Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services Payment Solutions and Capabilities Overview Agenda Item one Item two Item three Item four * Terms subject to product availability, credit approval, execution of documentation provided by and acceptable to DFS. Dell Financial Services Why customers finance Dell Financial Services Benefits of financing Ease budget constraints Increase operational efficiency

Spread IT costs over several cycles Retain cash for investing in their business Add new items to the customers financing agreement at any time Customize lease terms to minimize payments or co-terminate all assets Simplify budgeting and payments Accelerate ROI

Finance the total solution with one vendor Consolidate and customize payments Dell Financial Services Pay over time and match payments with benefit realization Leverage time value of money Lease vs. buy Dell Financial Services Benefits of rotation leasing Protect against technology obsolescence Simplify asset disposal

Rotation leasing facilitates regular technology upgrades Implement new technology all at once or on a phased basis End of lease specialists assist with end of term equipment management No lengthy auto-renewals Leverage multiple end of lease services including data wipe and return logistics

End of lease residual value lowers monthly payments Regular upgrades reduce energy and support costs Reduce TCO Dell Financial Services Case study: Leasing reduces TCO PCs managed through rotation leasing cost 24% less than PCs that are purchased outright.* *Source: IDC white paper, sponsored by DFS, Financial solutions to enable your PC lifecycle strategy, August 2017. Dell Financial Services About DFS Dell Financial Services Quick facts about Dell Financial Services 50+

Countries where DFS offers leasing and financing solutions directly or through partners Financing for products from ALL vendors (Dell Technologies + third party) Dell Financial Services Connected Customer Program 19 $6B Amount of revenue funded annually

Comprehensive end-of-lease services Minority financing partnerships Years of financing experience across all Dell segments Leasing options & practices Lease types Rotation Solution Fair Market Value lease (FMV) Partner The customer wants flexibility at end of lease - return the equipment to DFS, or

pay the Fair Market Value to purchase the equipment. Ships and sets price for equipment to customer. Lease agreements DFS Pays Partner then collects from customer. Customer Pays DFS for use of equipment over time. Dell Financial Services Snap lease & Quick Contract

Ownership Solution Finance Lease Software Installment Payments The customer predetermines that at the end of the lease, they will purchase the equipment or software for a buyout price of $1. Master lease agreement Snap lease is for customers who lease infrequently, or for small orders. Typically for a single order of equipment. Pre-negotiated lease terms tailored to customer needs Quick Contract is an online process which closes the transaction quickly and results in our partners getting paid faster.

Umbrella agreement; some rights and obligations covered before lease schedule is signed Rapidly order, rapidly receive Partner benefits Dell Financial Services Creating a win/win for your customer and you! Address your customers pain points with financing Reduce TCO Increase ROI Avoid disposal worry Preserve cash Simplify budgeting

Beat budget constraints and enjoy the benefits of being a DFS partner Leverage customer relationships Get paid faster Offer differentiated capabilities Enhance profitability Total solution financing Utilize special offers Dell Financial Services Get more when you partner with DFS Get paid faster

Finance the total solution Electronic quoting and online contracts result in timely payment to partners DFS can finance Dell, EMC and VMware solutions plus all other non-Dell hardware, software and services Enhance profitability Your company can earn up to 4% in referral fees for bringing new business to DFS Partner program benefits Offer differentiated

capabilities Your customers can pay for IT on their terms through flexible OpenScale payment solutions Leverage our relationships Sell 2x more DFS currently works with over 100k customers. Utilize these relationships to grow your business Dell EMC partners who utilize DFS are growing 2x faster with Dell EMC than those partners who are not using DFS. Dell Financial Services Refer more and earn more Refer new customer opportunities to

DFS Grow Dell Financial Services Earn up to 4% in referral fees with Receive consolidated payments monthly us. Connected Customer Program Partners register new opportunities on the Dell Partner Direct website: Dell Financial Services DFS receives notification if the end-user is an existing DFS customer DFS Channel rep contacts the Partner to initiate financing quote for mutual customer Questions? Dell Financial Services Next steps Item one Item two

Item three Item four * Terms subject to product availability, credit approval, execution of documentation provided by and acceptable to DFS. Dell Financial Services Appendix International capabilities Blue text indicates countries with DFS affiliate lenders. ASIA PACIFIC AMERICAS Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Puerto Rico Canada Mexico

United States Gold text indicates countries where the financial service companies are wholly owned Dell subsidiaries Dell Financial Services EMEA Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Ireland Finland Italy France Luxembourg Germany Netherlands Iceland Norway Poland

Portugal Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland U.A.E. United Kingdom Australia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Malaysia New Zealand Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand

Dell Financial Services has 24% TCO savings for PCs with rotation leasing # 1 19 years of financing experience across all Dell segments Reason customers lease or finance?

Protection against technology obsolescence 500 80% of customers who finance cite reducing costs as the primary benefit Customers surveyed by IDC finance for both financial and operational reasons 60% of customers who finance cite the ability to finance the total solution Financial Services as21Dell important Confidential

32% x86 server TCO savings with rotation leasing 50 countries offer DFS leasing and financing solutions globally $6 billion Amount of revenue funded annually by DFS

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