Deaf culture - Fort Bend ISD

Deaf culture - Fort Bend ISD

DEAF CULTURE Did you know there was such a thing? WHAT IS DEAF CULTURE? Deaf culture is at the heart of Deaf community. Deaf people as a linguistic

minority have a common experience of life, and this manifests itself in Deaf culture. This includes beliefs, attitudes, history, norms, values, literary traditions, and art shared by Deaf NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER.. Call a DEAF person HEARING-IMPAIRED!!!

Hearing-Impaired= Offensive SIGN NAME ONLY a DEAF person can give you your sign name! HOW MANY DEAF PEOPLE ARE IN

TEXAS? There are 357,574 Deaf people in Texas. Texas is the 2 nd highest state with the most Deaf People. There are approximately Deaf People in Houston. 5,658 KNOW THE DIFFERENCE

Capital D: Deaf Hearing Loss at an early age Involved in the Deaf Community Proud to be Deaf Uses ASL Lower d: deaf Hearing Loss

later in life Not involved in the Deaf Community Can use a variation of a sign language or uses speech IF PEOPLE ARE HAVING A SIGNED CONVERSATION

Walk on through! HOW TO MEET A DEAF PERSON? GREETING A DEAF PERSON Hearing Person Deaf Person

1. Hello 2. What is your name? 3. My name_____. 4. I am hearing. 5. Nice to meet you too. 1. Hello 2. My name _______.

My sign name ______. What is your name? 3. Are you deaf or hearing? 4. Nice to meet you.

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