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Diapositiva 1 - Weebly

What is Intelligence? Exploring Computer Science Lesson 1-8 Objectives The student will be able to Explain the idea of intelligence especially as it relates to computers.

Explain what it means for a machine to learn. Discuss whether computers are intelligent or whether they only behave intelligently. Journal Entry is intelligence? What Are computers intelligent? Why or why not?

Please answer in complete sentences with complete thoughts and reasons! The Turning Test The Turing Test is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human The Turning Test A human judge engages in natural language

conversations with a human and a machine designed to generate performance indistinguishable from that of a human being. If the judge cannot reliably tell the machine from the human, the machine is said to have passed the test. The test does not check the ability to give the correct answer to questions; it checks how closely the answer resembles typical human answers. The Turning are going to do ourTest

own version of a Turning We test As a class you will select 3 questions from the list of questions. After that time we will vote on who is the computer and who is the person. Computer Intelligence Activity Pick

3 questions from the list that you think will tell you if you are talking to a computer or a person. Computer Intelligence Activity Pick 3 of the following and ask them your questions: 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. Eliza (http://nlp-addiction.com/eliza/) A.L.I.C.E (http://alice.pandorabots.com/) Mitsuku (http://www.mitsuku.com) Jabberwacky (http://www.jabberwacky.com/) Cleverbot (http://www.cleverbot.com/) Elbot (http://www.elbot.com/)

On a paper to turn in - For each of the 3 bots you pick: List the bot. How realistic is the bot? Would it pass the Turing Test? Which chatterbox was most like a real person? 20q.net

Go to 20q.net Play the game How many questions did it take to get to the answer? How intelligent is this? Would this pass the Turing Test? ? Can you think of any occasions that a

computer might want to know if it is talking to another computer or a real life person? http://creativemachines.cornell.edu/AIvs-AI

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