Digital Communications Skills - Columbus State University

Digital Communications Skills - Columbus State University

Digital Communications Skills Marion County High School October 15, 2013 -------------------------------Wayne Summers TSYS School of Computer Science Columbus State University Did you Know 20 13 ? (8.5 min) 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 2

Outline Pre-twentieth century communications Twentieth century digital communications Modern digital communications Future of digital communications? Social Media Etiquette 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 3

Pre-twentieth century communications 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 4 Pre-twentieth century communications Spoken, written, pictures Messenger Pony Express Smoke signals Signal drums

Paper (3000 B.C.) Printing Press (1450) Photography (1820s/1830s) Telegraph & Morse Code (1830s) Typewriter (1867) Telephone (1876) Pencil (1564) / Fountain Pen (1884) Radio (1890s) 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 5 Pre-twentieth century computing

My God, Herschel! How I wish these calculations could be executed by steam.[1821] Charles Babbage designed the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine (neither were completed by him) In 1824, Babbage won the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Societ y "for his invention of an engine for calculating mathematical and astronomical tables". 10/15/2013 Columbus State University

6 Twentieth century communications 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 7 Twentieth century digital communications Mass-communication radio (1920) Xerography (1938)

Computers (1940s) Television (1940s-1950s) Internet (1960s-1970s) Email, connecting to computers, file transfer WorldWideWeb (1990) Mosaic: First graphical browser (1993) 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 8 early 1940s digital communications

How many computers in the picture? 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 9 Twentieth century computing: 1950s-1970s Sperry-Univac IBM 360 I think there is a world market for about five computers. [Thomas J.

Watson] 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 10 Twentieth century computing What Computing Was in 70-80s 10/15/2013 Columbus State University

11 Twentieth century computing: 1980s-1990s PCs: Altair, Apple, IBM PC DOS, Windows, Linux 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 12 Modern computing What Computing is Today Virtual

Environments Graphics Bioinformatics Wearable Computing 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 13 Modern computing What Computing is Today Ubiquitous Computing Databases

Information Security 10/15/2013 02/17/2020 Columbus State University High Performance Simulation 14 Platforms Smartphones iPhone Google G1

Blackberry Electronic Books Kindle, Sony Reader Notebook/Tablet Computers 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 15 Mobile Usage Stats: Percentage of US adults that own a cell phone: 91% Percentage of US adults that own a smartphone: 56% Estimated number of smartphones in the US by end of 2013:

140 million Estimated number of smartphones to be shipped in 2013: 937 mill. Worlds largest smartphone market: China - 420 mill. Subscribers . Percentage of global web traffic that comes from mobile: 17.4% Number of users that will play a game on their mobile phone at least once a month: 126 million Number of users in the US that listen to music on their phone: 70 million Avg number of texts sent per US mobile subscribers: 678 per month Number of times a day people look at their phone: 150 Percentage of Chinese mobile users surveyed that wont go outside without their mobile device: 71% 10/15/2013

Columbus State University 16 Modern digital communications 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 17 Web 2.0 Characterised as facilitating

communication, information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Led to the development and evolution of web-based communities, hosted services, and web applications. Examples include social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs and folksonomies. 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 18

Statistics Show Social Media Is B igger Than You Think (4 min) 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 19 275 Top Social Media, Apps, and Services 10/15/2013 Columbus State University

20 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 21 Voice Communication Software 30 Viber: 200 million users free phone calls 23 Line: 230 million users FREE voice calls and send FREE

messages WeChat/WeiXIn: 235 million users 22 live/group chat via QRCode 17 WhatsApp: 300 million users cross-platform mobile messaging app 16 Skype: 300 million users free phone calls

Twilio: Reaches 350 million people 12 enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 22 10/15/2013

Columbus State University 23 Music/Video Services 3 Youtube: 1 billion users video streaming 8 iTunes: 500 million users

Apple's media player and media library application Shazam: 350 million users mobile phone based music identification service 18 PPS: 280 million users peer-to-peer streaming video network software (Chinese Youtube) 25

Ortsbo: 212 million unique users FREE Real-Time Translating Chat Service 27 iQiyi: 200 million viewers video streaming (Chinese Netfliix) 28 Pandora: 200 million registered users music streaming

29 Soundcloud: 200 million monthly users music creation sharing 11 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 24

10/15/2013 Columbus State University 25 Cloud Storage 15 iCloud: 300 million users 19 SkyDrive: 250 million users 26 Dropbox: 200 million users 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 26

10/15/2013 Columbus State University 27 Gaming Environment Rovio (Angry Birds): 1.7 online/downloaded 1 billion downloads game Apple GameCenter: 20 240 million users 10/15/2013

Columbus State University Social gaming 28 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 29 Social Media Sites 2 Facebook: 1.26 billion users social network

9 Twitter: 500 million total users social networking and microblogging service 10 400 million users Microsoft email service 13 Google+: 343 million active users social network 14 Tagged: 330 million registered users

social discovery:browseprofiles, play games, share tags 21 LinkedIn: 238 million users social networking for professionals Tumblr: 216.3 million monthly visitors, 108.9 million blogs 24 microblogging platform and social networking 10/15/2013

Columbus State University 30 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 31 Chinese Social Media Sites QQ: 825.4 million instant messaging software monthly users 4 service

6 Qzone: 611 million users social networking Sina Weibo: 503 million microblog: hybrid of Twitter users 7 and Facebook 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 32 10/15/2013 Columbus State University

33 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 34 Future of digital communications? 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 35

The PC of tomorrow 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 36 The PC of tomorrow MIT Media Lab's "Sixth Sense (7 min) CorningWares: A Day Made of Glass (5 min) 10/15/2013

Columbus State University 37 Web 3.0 Ubuiquitous computing Data is dynamic (mashups) Sensor generated Information / Exformation & Metadata Big Data Data Analytics 10/15/2013 Columbus State University

38 39 You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it. (Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun Microsystems, 1999) 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 39 Who is Wayne Summers? ers/ (resume), Facebook Math geneology, Google Scholars,, Age, Cities, parents, spouse, and childrens names & ages 10/15/2013 zillow.comColumbus State University

40 Comprehensive Background Report Name: SUMMERS, WAYNE Everything you need to know, all in one report.

Aliases & Maiden Names Birth Date Address History Phone Numbers Marriages & Divorces Relatives & neighbors Property ownership and much more... $39.95 Click below to find out how to get this product for FREE. 10/15/2013 Columbus State University

41 Privacy is the future. Get used to it. (Marc Rotenberg, Director, Electronic Privacy Information Centre - EPIC) (Fortune, 2001). 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 42 Future Privacy Issues

Minority Report Mall Scene (36 sec) Minority Report Scene Gap Store (16 sec) Advertising of the future Ubiquitous use of phone Fingerprints and phone instead of credit cards expanding your purchases marketing 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 43 Social Media Etiquette 10/15/2013

Columbus State University 44 Social Media Etiquette Facebook Think before friending/unfriending Think before doing a status update Think before posting / tagging a photo Monitor & update your settings Twitter Think before you tweet / retweet / reply Think before following


10/15/2013 Columbus State University 46 Top 10 Things You Should Not Share on Social Networks Anything You Don't Want Shared Password Hints Your Password Personal Finance Information Your Address and Phone Number Photos of Your Kids Company Information Linking Sites Social Plans

Personal Conversations 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 47 48 Safe Guards E-mail should be considered like a postcard Dont transmit personal data unless it is encrypted Social networks (Facebook, Twitter,

) are open to others 10/15/2013 Dont post personal data that could be used for identification Dont post anything you would be ashamed of Columbus State University 48 Eight tips to protect your e-mail account Christian Science Monitor Strong passwords

Use your own bookmarks Two-step verification (code that arrives on your phone. ) Watch for suspicious settings Watch the web addresses Avoid public machines and networks Use two e-mail accounts: One secured, one loose Use security software 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 49

President Barack Obama But I think its important to recognize that you cant have a hundred percent security and also then have a hundred percent privacy and zero inconvenience. You know, were going to have to make some choices as a society. [Transcript provided by Federal News Service (, June 7, 2013 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 50

Q&A Dr. Wayne Summers TSYS School of Computer Science Columbus State University [email protected] summers 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 51 REFERENCES Abelson, Ledeen, and Lewis, Blown to Bits Your Life,

Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion, Addison-Wesley, 2008. Appenbrink, The Guide to Social Media Etiquette, -media-etiquette-00100000074068/ - last viewed 10-13-2013 Qualman, socialnomics,, - last viewed 10-13-2013 10/15/2013 Columbus State University 52

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