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Qualified Producer 2011 Herbalife International of America, Inc. All rights reserved. USA. MRK14844D-USEN 09/11 Qualified Producer Requirements and Benefits You can potentially accelerate your earnings, growth and success by becoming a Qualified Producer. Qualified Producer Qualification Requirements Achieve 2,500 Volume Points within one to three consecutive months Benefits 42% discount all year 7% or 17% potential Wholesale Profit all year Distributors may accumulate up to 1,000 Downline Volume (DLV) Points toward their Qualified Producer qualification. Qualified Producer 2 Qualified Producer Achieve Qualified Producer in One Month You can use Personally Purchased Volume or up to 1,000 Downline Volume Points. FULLY FULLY QUALIFIED QUALIFIED SUPERVISOR SUPERVISOR A

1,500 PPV + 1,000 DLV = 2,500 PV SUCCESS BUILDER at 42% DISTRIBUTOR 400 PPV + 600 DLV = 1,000 PV SENIOR CONSULTANT at 35% DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR A 2,500 PPV SUCCESS BUILDER at 42% B DISTRIBUTOR C PV = Personal Volume 600 PPV SENIOR CONSULTANT at 35% In both examples, Distributor A would qualify to Qualified Producer on the first of the month after the qualification was achieved. Qualified Producer 3 Qualified Producer Achieving Qualified Producer in Three Months Using DLV In this example, Distributor A accumulates Volume Points over a three-month period using Downline Volume from Distributor B. June July 800 PPV

600 PPV August September 300 PPV Qualified Producer at 42% Senior Consultant at 35% Senior Consultant at 35% Senior Consultant at 35% DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR A A A 200 PPV 500 PPV Distributor A Distributor at 25% Senior Consultant at 35% 100 PPV

Senior Consultant at 35% QUALIFIED PRODUCER Senior Consultant at 35% Distributor B Distributor As accumulated MONTHLY VOLUME DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR DISTRIBUTOR B B B B 800 PPV+ 200 DLV = 1,000 PV 600 PPV + 500 DLV = 1,100 PV 300 PPV + 100 DLV = 400 PV

3 MONTH TOTAL VOLUME 1,700 PPV + 800 DLV = 2,500 PV Qualified Producer 4 Qualified Producer Qualified Producers Potential Wholesale Profit As a Qualified Producer, you keep your 42% discount all year and potentially earn Wholesale Profit on orders from downline Distributors. QUALIFIED PRODUCER FULLY 42% discount QUALIFIED SUPERVISOR 7% or 17% potential Wholesale Profit all year 8% QUALIFIED PRODUCER 17% You will receive payment for Wholesale Profit as a Commission check from the company when downline Distributors order directly from Herbalife DISTRIBUTOR Qualified Producer 5

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