Developing a culture of routine outcomes measurement ...

Developing a culture of routine outcomes measurement ...

Developing a culture of routine outcomes measurement: transforming our approach to young person-centred support. Tess Gregson, Head of Business Operations November 2017 42nd Streets vision, mission & objectives Inclusive accessible mental health services for all young people Our Social objectives: Improve well-being and recovery Increase opportunities for young people to shape their own care and influence change Improve and increase inclusion and accessibility to services and support Increase awareness and reduce stigma To sup Our Miss i their port young on e ment motional people wi well a l he th and c alth, prom -being and reativ oting i t choic y . We ch young ampio e

perso appro n n cen aches t r e local impac that demo d nstrat t and h a v e nati e signifi onal cance . 42nd Street Services One to one counselling, therapy, psycho-social support and advocacy Therapeutic, issue based and identity based groups and peer support projects The Horsfall creative programme Residentials and Getaways A Social Action Programme Bespoke services in schools, PRUs, colleges and universities Training programmes for professionals Collaboration with partners. Our journey Pre-2010: Qualitative data only support reviews, etc. 2010-11: Research, consultation, pilot SDQ? YP-CORE? WEMWBS? GAD-7? PHQ-9? Consultations with staff, trustees and young people. 2012/13:

1st year YP-CORE service wide / review / analysis 2014/15: One Low Intensity and One High Intensity CBT trained staff. First use of IAPT measures in-service (no data submitted) 2015/16: Development of IAPT compliant services; 1st submission of IGT (L2) (Q4) 1st submission of CAMHS dataset to CORC as part of the Tameside & Glossop data project led by T&G CCG (VCSE and CAMHS partners) Our journey 2015/16: Young People in Mind (YPIM) national VCSE research project with Youth Access: young people in transition (16-19s) and the impact of VCSE YIACS. 2016/17: YPIM complexities dataset informs development of new charity dataset. Implementation of new service model and monitoring and evaluation systems/processes. Two further staff High Intensity CBT trained; submitting the national Adult IAPT dataset Contributing to local transformation plans (LTPs) and relevant evidence of impact. 2017/18: Counselling service complete Counselling for Depression training; 1 EMDR trained. (2.6 FTE IAPT team) 42nd Street leads M&E on behalf of the Integrated Community Response Service (ICRS) (Manchester and Salford CCGs) working with partners across the health and social care system: offering de-escalation interventions to ensure young people access crisis support at the right time, in the right setting, by the right service. Submission of the national CAMHS MHMDS. Routine Outcomes Measures, 2017 Service Assessment Manchester, Salford and Trafford CCG services YP-CORE (Initial

+ Goal Attainment) IAPT minimum dataset (18+ yrs) Charity dataset IAPT services As above (one (individual & assessment route group therapy) for all yp) Tameside & Glossop CCG ICRS Ongoing therapeutic support YP-CORE (Ongoing) reviewed and repeated at regular intervals) Qualitative review of support Session by session ROMs Adult IAPT min. dataset (+ disorder specific measures) Session / session ROMs: GBO (C)ORS (C)SRS CAMHS MHMDS Final measures Satisfaction with services

YP-CORE (Final) Goal Attainment + service review elements) Adult IAPT min. dataset GBO (C)ORS (C)SRS CAMHS MHMDS NHS Friends and Family test (F&F) PEQ 1 (waiting times and assessment) PEQ 2

Support PEQ 1 PEQ 2 NHS Friends & Family Test Experience of Service Questionnaire F&F ESQ F&F Our approach Collaborative leadership Involve young people formal and informal opportunities Clarity of purpose and a clear workplan Effective project management: pitfalls of small tweaks vs. decisive action Strong comms strategy communication is key Lead roles and opportunities to volunteer expertise/interest: working parties: whole organisation approach creates buy-in across the team Principle of early adopters understand what makes team members tick and whythis enables you to address fears and find the right approaches. Pilot and review Champions peer learning is invaluable dispelling myths, sharing learning and informal teaching, support Make feedback routine: celebrating success and focusing attention on developmental areas (whole team, service and supervision spaces). Challenges & Opportunities - internal

Differing staff experiences/perceptions of ROMs Professional training: routine approach; evidence based Fears: challenge to professional judgement; scrutiny on practice Young person-centred? Individual responses to change / management skills: change management Significant systems change: IT, service model, dataset, forms and templates. Financial implications and capacity Champions and early adopters Up-skilling and growing talent HEE funded training Greater agility and ability to influence externally Value of external support system partners, systems expertise LSF, Kings Fund, Pilotlight. Challenges and Opportunities Wider system Future in Mind / Five Year Forward View: Young peoples services up to 25 yrs implications for transition and consistency of care. National datasets: child development vs. numeric age system catch up National datasets do not reflect diversity of identities or complexity of experiences impacting on mental health and wellbeing Research & development: learning disabilities, ASD & Autism. GM Devolution local, evidence based solutions that genuinely work for people replication? Consistency use of comparable datasets across sectors (Development of the Greater Manchester CAMHS Spec) N3 vs. HSCN and wider local, regional and national connected data

projects drive towards collaboration and connection across the health and social care, education and criminal justice system. Online services: national guidance, GDPR, online child bill of rights Benchmarking our Impact BACP research (c. September 2015) results: Score +5 increase in YP-CORE score = 5% deterioration No change 51% (move <5 pts or less) 44% reliable improvement (5 or more points) 2015/16: CORC Membership: seeking to benchmark nationally 2017/18: Ongoing focus on improving outcomes and completion rates. 2017/18: Commissioning of new management information system to manage multiple data streams. Recovery rates 2016/17 DNA rates: 5-13% charity-wide Consistently high reliable change and reliable recovery rates for individual therapeutic work (2016/17) 63% Trafford CCG 56% Salford CCG Manchester CCG Outcomes data is nationally benchmarked by Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC). In Tameside & Glossop (2016/17), young people showed 2x the reduction in their Outcomes Rating Scale scores than was seen in the rest of CORC services. What are young people telling us? At the End of Support:

The therapy is changing my li fe Im no longer experie Th ncing flashbac ank ks or nightmares. you . fe li h it w r ie p p a h el so much fe I l fu lp e h ful and lp e h Very o s s a w e support

h T . lf e s y m d an . h cT tiB fantasC as helped m e take contr ol as a perso who used to n worry consid erably. eady started as lr a d a h rt o p p su e d I felt like th g. From the n ri a c d When I first arrive n

a d in k s a aff I spoke to w st f o r e b e took into m sh e m r] ry e e n io ev it ct ra p ction with [the u d in rt o rt of my p a p st su

e g th in n to h it w begin lp e hat I needed h w d n a s g n li e fe y m find coping e account m d e lp e h s a h r] e practition 121 support. [The w I had.

e n k r e v e n I s m is n mecha 98.5 nd Young People would recommend 42 Street to friends & family (charity-wide, 2016/17) % Get in touch! 42nd Street The Space 87-91 Great Ancoats Street Manchester M4 5AG 0161 228 7321 @42ndStreetmcr @TheHorsfall

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