT&L

CLB 014 IPT Mgmt & Ldrshp PMT 304 Advanced International Management 4.5 days classroom Workshop CLC 027 Buy American Act CLC 125 Berry Amendment CLE 022 PM Intro to Anti-Tamper CLB 007 Cost Analysis IACP Throughput Estimate stand-alone IACP DAW population @ ~3000 - 4000 Non-DAW population could be ~2000 Distance learning course annual throughput requirement: ACQ 120 rate at 3 months is already 1.5 times the PMT 202 throughput for an entire year Steady state estimate 1200 each for ACQ 120 and ACQ 130 Residence course annual throughput requirement: Currently schedule supports ~300 students in each course at 200-level (PMT 202/203) New construct could equal current 200-level requirement (= 20 ACQ 230 offerings across enterprise) 15 suggested first year (FY15) Assessment indicates sufficient resources for 40 ACQ 230 offerings (1200 students/year) without any additional management action

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