Developing Online Portfolio

Developing Online Portfolio

Developing Online Portfolio Sekolah Ciputra, 6th October 2009 Overview Web 2.0. has been integrated in many education area and used by many people to support teaching learning process. Web 2.0. tools such as Class management system, online learning community, blog,

wiki, podcasts, etc give more opportunities to enhance learning. Technology of interactivity will enhance the quality of Portfolio as a mean to communicate learning progress and development. Why Online Portfolio? It is flexible and efficient

Template and designed are available Can be accessed anywhere and anytime Come in various forms (text, sound, and digital) Opportunity for sharing it with wide ranging audience Environmentally friendly Provide rapid feedback Possible Pitfalls

Privacy violent protected by using password. We can also develop accessing options by limiting the audience. Netiquette depend on each users attitudes, Two Rs: Respect and Responsible Lack of ICT skills few skills that need to be covered: Internet browsing, word processing, multimedia processing (image, sound, video) Depend on internet connection Infrastructures have been developed. Lots of free Wi-Fi connections available outside Outcomes of the workshop At the end of the session you will understand: How to register to,, blog (Wordpress) How to customize a blog- choose the suitable blog for portfolio builder How to use for your digital portfolio Privacy, safety and copyright The requirements for online portfolio Blog Blog stands for web log.

You can put your entry in forms of text, sound, or video in daily based sequence. You can call it online diary. Lots of people use it for sharing articles, story, and images. Audience can give feedback. It will be suitable to record the teaching learning progress in your class (class blog), your own professional development (articles summary, philosophy), your professional daily progress, etc. Blogger and Wordpress

They are the most popular blog provider, easy to use and free. Blogger Wordpress Wordpress features Online Learning Community OLC really gave significant impact to the teaching learning practices. You can share information and do projects

online where students can access it anytime and anywhere without attending a classroom. This tool will be suitable for: a collaborative inquiry projects, class web page, students and teachers web page (that will be developed further as digital portfolio) and

There are lots of OLC websites available, but is the most suitable for PYP students. Rcampus also provide good portfolio template Rcampus sample To learn further- see the video presentation features

More than 10 web pages per person can be personalized and edited Creating text easily Uploading audio, video, and pictures Uploading any file formats- can be used as online filing cabinets Creating interactive tools to invite other to give feedback, share opinions, ask questions, voting and debating Safety options -can limit the audience to access some features. Developing classroom and online projects See video presentation

Trial session Choose either blog or, or you can do both directly (toggling between windows) Register to the blog and get familiar with the features. Start creating a page, insert some text, etc. You can access the video presentation files to see the way to do it again.

FAQ What ICT skills that need to be learned: typing skills, understanding of multimedia, Internet connection, text processing, netiquette and privacy, hyperlink, upload and download, user management, etc Capacity of content: it really depend on the chosen media. E.g. blogger provide 1Gb for images uploading, 10mb/student. Usually you will have more when you choose paid version.

The minimum requirement: web browser (Internet explorer, Safari, opera, Mozilla Firefox), Internet connections, MS office, multimedia player, multimedia processing software. Computer specification really affect the ability to access the websites. Offline access: The idea is online access, but when you need it offline, you can save them as web pages, or you can copy and paste it onto MS

office (word). Copyright: you have to respect others property (e.g. you tube video) by not uploading them on to your web page without permission. You can use hyperlink to include outside resource to your webpage. Threats: outside: viruses- you can use anti virus software available to protect, hackersyou should choose safe websites to protect yourselves from irresponsible actions from others. Inside your computer disability and ICT skills.

Safety and privacy: Lets change the paradigm about personal portfolio into professional portfolio that should be shared to others/ wider audience by still limiting some private content only for administrator. By doing this we can learn from each other and develop better learning community through ICT. Next week Sharing session

Share your knowledge to your team. You can tell about the video presentation to help them learning again. You are free to choose which digital portfolio format you want to do.

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