Developing Competitive Youth Soccer in Eastern Ontario

Developing Competitive Youth Soccer in Eastern Ontario

Coaches Pre Season Meeting May 1st, 2018 Agenda Welcome Website New features Uniforms Partnerships Registration Player Cards & Mobile App Operations

Rule Proposal Discipline process Any other business Cup draws New Features NCISL has created a Bulletin Board for members to use for look for a team or

advertise for players. To advertise for players, click on the link. Once approved by the league, people will be able to view

your posting Uniforms All outfield players MUST wear the same colour shorts and socks. Jerseys must be the identical with numbers on the back. 2018 Outdoor Calendar 1st May 14th May Pre Season Coaches Meeting

21st May 7th August League season starts 9th August 23rd August Challenge Cup Semi-Final 23rd August

30th August Challenge Cup Final 30th September Payment balance deadline Exhibition games start Presidents Cup Semi-Final Presidents Cup Final League season ends

Ottawa Fury FC The NCISL and Ottawa Fury FC have partnered up for the 2018 season. For each Fury FC home game the NCISL will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets. Next home game is May 2nd vs New York Red Bulls Visit to order your tickets. Player Registration Process

1. Player registers on NCISL site League Admin registers player in AIMs. This takes 24 hours. Player can now apply for EODSA Player Card

Player Registration Players MUST register on the NCISL website. Click Register Choose your team from the drop down menu.

Player Registration All information must be filled out (cell and work opt.) Registration number is your OSA number as it appears on your player card.

Player Registration Confirm your player registration information is correct. Player Registration This section must be completed if you have

ever registered to play soccer in another country. Player Registration Your consent, waiver and acceptance are required to proceed.

Player Registration New this year is the player registration survey. Purpose is to help improve the league and find out more about our members

Player Registration You are now registered with the NCISL Player Identification Cards Reminder EODSA Player Cards Only Acceptable ID. To prove that a player has been registered properly, all players must bring with them a valid Ontario Soccer (OS) player photo card (available from the EODSA office). Valid meaning not expired. The NCISL does not pay for OS cards.

The website will only allow registered players to be added to the game sheet. Hand-written names on the game sheet will be inspected by the league office to confirm players registration. How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card Visit Click on the link for ID Card How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card

Click on Single Player How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card Select the Club as NCISL For delivery method you have 2 choices mailed or pick up Choose one and click next

How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card Fill out all required information. If you do not know your registration number you can leave it blank. How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card Upload your

picture. You can take a selfie and use that or a clear picture of yourself. This example would not be acceptable as my face is partially covered. Click next

How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card Summary page Make sure your information is correct If your information is correct click submit.

How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card Note that the NCISL does not pay for player cards. You can pay through PayPal or credit card. If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to pay by credit card.

How to Apply for an EODSA Player Card The EODSA gets very busy closer to season start DO NOT DELAY in applying for player cards. EODSA player cards will be the only accepted ID once the regular season starts Player Eligibility 2. Eligibility policy for players are registered in other leagues Players may be registered with NCISL teams according to the league bylaws and the following policy NCISL Men Divisions 1 and 2

Players registered in the following divisions can not be registered as players or play on a TRP in the NCISL. OCSL Men Premier or any league higher than this on the OS pyramid OCSL Men C1 ERSL Men Under 21 NCISL Men Divisions 3 and 4 Players registered in the following divisions can not be registered as players or play on a TRP in the NCISL. OCSL Men/Womens Premier OCSL Men C3 OCSL Men C1 OCSL Men C4 OCSL Men C2

OCSL Men C5 Player Eligibility Womens Division Players registered in the following divisions can not be registered as players in the NCISL. OCSL Women Premier or any league higher than this on the Ontario Soccer pyramid Promotion & Relegation for 2018 Division

Promotion 1 Relegation Last Place 2 1st Place Last Place

3 1st & 2nd Place Last Place 4 1st & 2nd Place Women 1

Women 2 Last Place 1st Place Rule Proposal Playing for 2 teams Current Rule Rule 4 Player Registration 1. All players shall be registered with the League in accordance with the current

seasons registration policy. 2. All players shall be at least 18 years of age. 3. A player may not register with more than one NCISL Mens team except as defined in that seasons Registration Policy. Proposed Rule Change 3. A player may register for a maximum of 2 teams within the NCISL 4. A player cannot play for 2 teams in the same division 5. A player registered in Division 1 is not eligible to play in Division 4 6. A player who is registered to 2 teams within the NCISL may only play for 1 team in the Challenge Cup and 1 team in the Presidents Cup competition.

Cups Challenge Cup open to all mens teams (Division 1 4) Presidents Cup open to all mens teams in Division 3 & 4 Cups are played as a single game elimination and scheduled throughout the season Tie breaking process Penalties from the mark Cup final will have 2 x 10 minutes, golden goal Semi finals and finals will be played at the Richcraft Recreational Complex turf

field with Assistant Referees for the games NCISL Game Process Bring 3 copies of the game sheet with you Give 3 copies to the referee referee will return 2 at the end of the game Each team must provide a goal net and a set of corner flags Home team provides the game ball Away team changes if there is a uniform clash When ARs are provided both teams have their bench on the same side When no ARs are provided home team decides which side to place their bench away team takes other side

you do not change your bench at half time Collect your completed game sheet from the referee at the end of the game and use it to enter a game report on the NCISL web site Player Card Inspections Player card inspections are mandatory and must occur prior to kick off Failure to perform a player card inspection will result in a fine of $50 The Referee is now responsible for doing card inspections. Players without a card can not play no exceptions Players who arrive late must show their cards to the Referee at half time Players arriving after the 2nd half has started can not play

NCISL Player Card App Team Officials can use the E2E League Centre app to show player cards Review the document here for exact instructions.

Discipline Process The NCISL uses the Ontario Soccer Discipline Process Discipline by hearing Discipline by review Discipline by hearing You can not appeal a red card, instead you can request a hearing A hearing costs $50 and must be requested in writing within 72 hours of the game If you are found not guilty you will have your $50 refunded You will be asked to meet a panel who will decide what action to take You must attend the hearing

Decisions made by hearing may be appealed to the EODSA according to your rights of appeal (see web site under About section) Discipline by review If you do not request a hearing within 72 hours then the discipline by review process will be used You will be issued the mandatory minimum suspension identified by the OS You will also be fined $50 and are not eligible to play until this fine has been paid. You can not appeal a decision made by discipline by review

About Discipline Index A Discipline Index is used to help maintain an enjoyable and sporting environment for all NCISL members. A teams Discipline Index will determine whether or not their application into the NCISL league will be accepted, accepted with sanctions, rejected or possible expulsion from the league Due to the increased numbers of cards last season and competitiveness of players, the NCISL BoD has decided that the DI will be a floating index determined prior to the start of the season. This index threshold based on last years DI. All teams that have a Discipline Index greater than 0.70 will be on Performance Bonds (PB). This adjustment of 0.20 over last years DI numbers will also be reflected in the PB return which has

decreased to 0.60. A team on PB must reach a DI of 0.60 to receive a refund of their PB. All teams will start at the YR1 level of the Performance Bonds Each Club in the NCISL should be striving to be in the Green Zone of the Discipline Index. How to determine your Discipline Index? 1 red card = 2 points 1 yellow card = 1 point Divide the total points by the total number of games that your team plays in the league during a season. This includes cup games. IE: A team plays 20 games in a season obtains 2 red cards and 15 yellow

cards. Their Discipline Index= (4+15)/20 The Discipline Index for this team is equal to 0.95 Discipline Index Red Zone 0.7 and above $100 for every 0.10 Warning Zone 0.6 0.69 Green Zone

0.01 0.59 Referee Complaints Each season, the NCISL receives several Referee complaints The NCISL Director of Referees will review each complaint and will respond to the person making the complaint, within 14 days If required, the Director will speak to the Referee involved in the complaint to obtain their view of the situation The Director will then determine if the complaint is justified or not If the Director determines the Referee requires more education in applying the Laws of the Game, he will speak to the Referee personally If the Director concludes the Complainant needs an explanation of the Laws, as the Referee

was correct in applying the Laws, he will communicate directly with this person Any serious misconduct by a Referee, who contravenes any of the OSA published rules, and a complaint is received by the NCISL, will be forwarded to the EODSA Referee Discipline Committee for further action Further information Dawn Dinsdale, [email protected] 613-852 4144 Andy Weston, Head Referee [email protected] Tim Wong, Director of Discipline [email protected] Or check out our web site

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