Delirium COP v1 for website13092012.ppt -

Delirium COP v1 for website13092012.ppt -

Training Centre in Sub-acute Care TRACS WA WA Subacute Care Community of Practice Delirium - Evidence to Practise September 2012 Statement of Purpose The WA CoP in Subacute Care will provide a supportive, interdisciplinary forum

for the sharing and exchange of skills, knowledge and resources in subacute care with the aim of improving practice and the delivery of quality, patient centred care. Anticipated Outcomes (based on feedback from Inaugural Community of Practise)

improve staff capacity to manage clients with delirium and other co-morbidities share of resources improve links between staff/ services improve interdisciplinary communication ensure effective referral pathways and documentation encourage effective post-discharge support, including self-management and psycho-social outcomes of care

Self assessment Limited--------------------------------------------Extensive Awareness of information resources Awareness of delirium staff resources Understanding of delirium Understanding of best practice Knowledge and skills in strategies for improving your practice

Overview Of Delirium Dr Sean Maher Geriatrician Head of Department NMAHS Rehabilitation & Aged Care Slides not included here Based on evidence, the Delirium Model of Care recommends:

Heightened awareness /systems An essential care foundation Formalised access to expertise Coordinated management Family partnerships in care What happens when care is not Best Practice for Delirium?

Pain and discomfort Readmission Longer hospital stays Physical and cognitive decline

Early admission to RACF Increased mortality $$$$ CommunityWest 2011 Closer look at each recommendation in groups 40 mins Start with statistic match up

Each group has a different recommendation to discuss Worksheet/other tools Assign scribe and presenter to sum up to whole group 10mins Groups - 8 in each 1. Heightened awareness of risk of delirium and use of protocols and tools to ensure identification of delirium.

2. An essential care foundation 3. Access to expertise 4. Coordinated management 5. Family partnerships in care Feedback on 5 Recommendations Groups to Feedback key issues summarised One speaker from each group

10 mins each Evidence to Practicewhere are we now? Dr Teck Yew Geriatric Advanced Trainee SCGH Delirium Unit Slides not included here A Simple QI Tool

Action Planning Apply evidence to practice at a local level Group work - 45 mins Using resources as a stimulus Share ideas Brainstorming Analysis and discussion 10 mins feedback - for a couple of examples to share with whole group

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