Queensland Department of Education & Training Social Media

Queensland Department of Education & Training Social Media

Queensland Department of Education & Training Social Media for Schools What we do Manage DETs corporate social media accounts

Establish social media accounts for state schools Provide social media advice to schools School accounts Accounts are set up by the Community Engagement and Partnerships branch

A whole of school account is created not accounts for individual events, areas, classes Promote good news, achievements, events, school information Why only one account?

Requirement of DETs social media policy HR accounts need to be monitored after school, on weekends and during holidays Avoid confusion for the community Marketing capitalise on the already established likes of the school to promote your message to a wider audience

Why does DET set it up? Consistency If something goes wrong we can help quickly Takes the pressure off schools Fulfills Department of Premier & Cabinets

requirement that login details are held centrally The legal side Electronic communication with students Allegations on a school page Consent photos and student work

How can libraries benefit? Social media is an effective communication tool Communicate about changing education Send information & reminders to parents & the community

Promote library displays, special events, key dates and information Let DET know! We love hearing about whats happening in our school libraries! Send us your good news, events and

achievements Possible promotion on the corporate account and through local media channels Want to know more? Contact us

Do you have something youd like us to post on the departments Facebook and Twitter account or have questions on social media? Give me a call! Erin Martin | Marketing Officer (Social Media) Community Engagement and Partnerships [email protected] T 3328 6658

http ://ppr.det.qld.gov.au/corp/commmark/Pages/Use-of-Social-Media-for-Departme ntal-Promotion.aspx Thank you.

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