Delivery of Broadcast Services in 3G Networks

Delivery of Broadcast Services in 3G Networks

Delivery of Broadcast Services in 3G Networks Yi Liu March 2008 Phone call ?

SMS and MMS ? Web browsing ? Watch TV !!

It is predicted mobile data traffic will exceed voice traffic by the year 2010. More and more cell phone will support Mobile TV natively. (Nokia N77 , N92, Samsung SGH-P900)

Traditional TV: Fixed schedule, same content viewed by many user at the same time Spend several hours per day Mobile TV: Users own schedule, except live events of high interest. (sports, concerts etc) Spend around 5 minutes per day

Require quick access to wanted TV content without wasting time by browsing through the available channels Viewing peaks are less likely, except for special events

Content programs need to change, short clips are more welcomed Since 2004, mobile TV was launched over the existing 2.5G or 3G network

At that time, there is no 3G broadcast technology Use 3G unicast to deploy Mobile TV services

Use H.264 video codec and special QoS support Advantage: Network resource are only consumed when a user is actively using mobile TV service. The network can optimize the

transmission for each user individually. Disadvantage: Unfavorable scaling behavior if there are many user watching TV at the same time. MBMS (multimedia broadcast multimedia

service) Definition: A broadcast service that can be offered via existing GSM and UMTS cellular networks Broadcast advantage:

Cope with high number of simultaneously watching mobile TV user Broadcast No optimization on resource usage Enhanced Broadcast

counting/recounting Multicast joining up state Streaming delivery method Continuous transmissions like Mobile TV

services. Download delivery method "Download and Play" services. 3G MBMS evolution Use WCDMA

Up to 3 times capacity increase Use MIMO, which is standardized in 3GPP----multiple input multiple output. 3G unicast revolution. Provide further increased capacity for unicast streaming. 1. To make the bearer choice invisible to

both the end user and the service provider. 2. To provide a good end-user experience in the situation where the access type needs to be changed while the service is used. Delivery of Broadcast Services in 3G Networks

Frank Hartung Uwe Horn Jrg Huschke Markus Kampmann Thorsten Lohmar Magnus Lundevall Multimedia_Broadcast_Multicast_Service

Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service User Services; Stage I 3GPP TS22.246 Any question?

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