Defining Leadership

Defining Leadership

Defining Leadership Outline Defining leadership Leadership vs Management Course Assignments Thoughts on leadership Group research project

Define leadership Leadership is ... Central Components of Leadership 1) Leadership 2) Leadership 3) Leadership

context 4) Leadership attainment is a process. involves influence occurs within a group involves goal

Leadership: A Working Definition Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal Leading and Managing Manager:

Has formally designated authority Leader: Influence a group towards the achievement of goals and acts as an agent of change Leading and Managing Management

Order and consistency Planning & budgeting Structuring & staffing & monitoring Controlling & problem solving

Leadership Change and Movement Creating a vision Inspiring Orchestrating important change Motivating

Application of Leader/Manager Distinction Apply this distinction between leadership and management to experiences in your own life. Meet with your group and discuss your reflections.

Thoughts on Leadership Review handout Writing assignment Speaker series Group Projects Review group research project Convene in your group Exchange group member info

Write down all members names for me In-class assignment Brainstorm with group; come up with a least 3 topics of interest to members in your group

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