Developing Smart Study Skills - Jefferson County Schools, TN

Developing Smart Study Skills - Jefferson County Schools, TN

Developing Smart Study Skills Created By Lynn Husen Good Study Habits Produces Good Grades! Study Tips! Set a regular time to study Remove distractions

Have necessary supplies Record assignments in an assignment book or on a calendar Study Tips! Take notes in class Manage your time Study for tests

Find A Good Place To Study! This means a desk with nothing on it except what you need for the task youre on: STUDYING! Have a regular time and place for studying. Make sure you have the

following: Your assignment notebook or calendar Solid flat surface for writing Good lighting Chair Books Supplies Make sure you have the

following! Clock Eliminate all distractions Computer (optional) Wear your glasses (if you are suppose to) Good Health Something to drink (if needed) Before Class!

Think about what the class is going to be about What were the main points covered in the last class Review what your assignment was for the class Have your Homework Assignment out on your desk ready to turn in. Prepare for every subject in this manner. During Class!

Does your general knowledge provide any information about the subject being taught? What comes to mind during the instruction that may be helpful? Concentrate on the subject being taught Take notes on the main points After Class! Review your notes and think about what was

covered in class. Some people like to rewrite their notes as they study. Some people like to underline and highlight important ideas and vocabulary. How to Listen Better! Form a good habit good listening in class! Concentrate on what is going on in class do

not daydream! You can not listen if you are talking! Learning to Listen! Good listening means you are paying attention. Try to hear what is said, not what you want to hear. Think around the topic and between the lines. Relate it to what you already know.

What is the main point? Learning to Listen! What is likely to be on the test? What is the teacher going to say next? Listen carefully to the assignment and write it down in your assignment book. Listen for these essential phrases from the teacher: This is important

It is essential that you know. Improving Reading Skills! A good reader does as many of the following as possible:

Seizes the main ideas Thinks about what the author is saying Is active, not passive Concentrates on what is being read Remembers as much as possible Applies what is being read to personal

experience. The Pitcher & The Catcher! Think of it this way: The author is the pitcher When you read a book You want to catch the Meaning.

Taking Notes In Class! Be prepared to take notes when class begins. Avoid any distracting conduct. Participate constructively in class discussions. Ask Questions! Write notes in a concise, organized manner.

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