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Developing A Theme Ashland Blazer High School HiLife Yearbook What part of a yearbook drives all aspects of its creation from cover to closing and everything in between? THEME! Welcome Yerds! Welcome to a new school year! List of goals for the YB theme development: Decide on theme that represents the school, year, etc. Determine a visual element that supports the theme. Identify other ways to carry the theme throughout the book.

Purpose of a Theme To tell the story of the year, school, community, etc To unify the book Although To createtheme a personality for the book and the year is not the most important part of a yearbook, it is a solid way to unify the book! Places to use the theme cover endsheets title page

opening closing dividers folio index sidebars Thoughts on Theme Theme development must go beyond the cover and carry the reader throughout the book. The theme should set the mood and influence the coverage of topics, the way the copy is written, the photography, layout, and even font choice. But while it is an influencing factor, every page does not have to drip with theme. Sometimes subtlety is the best

approach. A theme is a unifying idea or concept which links the book to the students and the school and the activities in the school that year, David Zinsmeister, adviser at Manchester High School, North Manchester, Ind. Note the themes and the visuals that support it! THEME: examples A Cut Above A Day in the Life A Flash from the Past

A New Awakening A New Point of View A Season of Change A Step Above the Rest A Touch of Class Anyway You Slice It Attention to Detail Between the Lines Breaking Thru Built to Last Capture the Magic Catch the Moments Caught in the Act You can get there from here You can quote me on that You can read us like a book You can't take it with you You complete the puzzle Too grand Too hot too handle Too much of a good thing Top of the charts

Top secret SCHOOL NAME (School name) presents (School name) pride (School name).com (School name).edu A to Z guide to (school name) About (school name) [email protected](school name).(year) Me, you, us, (school name) [email protected](school name).edu United colors of (school name) YEAR (Year) and beyond (Year) big bangs (Year) memories to make . . . (Year) more dreams (Year) pieces (Year) pieces and places (Year) possibilities

(Year) stories (Year) strong (Year) ways to be heard MASCOT (Mascot) in motion (Mascot) lead the way (Mascot) on the prowl (Mascot) pride (Mascot) prints (Mascot) reflections (Mascot) shine (Mascot) tails (Mascot) tales SCHOOL COLORS (School color) & (school color) memories (School color) daze (School color), (school color) & you A (school colors) celebration Big (school color)

It's not easy being (school color) Riding the (school color) wave Shades of (school color) / Rules of Brainstorming Here are the four key ground rules to a brainstorming session: EVERYONE MUST CONTRIBUTE FOR IT TO BE A BRAINSTORM SESSION! 1. There are no dumb ideas. Period. It is a brainstorming session, not a serious matter that requires only serious solutions. Or think of it this way Bad" ideas are welcome!! When brainstorming, the worst thing you can do is characterize an idea as "bad." Yes, there are bad ideas, but they're the fertilizer out of which good ideas grow! 2. Dont criticize or comment on other peoples ideas. This is not a debate, discussion or forum. The slightest comment or criticism will change the mood, and the ideas will dry up. The objective is to bring ideas to the surface, not to discuss them. 3. Dont edit on each others ideas. Often an idea suggested by one person can trigger a bigger and/or better idea by another personOr a variation of an idea could be the next velcro idea. It is this building of ideas that

leads to out of the box thinking and fantastic ideas! 4. Reverse the thought of quality over quantity. Here we want quantity; the more creative ideas the better. Challenge yourselves to come up with as many ideas as possible! Keep the ideas poppingno time for stories, jokingit kills the creative process of brainstorming. Steps to Develop our Theme Fill out the School Profile handout including the Brainstorm section individually. Come together for group sharing of favorite ideas (write the top 2-3 of each student on the board ) then expound on that list.BRAINSTORM!! 1. Whats different about Blazer, characteristics were known for, things that never change What makes this school and this school year different? (leap year, election year, campus-style layout, 2016 (MMXVI) Summer Olympics, etc) 2. Take ideas and circle the key words that seem to have meaning. 3. Think of synonyms of the keywords and list those. 4. Think of phrases that have those ideas/words in it. 5. After some time choose your top 5 ideas and see if you can fine tune them. Think up visual aids to convey the ideas as well. If it is hard to think of ways to carry an idea it might not be the right idea!

Steps to Develop our Theme Sleep on it. It's often (usually!) the idea that seemed crazy at first that turns out to be the most useful. Use the passage of some time to get perspective and only then consider and sort out the ideas that were generated. sources Brainstorming Rules - iSixSigma Six Sigma Tools & Templates Brainstorming The 10 Commandments Of Brainstorming Forbes How to Brainstorm: 9 Easy Rules | 10 Rules For Mind-Blowing Brainstorming Sessions - https://

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